Vinyl Documentary: To Have & To Hold

To Have & To Hold is a new documentary from Jony Lyle that celebrates and explores the phenomenon of collecting Vinyl. The documetary includes interviews with well known collectors like Bobbito Garcia, ?uestlove, Chuck D, Andre Torres (From Wax Poetics), Amir (of Kon & Amir) and Bruce Ludvall, the owner of Bluenote. Based on the trailer the film seems to be heavily focused on collectors in or around New York.

You can learn more about the film at the official Facebook page. Also there’s an interview with the director over at Mat Dolphin’s blog.

I’d love to hear from other record collectors out there. What are some of your favorite pieces of vinyl in your collection?

(via Dylan over at the excellent Hard Feelings blog.)


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I’ll start it off. A few of my faves include
Gustav Brom and his orchestra
Hideo Shiraki Quintet – Sakura Sakura

One of my favorite pieces is a 12″ single by Public Enemy “hazy shade of criminal”. It’s interesting because of its subject material on the cover. Two black men hung under a tree with white people happy underneath. Of course I don’t condone the act but it’s an example of the strong statements Public Enemy conveyed through their music. It’s also another example of something you wouldn’t dare see printed today.

the most popular in our collection is Live Rust (Neil Young)
but out kids like to listen to Psalty the Singing Songbook.
that’s right. Psalty.

Being the nerd that I am, I actually have a neat collection of children’s records from the 1950s-1980s. I started collecting them for the covers, and realized they’re actually really fun to listen to! In case you’re curious about what they look like, here’s a link:

I have a lot of other records too; I’d have to say my favorite is a double LP of Stevie Wonder’s Greatest Hits, which includes a lot of his early work as the child genius at Motown.

Sweet documentary.

I love Blonde on Blonde on vinyl – if it’s not #1, it’s close. Others include VU’s White Light/White Heat, some Galaxie 500, and lately a fair amount of Big Star.

So much nicer than an iTunes playlist!

Ethan |

Seen Elsewhere |

The Shining Soundtrack – Absolutely brilliant stuff and flat out creepy. It also has a cover by Saul Bass and hasn’t been released on any other format. From what i know its somewhat rare. Snagged it for a couple bucks and plays very nicely.

I’ve got a second state Yesterday and Today I inherited from my Uncle.

My favorites aren’t very rare though, just stuff I love. The stuff I love the most is classic R&R (Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys), Crooners (Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Sinatra). This stuff just goes beautifully with a little crackle.

Alphonse |

Seen Elsewhere |

Been posting my favourites all week on the blog in support of Record Store Day last weekend

i recently went from an LP collection well over 5000 to a much more manageable 350 or so. Some of my favourites that survived the cull would include all my Johnny Cash and Lorne Greene albums, a nice sprinkling of RnB, soul and soundtracks, some spoken word, some ‘celebrity’ singers (Telly Savalas, Anthony Quinn and Robert Mitchum, to name a few)…

One of my favorite pieces in my collection is a Public Enemy 12″ for “Hazy Shade of Criminal” (1992). The cover depicts two black men being hanged and white people below them happy. Of course I do not condone the act but the depiction shows how deep Public Enemy’s messages were that they portrayed through their music and videos. It’s also evidence of something that you wouldn’t dare see associated with any of today’s music.

Patrick |

Seen Elsewhere |

Looks interesting :) Collecting vinyls is audio-visual pleasure. I love when good music has also nice sleeve and artwork. There are many beautiful records and music in my own collection

- original 1966 press of Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys
- Revolver by the Beatles is just perfect and the sleeve design by Klaus Voorman is beautiful
- original 1965 Johnny Cash’s Orange Blossom Special is also one of my personal favourite
- Arcade Fire’s Funeral looks and sounds amazing
- Is This It by The Strokes

+ many others

Martin Skalsky |

Seen Elsewhere |

i started “collecting” records at about 11 years, at that time mostly for the covers (stuff like this: ). when i was given my first “this is soul” compilation, i discovered stuff like otis redding, sam&dave, and rufus thomas for myself, and from there on everything changed. although i dj mainly digital these days, music i really love (funk / soul / reggae / east german jazz…) i still need to own on vinyl. there is no better feeling than buying an unknown record at the flea market and playing it for the first time.

chris |

Seen Elsewhere |

Thanks for the heads up Kev. I dropped a note on our twitter account as well.

We have two collections: one being of records of music we like and the other being just for the covers. I just can’t pass up an amazingly designed cover..a couple recent records we picked up just for the covers: “Peter and the wolf ” cover designed by Herbert Leupin and “Leonard Berstein” cover designed by Saul Mandel.

Nicole |

Seen Elsewhere |

I grew up on vinyl, have had it all my growing up years and still have it.

Some of my favorites are the classic Jazz such as the 2 Verve releases, Jazz Samba with Charlie Bird and Paul Desmond and Jazz Samba 2 with Gilberto, both very nice and a nice mint original Columbia 2 eye pressing of Time Out by Dave Brubeck I found a decade ago for $10 – in mono.

I also have a couple of original Frank Zappa albums as well as rock and roll, pop, some disco and other stuff too.

I still play it just because and probably always will.

This documentary looks interesting.

Can’t say I have a large collection or even rare records but collecting vinyl is just something that always seems to keep my interest. If I had to pick my favorites, they’d be:

Billy Joel: Storm Front
Alkaline Trio: Maybe I’ll Catch Fire
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground: S/T
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Live 75-85

I love collecting vinyl. There’s so much worth mentioning. Off the top of my head… Beatles’ Revolver! And Bob Dylan’s handiwork on the cover of The Band’s Big Pink album.

Kristen R. |

Seen Elsewhere |

I love the resurgence of vinyl. My collection went from hundreds out of the 80′s and 90′s to zero, and now slowly growing back again. Like somebody above, I’m also buying some stuff just for the cover. I love the design/art and the tactile nature of vinyl. It’s an extra connection point to the music.

morgan |

Seen Elsewhere |

At least with my collection, my most treasured records are the ones that are passed down to me. I feel like records are like books, more family heirloom, less disposable piece of plastic.

The sound is unmatched as well.

lookin goood.