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Alright, so Twitter is the hot thing right now. Somewhere in-between blogging and instant messaging, it’s a super addicting way to see what the design community is up to. Frank Chimero just ate a muffin? It’s crepe day at Chronicle Books? @gogograce just blipped The Style Council? I’m in!

While it’s fun to follow hundreds of interesting-sounding Twitterers, it can also quickly become overwhelming. Suddenly you have this barrage of tweets to sift through, and before you know it two hours have gone by. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our 50 or so favorite design-related Tweeters. This list isn’t exhaustive, it’s just a little peek at who’s tweeting about design. We apologize for leaving anyone out, it was really hard to narrow this down to 50ish.

OK! Get your tweet on!

The Grain Editors!

Grain Edit

Grain Edit! Our official place of Twittering.

Grace Danico

Grace! She blips and beeps the best music around.

Ethan Davis

Ethan! I say silly things and update you with my school schedule.

designer jobs

Grain Edit Job Board The latest listings from the Grain Edit job board


Designers & Firms:

aesthetic apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus. The midwest gig-poster staple.

Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter. Illustrator / designer in Kansas City. He just bought a new suit!

Duane King

BBDK. Bob Borden is BB. Duane King is DK. Bob and Duane are a multidisciplinary studio called BBDK.


Coudal. Another midwest design staple.

Damien Correll

Damien Correll. NYC based designer/illustrator and Rad Mountain collective member. Good Philly cheesesteak updates.

Nicholas Feltron

Nicholas Feltron. Of the Feltron annual report series fame.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero. Springfield, MO designer/illustrator and recent Grain Edit interviewee.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis. Mike runs Burlesque and So Much Pileup.


Pentagram. Interesting updates from the giant of design.

Xavier Encinas

Xavier Encinas. Founder of Swiss Legacy, and designer of graphics.

Folkert Gorter - Superfamous

Folkert Gorter. Interaction designer of Superfamous fame.

Tom Muller

Tom Muller. Tom designs websites, books, logos & comics!


Patrick Algrim. P41 Studios & Hell Yeah Dude!


abduzeedo. Fabio brings it!


Neuarmy. Live and direct from Philly

iso 50

ISO50. Tweeting home of designer Scott Hansen aka Tycho.

wink design

Wink. The ever-awesome Minneapolis design crew.

Invisible Creature

Invisible Creature Seattle’s finest.

Jason Santa Maria twitter

Jason Santa Maria. Designer by day, designer by night.

Pinch twitter

Pinch. A Portland design office. They deliver six tweets daily; on issues related to brand, design, and sustainability.

Big Spaceship on Twitter

Big Spaceship. Digital creative agency Big Spaceship, curated by Founder/CEO Michael Lebowitz.

Kyle Blue on Twitter

Kyle Blue. The Design Director of Dwell Magazine.

Kate Bingaman-Burt on Twitter

Kate Bingaman-Burt. Portland based designer/illustrator/teacher/consumer/documentor/maker.

Richard Perez on Twitter

Skinny Ships. Rad San Francisco based designer.

Chris Glass on Twitter

Chris Glass. 37 year old tall guy from Ohio.

The Small Stakes on Twitter

Jason Munn / The Small Stakes. Limited edition screen-printed tweets straight from Jason’s cat!

Hatch Design on Twitter

Hatch Design. The best design is honest, hands-on and human.

NOON Design on Twitter

NOON Design. Defining brand narratives.

Joe Bauldoff on Twitter

Joe Bauldoff. Artist and designer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Odopod on Twitter

Odopod. Odopod helps brands make new friends.

Wonder Thunder on Twitter

Wonder Thunder. Handmade creations from Meagan Hall and Sasha Barr.

Ellen Lupton on Twitter

Ellen Lupton. The renowned designer, writer, and curator.

Brett MacFadden on Twitter

Brett MacFadden. A partner in design studio, MacFadden & Thorpe.

Christopher Simmons on Twitter

Christopher Simmons. Author, designer, and principal of the SF design studio MINE™.

hybrid design

Brian Flynn Founder of Hybrid Design and Super7.




Ward Jenkins. Very entertaining Portland-based illustrator.

Andy Miller - Koma Design

Andy Miller. Illustrator, art director, designer, and musician, based in the UK.

jeffrey bowman

Jeffrey Bowman Mr. Bowlegs y’all!

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt. Phoenix-based illustrator and jack-of-all-trades.

Nate Williams

Nate Williams. Illustrator living in Buenos Aires. He has also lost 12,215 pairs of sunglasses!

John Martz

John Martz. Maker of comics, illustrator of pictures, letterer or letters. From Toronto, ON.

Steve Mack

Steve Mack. Canadian illustrator. My favorite tweet: “I’ve eaten my first and last Butter Popcorn flavoured jellybean. Yuckers.”

John Burgerman

Jon Burgerman. I like John’s quote: One solution, Revolution.

Julia Rothman

Julia Rothman. Illustrator, designer, and blogger of the amazing Book By It’s Cover.

Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon. Illustrator + rare device shop owner + dork.

Lizzy Stewart

Lizzy Stewart. Illustrator and knitwear fan.


Blogs, Podcasts & Magazines:

Aegir Hallmundu

Aegir Hallmundur. A designer, typographer, blogger and ranter. He also run The Ministry of Type.

Design Milk
Design Milk. Art and design blog — one of the best.

The Scout

The Scout. NYC guide to design, food, lifestyle, and events.

Anorak Magazine
Anorak Magazine. The coolest kids magazine ever!

David Airey
David Airey. Northern Ireland based designer. Good rugby updates!

Just Creative

Jacob Cass. Designer & blogger. Lots of tips and interesting links.

NOTCOT. Is the visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements + now tweets!

Print Magazine

Print Magazine. Lots of links from this classic design mag.

how magazine

How Magazine Yep they twitter too!


Booooooom. The blog with the most O’s.

Viewers Like U

Viewers Like You. Art, culture, design, music, blips, tweets, fun.

Design Observer
Design Observer. No introduction needed. Epic design and writing resource.

Aisle One
Aisle One. The next best thing to Josef Müller-Brockmann’s personal twitter.

Khoi Vin
Khoi Vinh. NYTimes.com Design Director, and operator of the Subtraction blog.

Acejet 170

Ace Jet 170. Amazing visual inspiration and falafel updates.

It\'s Nice That

It’s Nice That. Showcases great creative talent.

I Like

I Like. “Happy to be a part of the industry of human happiness!”


Drawn!The Illustration & Cartooning Weblog.”

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine. The one and only.

Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew. Awesome animation blog. Lots of great links here.

Swiss Legacy
Swiss Legacy. A blog focused on typography, swiss graphic design and the grid.

Under Consideration / Speak Up
Under Consideration / Speak Up. “A design firm and blog publishing enterprise all rolled into one.”

Kitsune Noir

Kitsune Noir. Bobby covers everything: art, design, fashion, film, music, etc. He’s always eating at some tasty sounding restaurant. I want to try them all.

Read Between the Leading

Read Between the Leading. New podcast discussing design trends and issues. (And they interview amazing design blogs! Haha!)


Fleuron. Extensive resource for contemporary graphic design and typography.

Mark Frauenfelder
Mark Frauenfelder. Editor-in-chief of MAKE, founder of Boing Boing, lover of dinosaurs and robots.

Design Related

Design:Related. “Where design meets inspiration.”

Net Diver

Netdiver. The design anywhere + digital culture magazine.

The Strange Attractor

The Strange Attractor. TSA features a blend of design, art, science, and music.

The Dieline

The Dieline. A great resource and frequently updated blog devoted to packaging.

Smashing Magzine

Smashing Magazine. An online magazine dedicated to designers and developers.

Velocity Art and Design

Velocity Art and Design. The awesome online art/design super store.


Surfstation. Great design inspiration blog.


sfgirlbybay. “Bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl.”

Design Sponge twitter

Design Sponge. Design Sponge’s cozy twitter home

Okay Great twitter

Okay Great. A big pile of art, design & music. Authored by the fine folks of Flywheel Design.

Creative Review twitter

Creative Review. The best in visual communication.

Design Feast twitter

Design Feast. Diverse design content, creative voices and design projects.

Illustration Mundo twitter

Illustration Mundo. Humongous and humongously awesome illustration resource.

Michael Surtees twitter

Michael Surtees. Michael runs the informative Design Notes blog.

Pikaland twitter

Pikaland. An exciting art and illustration blog.

YouWorkForThem twitter

YouWorkForThem. Coming to you straight outta Minneapolis and Bangkok, YWFT is one of your favorite type, book, pattern and design resources and stores.

turntable lab on twitter

Turntable Lab. Awesome resource for all things turn and table.

Kid Robot on twitter
Kid Robot. Sweet limited edition art, toys, and apparel.

herman miller on twitter

Herman Miller. Tweet me a new Aeron, Herman!

monocle on twitter

Monocle Magazine. Global affairs, business, culture, and design.

Fecal Face on twitter

Fecal Face. Comprehensive San Francisco art website.

emily chang on twitter

Emily Chang Co-founder of Ideacodes. Likes robots. And fruit.

Veerle Pieters on twitter

Veerle Pieters Color lover for life.

ministry of type on twitter

Ministry of Type. Twitter feed for this yummy type resource!

icograda on twitter

Icograda. Icograda is the world body for professional communication design.

qbn on twitter

QBN. Great design resource, portal and community.

sing statistics on twitter

Sing Statistics. Illustration and short fiction.

how about orange on twitter

How About Orange. Graphic and textile designer in favor of orange.

Crew Design on twitter

Crew Design. From Boston, to Austin, to the Bay.

art of the title on twitter

Art of the Title. We honor the artists who design excellent title sequences.

FormFiftyFive on twitter

FormFiftyFive. Design inspiration from around the world.

hello lucky cards on twitter

Hello Lucky Cards. A specialty letterpress printer and design studio.

sam grawe

Sam Grawe Dwell’s EIC, Hatchback, & Windsurf.


Arkitip Supporting the arts & promoting freedom of expression.



Steve Mehallo

Steve Mehallo. Designer, illustrator, typographer, educator & tweeter.

I Love Typography

I Love Typography. Type tweets from your favorite typography blog!


Stephen Coles. It’s Stewf!


FontFont. The awesome Berlin type foundry.


FontShop. The first independent retailer of digital type.


Typophile. Great type resource and community.

Hoefler & Frere Jones

Hoefler & Frere Jones. Everyone’s favorite type foundry tweets it up.

Fountain Type

Fountain Type. Very cool Sweden-based type foundry.

Process Type Foundry

Process Type. Awesome type foundry in Minneapolis.

Type Girl on twitter

Type Girl. Type. Typography. Design. History. Music. Food. Love. Not always in this order.

house industries on twitter

House Industries. The type kings from Delaware!

font bureau on twitter

Font Bureau. We sell fonts. Typefaces, actually, but you can get fonts too.



We couldn’t narrrow it down to just fifty, so here are ten more as a bonus.

John Hodgman

John Hodgman. Author, PC, self-proclaimed expert and chronicler of all human knowledge.

Malcom Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell. Author of Outliers, Blink, and The Tipping Point.

All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered. Lots of updates from NPR’s great music podcast.

All Songs Considered

Gary Hustwit The man behind the Helvetica + Objectified films.

Gorilla Vs. Bear

Gorilla Vs. Bear. Good music, good tweet’s, lots of mp3′s.

The Auteurs

The Auteurs. An online movie theater to watch, discover, and discuss films. Great resource!

Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books.An independent publisher of distinctive books and gifts.”

John Maeda

John Maeda. Design writer, thinker, simplicity pioneer and president of RISD.

Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black. Actor and comedian. Funny: “I’m collecting money for orphans! You can totally donate through Twitter!”

david lynch on twitter

David Lynch. The man behind the Eraserhead’s big hair.

flavorpill on twitter

Flavorpill. Filtering culture so you don’t have to.

eames demetrios on twitter

Eames Demetrios. Filmmaker/geographer-at-large/steward/artist/writer/design exponent.

stones throw on twitter

Stones Throw. The awesome independent hip hop record label.


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Hey guys,

Thanks so much for listing me on here! Have nothing but love for this collection of amazing art work, please keep up the amazing work, been a long time fan and will continue to be.

A serious cheers!

awesome list! where’s me? :)

Nice list! I’ll spread the word. :)

Thanks for the shout-out, y’all! We are loving our new followers.

grain edit + twitter FTW!

Thanks guys! Now I’d better come up with something pretty fucking interesting. Shit, the pressure ……………………….. splat!

Thanks for mentioning the list on Twitter Able!

Nice compilation! Good idea.

No problem. I’m a long-time fan of your site, and it’s a good list. Maybe I’ll make the cut some day. ;)


much deserved!

Wow, just clicked through and was surprised to find my little avatar sitting there, thanks for the mention!

Another cool list – thanks! It’s good to see some different names up there then the usual popular people too.


Great design and looks

Worth spreading, thanks!

and if you wants also some cool tweets about fashion related trends


wow, thanks for giving me a list of new people to follow, oh joy!

comprehensive and quality.

thanks for pulling it together. re-posting it!

I love how comprehensive this list is! You’ve captured the design “Superstars” on Twitter, but you’ve also highlighted a wide variety of amazing designers and illustrators whose work I hadn’t yet seen. Thanks for that!

You have a great list here. I see a few that I haven’t followed yet. Thanks!


This list is amazingly dope!


simple always looks elegant !

Cool post. I love following designers on twitter. who know maybe one day i can make the list = ) i’m @mistygirlph on Twitter

What self-respecting Irish man wouldn’t mention the rugby after a tremendous Grand Slam!

Awesome list! There are a few here that I wish I’d been following before now. That being said, how dare ye not include OK Great? Doth thou wish to allow such an omission to pass? Naaaaay.



Awesome list…I’d include Smashing Magazine…anyway I’ll be following some of these designers now. Thanks!!!


Camila |

Found design |

This is the first legit list of design related people on Twitter I’ve seen. Awesome, Dave.

Thanks Mig!

Take a look at the site of stuart hobday – http://www.stuarthobday.co.uk – and his stuff. He is on twitter – stuarthobday. Really nice and getting a lot of nods from around the design community. Great list by the way – nice idea and full of inspiration


James Radcliffe |

Found design |

thanks for the mention :)

Great collection! So sad to see I’m not on it!



great list – thanks for putting it together!


Without intended offense to those above, it would seem so very banal of us to mirror sentiments of “excellent list” but it most certainly is. So we’ll just say “thanks” and “so very well done”. As is your custom.

Eric and Adam

Nice list. I already added most of them.


I love the list! One name missing under Illustrators though is @luclatulippe (http://www.luclatulippe.com). He has mad talent and skills.

grrlfriend |

Found design |


Thnkz for the great list of great designers… wow what a huge amount of creativity is going around the globe!!! No garden designer lik eme though on your list??? Or did I miss one. Designing gardens is also a great art form…

I will check out the list and those who commented…. time!
Ciao, Carolyn

Thanks for the list. It’s a great place to find new talent. I recently found some funky new designs from Mocha http://twitter.com/mochashop (and this blog) through twitter.

Zara |

Found design |

Great Collection ~ thanks for taking the time to compile the list,
I am at http://twitter.com/mepho

Excellent twitter resource. Great work!

WHOA! Thanks for putting me up on the list Dave — it’s an honor indeed!

Amazing list, there were quite a few i hadn’t heard of before, have gone through the list and followed them. I’d also like to think i tweet some great design related links, i’m at: http://twitter.com/gracesmith. Thanks :-)

One of my fav illustrators just joined twiiter today!
You should check him out!
Duncan Macdonald


Brad G |

Found design |

Follow me:

I am a design studio owner and post inspiring article and resource links!

Why not follow us to? @nitrocorpz
We love you.

Great resource, thanks for putting this together!

this list is amazing, and i am so honored to be included!! thank you, thank you! can’t wait to check out every one else!

greeeat round-up, guys!!! thanks! glad to see some of my faves here!

Great List. Thank You.


Jason Walz |

Found design |

Thanks so much for including Velocity Art And Design to your list. Sorry to say though that we are now at SeattleVelocity, not VelocityJohn any longer.. so could you maybe change that out? Thanks again!

Awesome round up – and great idea! Thanks for this!

Very Good !
Thanks …

This post very Helped me

To say though that we are now at SeattleVelocity, not VelocityJohn any longer.

I have 50+ new people to follow! Thanks!

Great collection! I feel inspired after looking through their websites.