Posters Discovered in Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

posters notting hill tube

Original Royal Blue Coach Services poster illustrated by Daphne Padden

Recent renovations at the Notting Hill gate tube station have uncovered these mid-century posters. The posters were located in a non-public area and date from c1956 – 1959 when the station’s lifts were removed and replaced by escalators. Mike Ashworth, who is the ‘Design and Heritage Manager’ for London Underground, has more images at his Flickr account.

posters notting hill tube

posters notting hill tube

Victor Galbraith  london transport poster

‘Elephant’ poster designed by Victor Galbraith for London transport (image via Quad Royal)

(photos via the London Underground)

Many Thanks to @ScouseOggy & Christina of Random Found Objects for sending this our way.


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Wow!! That is truely amazing! Thanks!!

There are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

What an awesome find! :)

wow, these are stunning, a real slice of design history.

Talk about hidden treasure!

Keith-yin Sun |

Seen Elsewhere |

Wow, these are gorgeous. They’ve just gotten better with age. What a fun discovery.

wow, wonderful! thats what i call a real time warp!


Wow, these are amazing. So fresh and lively. They’ve been well preserved considering their environment.

Love this poster. Much of the spirit of posters has been lost. This sort of middlebrow cool and brio.

Stunning posters that look so in date, but so out of date at the same time…

great find! i wonder if there’s any safe way to extradite the posters from the walls

Hidden treasures indeed! I remember chancing upon similar things in Paris when the walls were laid bare at the Station Ecole Militaire. It seemed like a Villeglé work!

Great find! thanks for sharing!
Always wondered what hidden treasures the london underground hides…

These are great – its makes a difference seeing them together on the wall rather than as individual posters. The colours are so vibrant despite being hidden away for so many years.