Editor of Dwell Magazine reveals his modern home + his owls

sam grawe editor of dwell house

sam grawe editor of dwell house

Apartment Therapy posted photos of Sam Grawe’s apartment yesterday as part of their 2008 home tour series. Sam is the Editor-in-Chief at the San Francisco based Dwell Magazine. If you are unfamiliar with Dwell, it is a magazine that focuses on modern architecture and design.

Sam has lots of goodies in his house. The place is filled with Danish modern furniture, Bertoia chairs and Scandinavian nic nacs. What did me in was the record covers and the owls. This is a man that loves owls! He has a slew of these Edvard Lindahl looking ceramic miniature birds of prey. Too be fair, it looks he holds no Owl biases. I see examples of Strigidae (Heck yea, I’m name dropping) as well as the barn yard variety. I actually know nothing about Owls. I picked all this up in a two minute search at Wikipedia. Anyways, I’m getting off track. To sum up, just check out the house tour.

Elizabeth Shoes – Vintage shoebox – 1970s ?

vintage elizabeth shoes box

Elizabeth shoes shoebox possibly from the 1970s

I just about flipped when I found this image of an Elizabeth shoe box on flickr. I love the organic lines flowing inside the butterfly wings. Is it me or does it look like the body of the butterfly is rising from a lighter thats created when the letter “L” and letter”i” are placed next to each other? I doubt that was their intention, but its still looks cool. I can’t get enough of those branches that stem from the letters. Has anyone heard of this company? Is this a new company or is this from the 1960s or 1970s?

Many, Many thanks to Fountaineer for posting this.

Aldo Novarese – Recta Sans Serif Typeface for Nebiolo

Aldo Novarese recta san serif typeface

Aldo Novarese – Recta Type Specimen sheet circa late 1950s/ early 1960s.

Beautiful san serif typeface by Aldo Novarese. He designed Recta in 1958 while serving as the art director at the Nebiolo type foundry (Societe Nebiolo Torino) in Turin, Italy. Novarese is well known for designing the modern typeface Microgramma, which later became Eurostile.

In the pictures below, you can see a few examples of the 21 fonts that were included in the Recta font family.

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Poster Offensive 4 – Minnesota poster art show

poster offensive 4

For those of you in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, Poster Offensive 4 will be hitting your hood on Friday August 29th 2008 at the Black Dog Cafe.  The show later travels to the Frank Stone Gallery on October 3rd.

Poster Offensive is partnering up with the organization, Provention: A group of Minnesota artists offering a peaceful welcome to the GOP conventioneers as they arrive in town. The Poster Offensive is a non-partsian poster show dedicated to the promotion of peace and democracy.

Participants include: Aesthetic Apparatus, Peet Fetsch, Todd Bartz, Boyd Brent , Kelly Munson and many others.

For gallery times, dates and locations click here.

Many thanks to the gracious people at Spunk Design Machine for putting this event together and for sending us some of the swell posters seen above. If you live in the Oakland area and would like a poster, please contact me.

1950s Alvin Lustig album cover design – Vivaldi

vivaldi album cover design

Classical album covers from 1954

Finnish illustrator Elina Minn captured these lovely record cover specimens designed for the Haydn Society by Alvin Lustig hiding in her Grandmother’s vinyl collection. I really like the colors of the album on the right. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of this Alexander Girard nativity poster.

After you check out the Vivaldi covers, wander down to Elina’s website. Plenty of great illustration and collage work to look at.

Many thanks to Gina Federico for sending this my way and Kind Company who designed the Alvin Lustig website, for alerting us that these album covers are the work of designer Alvin Lustig.

Other work by Alvin Lustig:

The Collected writings of Alvin Lustig
Alvin Lustig brochure design

Michael Fusco Design – Black Kids poster

Michael Fusco Design

Process colors! Animal illustrations! The fantastic pop stylings of Black Kids! Michael Fusco and Co. did a great job of mixing the band’s outgoing, addictive hooks with their literate lyrical side.

In addition to the posters, MFD can also handle your book cover, identity, CD packaging, and wedding invite needs.

Maria Holmer Dahlgren – Bricka Stockholm tray

Maria Holmer Dahlgren Bricka Stockholm tray

Orange buildings, black suns and a white glob with two eyes in the upper right corner. Anyone have an idea what the white glob is? I guess it doesn’t matter, it looks cool.

Many thanks to Kim Eriksson for posting images of this Bricka Stockholm tray. You can get in on this good stuff here.

Karl Gerstner and Markus Kutter – die neue Graphik

karl gerstner die neue graphik book

Karl Gerstner and Markus Kutter – the new graphic art – c1959 published by Arthur Niggli Ltd.

Classic book that surveys modern graphic design from its origins up till the late 1950s. Filled with advertisements, posters, packages, lettering, logos and displays. Lots of Swiss design to drool over.  I just wish there were more color images.

I love the clean type and the 3 column grid on the cover. The modern day remake of the cover would be exactly the same except someone would replace the header “die neue graphik” with “this is a design book”. Ha

Includes work from: Hans Neuburg, Joseph Muller Brockmann, Richard Paul Lohse, Ladislav Sutnar and many others.

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Daphne Padden – Vintage travel posters

Daphne Padden posters for royal blue

Allison at The Lark posted an amazing collection of vintage travel posters by British artist and illustrator Daphne Padden. Most of the posters in the collection were created for Royal Blue Coach Services (A Bus company located in the UK) during the1950s and 1960s. Her work is fun and filled with little men with big beards! The illustration style reminds me of Tom Eckersley and Abram Games.

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Joseph Muller Brockmann – album cover design

joseph muller brockmann album cover design

Andre-Francois Marescotti / Armin Schibler album cover – Designed by Joseph Muller Brockmann

I’m off to a late start today, I was up late last night making a few changes to the far right column. In addition, I’ve added a page dedicated to our Modern Sticker + Stamp club and Paul Rand group. Give it spin!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Has anyone been to the Birth of Cool : California at Midcentury exhibition yet? I’m dying to go but, I haven’t had a chance yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the exhibit.

Up above. Beautiful example of Swiss graphic design via Alki1.