Designer’s Bookshelf: Michelle McCormick

Designer and blogger, Michelle McCormick, has an incredible eye for collecting an array of bits and baubles. Her bookshelves house a wonderful assortment of books, colorful stamps, and tons of interesting objects, all of which are featured on her blog Inspiration Resource. Michelle has a great eye for intricate details, and her blog showcases various themed collections, posted daily as sources of inspiration.

Michelle happily shares all of these things with the readers of Grain Edit. Enjoy!

And now, over to you Michelle!

My bookshelves are created from stacking vintage crates on top of a fifties bookshelf.

A collection of studio books – This picture says it all! Color, textiles, tutus, books, wallpaper. It’s my organized chaos.

Some books, organized by color, not content. I love books about surfing & old fashioned ladies!

These are some of my favorite surf imagery books, these photos always seem to make their way into my presentations.

Sister Corita is so incredible; in addition to this newly published book, I have a couple vintage books and two of her serigraphs, found at a flea market and presented to my husband as his wedding present.

Some stamps from my collection; as you can see, I use them for lettering inspiration.

These are some of my work-in-progress boards from a while back. It takes me a while to gather and cull my inspiration so it tells exactly the right story.

This are some of my sketchbooks, where I keep my inspiration together, and organize it by color, pattern, concept etc.


Thanks to Michelle for sharing her bookshelves and fantastic collection.

Definitely check out her blog, Inspiration Resource, another great place for daily inspiration.


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