House Industries: Alexander Girard Giveaway

alexander girard

To celebrate the new Alexander Girard line of products we’ve teamed up with House Industries for a special giveaway.

Sounds great, but how do I enter?


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From the two winners

From our two winners (One from the comments of this post and the other from the twitter direct messages), we will randomly pull our 1st and 2nd place winners.


and now for the prizes………..

1st Prize

alexander girard blocks

alexander girard alphabet blocks

1 set of Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks

These functionally playful alphabet blocks bring an unobtrusively quiet distinctiveness to any well-appointed living room while affording hours of educational and aesthetic pleasure for young design sophisticates. Created by House Industries in a collaboration with the estate of reknowned mid-century designer Alexander Girard, the 28 wood blocks feature alphabets based on the Alexander Girard font collection and a cleverly-adapted House Industries factory logo puzzle.

alexander girard book

alexander girard book

alexander girard book

alexander girard book

1 Alexander Girard Book

From the high desert of New Mexico to the depths of Vitra’s archive in Weil am Rhein, Germany, this new book documents the four-year journey that resulted in our new Alexander Girard collection.

This Smythe-sewn hardbound book has 64 full-color pages that document the four-year House Industries Alexander Girard project. Printed and stamped linen cover, 8.25″ (21.5 cm) square, signed and numbered, limited edition of 1000. Designed in Delaware. Printed and bound in the USA.


2nd Prize

alexander girard tshirt

Your pick of 1 Alexander Girard T-Shirt

Girard’s folk art sensibilities complemented residential settings and brought a sense of warmth to Herman Miller’s otherwise sterile Action Office designs. The “Old Sun” was originally printed on a Mexicotton environmental enrichment panel.

alexander girard book

1 Alexander Girard Book


Many thanks to House Industries for sponsoring this giveaway. Visit their website to see their full line of fonts, clothing, and objects.



Please choose me this time. You inadvertently forgot on the last drawing. No problem, just remember this time. Regards.

Wooo hoo! Another one!

I do enjoy Alexander Girard! Though I wonder if I am eligible since I won last time!

My favorite piece in the collection is the set of blocks. I want my child to appreciate the finer things in design, so my 10-month old is already chewing on his set. There’s an “o” in his name, so he’ll have plenty of sunface options to choose from for that letter. I love House Industries for bringing all this out!

All of his work is just so fantastic, but I adore the Nativity!

Love the blocks and the Girard Book. I hope I win!

I LOVE the nativity set. I have been looking for something original and personal, and I think this is amazing. Too bad it’s not in one of the prize packs, but I love the stuff there too!

Girard Dimensional Lettering, particularly the “La Mia Tigre”, which uses the “Girard Sky” typeface, I believe. It just seems to pop out at me.

I think my favorite thing is the Marilyn dolls. But, I am sure my new nephew would love the set of blocks…hmm…

Sean Sutherland |

Contests and giveaways |

The book looks fantastic, just barely edges out the blocks for me.

Definitely loving the collection of Girard typefaces!

Oh, man: I just love the whole collection…But especially the memory game.

While the dolls are terrific, my favorite is the super-fantastic set of blocks! All tactile goodness, beautiful fonts and fun. These make me want to flop down and start building forts and towers! 40 year olds need play too!

Alexander Girard has some awesome work!

I really like the Marilyn Neuhart Rosy/Posy Casa dolls. Something about these dolls just makes me smile. I love the color combination of the fabric. They’re such vibrant dolls and would be wonderful additions to any home!

Girard’s beautiful craftsmanship has produced two loves in particular. One, Girarad Slab is a beautiful type family. I can’t get over the curves of the A and 9! Second, the memory game is gorgeous! Each icon has been crafted with such care and strength, they stand on their own individually as design pieces in addition to collectively as a game. In fact, I think I’m going to go watch the movie again just to look at them. Great giveaway!

i have to say the puzzle is my favorite. i want to get one for my son.

the cast iron ampersand looks heavy but i want one anyway.

The memory game screams awesome childhood afternoons…GREATNESS.

House makes me drool.

Those blocks are the best… those fonts and colors are like peanut-butta-an-jelly… Dee-Lishous!

Dave Douglass |

Contests and giveaways |

Girard Slab is an excellent new face! Slab wide is one of my new favorites. The whole collection is very well done and I really love how they extended it into all the various goodies. Well done!

Charlie H. |

Contests and giveaways |

the alphabet blocks are choice! awesome!

Love the ampersand, the blocks, the shirts, the fonts — too hard to choose. Been a fan of House Industries for many, many years… hard not too since we share the name House!

the fonts.. girard sky is the best!

The Nativity scene makes me want to be religious. GOOD LORD its amazing!

I just like the overall feel of his work – playful and vivid.

i think the nativity set is pretty sweet. that’s probably my fav at the moment, but there is a lot of other nice stuff as well. (by the way, i’m folding each and every corner on my entry so that it is much easier to grab in the drawing.) :) .

peripheral |

Contests and giveaways |

The blocks & the dolls have to be my favorite…

you did not follow me back on twitter (for weeks!).

the tshirt looks fab.

The dolls are lovely.

hard to pick, but i guess i like the memory game most

girard’s memory game is absolutely spectacular. it was/is one of my favorite games… and the colors and designs he uses are just stunning. i would love love love to win this one….!

I like the memory game.

Is it wrong that I want to huggle the fonts and make up fictitious companies just so I can use ‘em? Because I REALLY love the fonts.

Always been a fan of the blocks, but for me the nativity blocks are king. Love the detail and ornament in the clothing along with the unique and fresh perspective on a creche! I’ve loved everything they’ve done type, clothing, accessories.

The film is great! I like the slightly blurred letters and all of the artifacts that give it a vintage look. My son would love the blocks! (OK, I would, too.) Most of all, though, I love the fonts themselves.

I love the blocks.

ahhh…re-defining Mondays! thanks you guys!

My favorite piece is definitely the nativity set. In all my years of Catholic school, I have never seen any nativity quite like the one inspired by Alexander Girard. I love the colorful and contrasting modern details. Religious affiliation aside, I think anyone can appreciate the cheery and unique qualities of this piece, which is fitting for the holiday season.

I adore the blocks first, with the dolls a close second. :)

Such lovely prizes! Wouldn’t mind to get one.

i love the nativity set. an amazing take on my favorite part of christmas – and i’m not even christian.

elisabeth waltz |

Contests and giveaways |

I have to agree with Amanda… “blocks first, with the dolls a close second”!
Thank you Grain Edit for brightening my Monday.

I love you grainedit!

BaconIsGood4You |

Contests and giveaways |

i am completely and totally enamoured of the nativity set. i want it so badly i can smell the wood. must start saving pennies now…

If I didn’t love the blocks sooooo much, I’d have to say the nativity. I grew up in a midwestern catholic family with a very colorless, generic and all too real, yet not real vision of the nativity. This is the best I’ve ever seen! It would shock grandma right out of her support hose.


fonts are excellent

opperkoszos |

Contests and giveaways |

clearly, all of the fonts are amazing. and i’m also loving the factory tee.

Gotta love those block, makes any playroom instantly cool.

I’m loving those fonts!

My favorite Girard face is easily Girard Script, with its elegance and ease it rivals all other scripts in my library and I always look forward to using it when a project suits it.

That nativity is so rad!

Wes Bonifay |

Contests and giveaways |

The connected serif feature on the Girard Slab typeface is awesome. I find myself doing that manually to Lubalin Graph all the time. Great use of Open Type.

My favorite would have to be the entire collection of Girard Fonts, which they’re offering for $250.. I wish those were in the giveaway! :D

Some amazing pieces here. My favorite is the blocks. The colors and fonts remind me of a Dr Seuss type world. Especially the “R” block, as the tail curls up in a very unline Curlz-font sort of way. Very whimsical.


Wow! All of this is great, I wanna win!!!! The fonts and the alphabet blocks are my favourites, but I’d be excited if I won any of these prizes!

Chris Mulligan |

Contests and giveaways |

The blocks and memory game are pretty fantastic! I loved playing memory when I was a kid but my memory game pieces were not this cool.

Love it all, but I’d take the blocks (‘though, as mentioned above, the fonts sure would be a nice prize!). Love Grain Edit too! Thanks for another giveaway.

i love the blocks, the memory game and the puzzle! my 3 year old would ADORE these (if i consent to letting him play with them!) :)

its sad, how in mexico right know how you only find graphic design derivative of nonformat, although its also a little stupid to romanticize any time perios

Ahhh, go on then. Count me in
R ;)

Gotta love the memory game.

Lovely as always. I would like to enter

Monera Mason |

Contests and giveaways |

i just got my book in the mail this past weekend. its beautiful! Now if i could only afford the fonts :(

Girard Slab is money, especially the wide faces. Script is nice too, but man, Slab is gorgeous.

This is tough…I love the Nativity and the blocks; however, is the Nativity a year-round thing? Probably not. Alright, I’ve made my decision: The blocks…that’s my choice…or the Nativity ; )

The Old Sun t-shirt is awesome!

I love the blocks. Would look great near the fireplace.

The dolls rule! Gimme that book! <3 u.

My favorite products are the fonts. Though, if the images that are on the about section were on sale I’d buy them first on the list.

I looove the alphabet blocks!

I love the typefaces and the dolls! But mostly the typefaces! :)

girard limited edition book! and blocks! i must have these for my collection.

Dude! I want those chairs that are in the photo in the Fonts section on the screen just after the airplane!
Other than that, I would love to get those blocks and memory game for my nieces & nephews! Very cool :-)

Oh! And of course a signed book would be awesome as well ;-)

Rosy / Posy Casa!!! Hooray!

That book looks chocked full of visual splendor, I’ll take it!

It would have to be the memory game – I have glorious recollections of being household champion at age 4, Paris, the 70s…

Delicious. Just in time for summer.

the nativity set!

It’s all so beautiful! I think the blocks because you get a bit of illustration, a bit of typography and a bit of playing with toys combined… :)

Tough call. I think my fave are the Marilyn Neuhart dolls, with the nativity in a very close second place.

My favorite has to be the puzzle because I had a puzzle when I was a kid, BACKSTORY: if you put all the pieces together they made a horse but if you looked at each piece individually they were all different animals.

This A.G. puzzle reminds me of my childhood!

Girard Rocks.
// Eryn

Eryn Whitworth |

Contests and giveaways |

I liked it all – I think if I had tons of dough I would definitely get all the fonts, and the block set.

I will definitely snag a copy of that book, looks amazing. I wanna win this…

It’s definitely a tough choice, but I’d have to say my favorite would be the blocks.

Stephen Kissel |

Contests and giveaways |

It’s got to be the typefaces.

David Walsh |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the book, personally. It looks like a great source of inspiration for my wannabe woodblock print design.

Great giveaway guys!

My fave is the blocks set, then I like the puzzle.


I love the Memory Game set! And I really want that mens Girard Factory tee.

…and the book!

I liked the Memory Game best!
That being said, don’t “forget” to pick me.


P.S. Keep it up with the rockin’ contests. GE is top notch.

memory! (i’m losing mine.) lovely, indeed.

I love the memory game.


blocks are the awesomeness.

My favorite would have to be Puzzle. What a charming and timeless font!
Oh, and I want to be winner!!

rkblankenship |

Contests and giveaways |

all of these products make my palms itch, but i’m trying to scrape together enough coin to grab the full nativity set before christmas rolls around.

I don’t know if I could choose a favorite. I love the blocks and the fonts A LOT! Thanks for the giveaway.

My favourite for sure is the Girard script sculpture in shiny aluminium! Also the blocks… Love the blocks.. Ooo wanna touch them.

Such great items for those days when I need inspiration!!

As a great admirer of Alexander Girard and a daily reader of Grain Edit, I hope to be selected for this giveaway. I love that the nativity scene so perfectly captures the sense of wonder and whimsy he brought to Mid-Century design. We have a wall of Girard art in basement game room and a shelf with some of his dolls. The block set and book would be perfect additions to our collection. Thank you.

Clayton Berry |

Contests and giveaways |

I love EVERYTHING Alexander Girard, esp. the book & blocks! PICK ME. Please.

I have a soft spot for memory games, so I guess if I have to choose just one . . . that might be it.

Oh! So difficult to decide!!! I love all Girard stuff but maybe the dolls are my favourite. They’re so naif, so smily so… mmmmmnnn… I want to embrace one of them.

The memory game looks like fun

I want to have a child just so I can have an excuse to buy those blocks.

Girard + Grain Edit = Glee! Thanks for running all these fun contests, Dave. :)

Wow, I love those blocks so much!

yay! another giveaway!

Kathryn Smart |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the nativity set, but I would be sad only getting to see it for a month every year.

The blocks, with their cut faces, are a thing of beauty.

The dolls are my favorite, they are wonderful!

oooo Girard Slab!! Your giveaways are great. Thanks for all your hard work and to all the generous artists/ designers.

I would have to say that the Girard Slab typeface is my favorite piece. It is such an interesting slab-serif font.

Joseph Sites |

Contests and giveaways |

Alexander’s blocks and memory cards are simply marvelous! They remind me of my childhood games and I would cherish them for my son to play with and learn from.
Thanks Grain Edit!

Those blocks are my favorite. They’re so cute!
And I think that winning would be the perfect graduation gift for a person who just got her degree in Graphic Design :p

I love everything, but my pick is the Ampersand Cutting Board! Lovely.

The letter blocks are wonderfully vibrant and have, of course, beautiful type carved into them. I love how the letter forms are clean and yet playful. They are by far my favourite and would be a great educational toy for the little ones! :)

I really really like that book. And I would really really like that it could come to my hands in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks guys! R.

RCavestany |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh that’s so hard! My favourite? Well, I reckon it’s gotta be either the blocks or the memory game, and I think I have to pick the blocks as my favourite. Very, very cool range! Thanks for sharing that one!

The memory game is definitely my favorite, but the dolls are a close second. Thanks for the giveaway!

Allison L. |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite would be the typefaces. Lovely stuff!

Girard Slab Regular Medium Oblique is SEXYYYY

You guys have the best giveaways! I adore the Memory game.

I love that puzzle he designed with the cats and things. Simple and elegant (i don’t think about that word often) and has me smiling still!!!! Thanks folks.

randy mckee |

Contests and giveaways |

All of his stuff is rad, but I think my favorite is the puzzle. The shapes of the pieces and the animals are pretty great.

I’m loving the puzzle. The colors and shapes are great!

I love the Memory Game! Memory was one of my favorite games growing up, and the Girard images just make it so special!

it’s all so lovely. love the fonts, the blocks, the happy smiley flower. happy.

Blocks. Blocks. Blocks. Blocks.

The Three Wise Men: bringing gold, frankinsense and cute!

The blocks are super-fantastic-amazing-and-I-want-them-right-now.

My favorite: Nativity Set!

wow – another great giveaway! all of Girard’s stuff is really amazing – I really like the blocks and the memory game – but I think my favorite is the book. great work!

Man, ever since I first saw Mr. Girard’s work in an issue of Dwell last winter, I’ve been thinking he is the bee’s knees. I adore that Memory set. The whole thing is great.

Basically. Awesome.

I loved everything, but my favourites are the dolls and the blocks for sure! ;D

i’m really feeling the memory game by Girard. bold colors, interesting designs, what more can a design geek ask for? :)

don’t know if this is allowed but, can i put my vote out for the website. I love the simplicity and the color scheme of it. just a brilliant piece of work. thanks for the update on this, I have it book marked.

make my day! please.

Victoria Pringle |

Contests and giveaways |

The dolls are incredible!

So many amazing things! I love the Nativity set.

Received a lovely promotional poster from House, with an awesome pink/white/tan Girard design. They rule!

I love, love, love the blocks but would love any (or all) of the prizes!!!

I love table top books!

I love the Girard blocks! I also remember a few years back seeing a Girard pillow I loved and can no longer find.

May I please win a prize, please.

My childhood aesthetics have come flooding back thanks to you!
Girard’s work is so brightly fresh, well designed, and full of character. I’m intrigued and inspired.

I would say the blocks are my favorite by a slim margin to the dolls and the nativity

Much obliged.

Oh man. The tee! –no, the blocks! –no, the book! but then, I’d get to wear the tee…

the head spins. all wonderful.

Ooo the blocks, the blocks!

hey yo grain edit!! you’re awesome!
i like prizes.

all so lovely. the nativity is so dear but those dolls simply rock. soooo much fun!

Isn’t everything House comes up with spectacular, to pick out only one would be blasphemy.

definitely the book…followed by the blocks a close second- and the dimensional lettering!

love the dolls! love House Industries! love grain edit!

oh it has to be the blocks! lovely stuff :)

Love the MEMORY game. That video is very cool and very Eames!

for someone obsessed with fonts… the blocks would just put me into therapy.
nice collection! :)


I like the memory game very much. I need all the help I can get in that area :)


Without a doubt my favorite is the alphabet block set. Solid gold child soul.

Girard! sweet. sign me up!

all the curlicious fonts are brown, and the sky is grey…
the kodachrome colours (mama don’t take my)…
the happy sun, sun, sun, here it comes.

show us the love, sensei ge…
and give it away, give it away, give it away, now.

Marilyn Neuhart Benny Casa Doll…mine, all mine…even if I don’t win a prize as fine as the book or the blocks or the t-shirt…oh yes, then there’s the fonts and the sun…

Girard is just pure delight!

I must have the Nativity Set and the Memory Game! Must have!

This is a ridiculously hard decision. I am a huge fan of everything Girard has done. I really wish I had jumped on that ampersand t-shirt at House Industries earlier since they are now sold out.

I love the nativity set, because it is one of the very rare ones I have seen that I really love, especially because it is so beautiful and unique.

However, I’m going to have to choose the blocks, because as a kid I spent so many happy hours creating worlds with wooden building blocks and these are really delightful with their bright colors and curvy fonts.

Thank you Grain Edit & House Industries for showcasing such wonderful work and this awesome giveaway!

I love the modern take on the nativity scene! Gorgeous stuff.

I teach design at a high school and any one of these amazing creations would be a fantastic resource in my classroom. I would have to vote for the memory tiles. So many cool little designs in one place.

Thank you House Industries for bringing Girard to our attention. He is a master who should be idolized. Thank you Grain Edit for this chance to win some fab swag.

I LOVE everything in the collection, but I must say the memory cards would probably do me a lot of good.

Currently drooling over Girard Slab. Soooo nice. The nativity set is absolutely beautiful as well. And the memory game…and the blocks…and…

As a college senior graphic design student, I love any and all “contemporary” vintage goodies like Girard’s style. I would have to say I’m lovin that nativity set (mostly because my beloved roomate is a religious nut!) His tee shirts are quite the savy items as well! :D

Lindsey Bailey |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the nativity! Wonderful designs, thanks for sharing!

I like the Girard-ified version of the House Industries factory logo the most, does that count?

Another superb giveaway! Thanks, guys.

That book is my favorite. So much eye candy, I’m getting a cavity over here!







I love the nativity set

pick me pick me pick me!!!

WOW! I would love this – such an inspirational guy – BIG THANKS to grain edit for offering these contests! I hope I win this time :)

The blocks. A Girardian vibe to the towns my niece and nephew and I build would be so nice.

LOVE the alphabet blocks and the pillows. The Chalet Comprime Pillow is to die for. In fact, it will be just what our new apartment needs.

that nativity is WILD. what a great collection.

As many mentioned before me, the blocks rock! only if I had them growing up!.

I love the fonts! The other stuff is all great (the dolls make me feel a little car sick), but it’s the type that does it for me. What a nerd I turned out to be!

i love the blocks, but i have a soft spot for the nativity, even though i’m an agnostic at best.. my mom has a collection of nativity scenes–many with a mid century feel. i think i’ll have to share this post with her for sure!

I love the blocks… but most of all, I love the LOVE block… love that the v ties connects the lo and the v. :) (pick me!)

I´m totally loving those blocks! Choose me! Choose me!
Send a prize to a third world poor brazilian 34 year old kid (me!) :D

This is a sick array of design-ware. It would fit so well in my studio.

If only shipping to Australia (and USD conversion) didn’t completely blow out of the water my ability to buy everything in the range. The desire is strong, but the wallet is weak.

Us poor, culturally starved downunder dwellers.

The blocks and book are divine. Perhaps if I save my pennies getting one of those Benny Casa lion dolls might be possible. Can lions swim?

girard slab.
narrow medium.

Can’t wait for that interview with House Industries tomorrow!

Braniff Airlines!!! The End of the Plain Plane. Girard, Herman Miller, Love Field and 707s…can there be a better combo? It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite item because they are all so well done. The blocks would definitely be something I’d love to pass down to my daughter; she already loves her Girard pillow.

Great giveaway!

My favorite piece would have to be the Mens Ampersand Tee. But they’re all sold out!! boooo. lol

Definitely the memory game! I may be biased as that was always my favorite growing up. Plus, you get to see so many of his different illustrations! Love it. The fonts are a close second.

Ann-Marie P. |

Contests and giveaways |

Favorite? How does one pick a favorite. I’d settle for a doodle on a scrap of paper. Really.

Yum. That Girard Slab is really something.

His puzzle is just amazing, i love it !

Great prizes!

The puzzle!

I loooove the blocks :D

Please please please!

oops. the blocks. please.

I win! I win.

Oh, lovely! I really dig House Industries’ typefaces.
The blocks though… wow! That’s a whole other kind of spiffy.

I loooove the set of blocks and the puzzle and all the dolls. I have a nephew coming and I would love to share this with him/her.

Fingers crossed!


misscalamar |

Contests and giveaways |

the dolls, the dolls, those dolls are wonderful!

This Benny Casa doll is ace!

I love Alexander Girard’s work, love the book and the dolls!

oooooh, love House Industries. Good luck to everyone! (specially to me :D )

I like the Memory Game… The designs are simply wonderful. Very interesting style!!!

Memory Game!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I really like the aesthetic of the nativity … OMG gorgeous! But, I’m not Christian … and it just wouldn’t be right in my home … maybe they might consider producing something else? Noah’s ark? The farm, the zoo? Anything else that has no religious connotation???

Alexander Girard is the reason I even found out about GrainEdit!! I think his fonts and dolls are my favorite parts of his work, but everything is wonderful!

The blocks are bleedin marvelous! Effortlessly engaging and so so so pretty – just looking at all the beautiful things has made me grin and brighten my day…!

…nd so it follows that owning a set – by winning the super-exciting-competition-of-joy would make me utterly ecstatic..!

Blocks or the book in a fight to the death!

I think my favorite one is the memory game, but the blocks are really nice, too!

Two of my favorite things: grain edit and House Industries. Now I have a House Industries shirt, I want a grain edit t-shirt. Maybe you’ll make one someday?
Grandpa-George still loves ya!

The Book, and the Fonts. If I were a rich man.

Fonts and blocks are my fav pieces!

my favorite piece is the memory game.

For me, it’s definitely the Nativity set. Really great!

The puzzle is awesome and the rest of the line is no less!

Jakub Janousek |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ve been watching the House Industries website for sometime, being blown away time and time again by the amazing stuff. So when a chance to win some comes up, might as well go for it even if the odds are low.

I want the alphabet blocks!!!

I find the nativity set amazing for several reasons. The jumping Jesus baby. The distinctively accessorized Wise Men figures. The effective blending of so many strong patterns within one piece. The abstracted manger block. Jumping Jesus’ green-striped jumpsuit. So awesome!

I want to send you a direct message with twiter but no can do.

Very nice the book, also the puzzle


Ivo Valadares |

Contests and giveaways |

The Nativity Scene is amazing. I hope they’re still selling it in years to come because it’ll take me ages to save up. Gorgeous piece

now that’s some beautiful stuff! i really like the colours and the warm feeling of the book.

I like all this gorgeous stuff but I really LOVE the blocks, nativity and memory game (i can’t decide).

The blocks are great, I have tons of friends with kids now, and nothing cool for them to play with when the kids come over…its tough to love good design.

The memory game is my favorite.

i was going to say the blocks but upon reconsidering, i might say the puzzle. and this with me having a 2 yr old.

I’d have to say I really love the film that put all of these pieces together. It made me think of the fashioned stop motion animation. If I had to absolutely pick one of the pieces, though, I would say the Nativity. It’s such a fun, contemporary spin on something so traditional. :)

I’m ashamed to say that I had never heard of Alexander Girard till now… but I’m so glad to have seen his work… grainedit bears rich fruit once again!!! First things first, speaking competitively the GIRARD PUZZLE is a jawdropping inspiration. Don’t get me wrong now, any Girard prize would be a delight (I can never say no to a graphic treasure trove of a book to while away the hours) but I’m intrigued by the fact that this puzzle has evolved from an unrealized carpet design to see the light of day afresh. Makes me want to learn more about his work. Goes to show a great piece of graphics/illustration has a multitude of applications. The animal silhouettes are perfect for this new role but then the whole thing is so decorative too. Frame it or solve it, there’s the dilemma! But what better way to appreciate this great talent than to puzzle and ponder over the critters while you solve this gorgeous object. Now I want to design my own… now where’s my fret saw…?

I’m still a kid. Please let me play with blocks…

Mats Olsson |

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Crossing my fingers. . .I love the sun shirt. But I’m also partial to the lion stuffed creature.

I love the memory game! Beautifully designed, fun for kids and adults that are still kids. The entire collection is stunning, congratulations!

stephaniesays |

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the nativity pieces want me to want them. my instant favourites!
the stuffed lion doll too, very groovy….

i want to learn to read and write with these blocks!

I love the animal puzzle the best – it would make a great rug as well. The blocks come in as a close second…

i want that lion, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseeeeee. x

the wonderful alphabet blocks are my favorite.

The nativity set, without a doubt.

the nativity set is great… they are such great objects and this one is unique

jordan s-b |

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they are all wonderful, and any one thing would be a joy to own…however, i do dearly love the dolls, particularly the lion. it reminds me a bit of my husband (but don’t tell him i said that).
thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

I must have these alphabet blocks and the nativity set!

Eek! I’m in love with those blocks… and the memory game! If my childhood memory game had looked like that, I’d have spent a heck of a lot more time developing my mind.

Sweet, gimme some. This stuff rocks.

The Girard blocks are my favorite–they would look great on our coffee table and I’d love telling everyone who plays with them about my incredible luck winning the Grain Edit contest!

My favorite piece in the collection is the set of blocks!
I love Alexander Girard’s work.

I’m diggin’ on the afro baby / lion king dolls. It’s the circle of life, y’all.

I love everything, but the Memory Game is particularly sweet!

i think everething is amazing, but the blocks are astonishingly

I am totally in love with the Nativity set!!!

i just love the Alphabet Blocks. pick me, pick me!

barbara abbes |

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Couple things call to me about the Nativity Set! a) ARG! SO CUTE! <-necessary squealing. b) it’s completely the quintessential Girard style! c) the well mixed trippy colors! d) I don’t celebrate xmas! <-a great way to freak out my parents. Love the giveaway! Thanks!

Oh Mr Girard.

Thank you for bringing sunshiny electric joyous colour.
Thank you for bringing pattern that sings.
Thank you for the lovely textures.
Thank you for creating surpise, wit and wonder.
Thank you for putting us in a good mood.

Thank you House Ind. for bringing the goodness and delight in such a respectful and surprising manner.

Thank you Grain Edit for inspiring everyday

cheers + love, jon

I love all of this collection- especially the memory game and nativity set. Sansusie is a terrific font!

Those dolls are so adorable! And clever! They would looks so cute next to that ampersand pillow on the cozy armchair in my living room! With a matching ampersand tote! Oh I think I’m drooling….

i’m in love with the blocks and the memory game and the dolls and…..

I’m about to start a family in the next year. My wife said it’s time. Send me the Nativity Set and help us raise an army of designers!

The fonts (Sansusie in particular), the alphabet blocks and the puzzle are my favorites.

Dave you should win a medal for all you do for the design community.

j’adore le tshirt

Since the Girard pieces have come out I have had my eye on that nativity. What an awesome take on such an iconic holiday message! Nate

Love that Girard Book!

gimme gimme!!!

The blocks are great! Big Girard fan…

I love contests, and I love the Girard Puzzle. Totally hip! Please choose me this time :-)

I like the fonts best! and then the book. Thanks Grain Edit

Please pick me… please.

Marilyn’s dolls are amazing!! I want!

Oooo, very cool! What a treat this would be!


That nativity set is AMAZING. and the blocks are the bomb too :)
Thanks Grain edit!

I love the Ampersands – all of them!

That Alexander Girard Book sure looks slick. Could I maybe have it? Or the fonts would come in useful… I could make some words with them. Yay Grain Edit!

i love the puzzle, i wish i could afford it. it would look great in the center of my coffee table, a close second would be the blocks set. although i wish house industries could have come out with at least one small home item that was more affordable for everyone, especially with the way things are today in the world. I think alot of people would like to have a little piece of girard’s work if they could, it would make the world a happier place.

Nothing beats a good solid maple baby Jesus!
My favorite is the nativity set!

The fonts are fantastic.
The dolls are delightful.
The patterns of the puzzle are very pleasing.
The nativity is nice.
The blocks are brilliant for building (a future in design?)

Why am I writting this again? I can’t recall… My brain isn’t quite what it used to be… Oh… wait I’m old, I need the memory game.

I like it! The slab font is great and the blocks are cool.

All of the objects are great, but my favorite is a tie between the blocks and memory game. If only I could afford either..

I hope I finally get something this time XD

its all so lovely and delicious

the fonts, the fonts, the fonts: endless creativity, and brilliant memory jolters of childhood! Love this collection!!!!

fiona mitchell |

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i hope to win!

my favorite pieces are (can’t just pick one) the nativity, the womens daisy face shirt and the benny casa doll

oh awesome!
i love all the giveaway goods!!! my children and i would totally dig the blocks, puzzle, and memory game. it’s so nice to have children’s items that are good to look at, esp. when scattered around the home ;D if the design and quality rock, i do not mind so much.
and the Marilyn Neuhart Dolls are so lovely and bright- very cute!
thank you for this fantastic, super generous giveaway!!! all good wishes =^..^=

i like her alphabet blocks!

The whole collection is pretty fantastic, but Girard Sky is just deeelicious.

I certainly NEED Mr. Benny Casa Doll. As a half-Mexican, he’ll help me get in touch with my roots, no? – Catherine

love giveaways!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those blocks! Everything he does has such a precious touch.

Memory! without a doubt

Those blocks are the greatest. I’ve got a strong attachment to building blocks, but I never had any as a kid. Those curly letters are so Willy Wonka.

It’s a bit sad really, that a grown man like myself could have burning desire for a set of alphabet blocks. Another sign that I’m just the kind of sucker House Industries designs their shticky paraphernalia for. The over the top catalogs they send out leave me wishing I had more money to spend on books, fonts, dolls, clothes, and yes, even alphabet blocks.

All are so great, but the puzzle is pretty dang awesome. Such charming little critters!!

I love the Grirard Sky Font. The Braniff airlines influence is fantastic. The Futurism, as well as the fact that I see that Braniff Plane after some of my favorite TV shows.

Andrew Hill |

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My favorite piece is the memory game because that was one of my favorite games growing up. It’s good to practice using your memory so you don’t lose it later in life too!

m y



tends to be my favorite…. reminds me of a simpler… more playful part of life.

hard to choose a fav….
i’m gonna go with the nativity.

I SO much need that nativity! Wow, I wanna work at House.

The memory game is certainly my favorite of the whole line, but it’s close between that and the nativity set. I was excited to see shirts! I don’t think those were there last time I visited the shop … :-)

Of the new line, it has to be the blocks, I love anything in wood and they remind me of my own childhood. In the shop but sadly sold out, I love the collaborations with 33 and the 33 equipped t-shirt. I’m annoyed its sold out!

love this site, always a good update, for me the ALPHABET BLOCKS have to be the best, and the lovely book above here.

niki smeets |

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love the blocks.

I am a sucker for a beautiful Nativity and for these giveaways!

That memory game is great.

My favorite is Girard script!

My favorite is the blocks. close second is the dolls.

The best to me, though the dolls and game and nativity set are beautiful pieces of art, is the book. Here, House demonstrates not only that they know how to create the typefaces, but that they know how to design with them as well. Each House book of type specimen is a collection of divine inspiration. I get ideas from their catalog.

Second best would be the alphabet blocks, which shows the functionality of the typeface. Designers of Girard’s heyday had to balance art and usability, and the blocks are something that could both be hung on the wall in an upscale apartment, or given to a (stylish) child for play.

The book and the art objects, also demonstrate the care and love with which they research and create their faces. This collection is a sort of purchasable museum piece celebrating Girard, and I’m already jealous of whoever wins.

wow!! I really love the puzzle and the dolls. I know they’re not part of the giveaway but those cute curly fros really make me smile! :) I like the organic and childish feel of all his stuff!

The nostalgia of Girard’s awesomeness is astounding! I’m a textile designer and find him huge inspiration in my own work!! I love the fun folk art wikkedness infused in ALLLL his pieces! But if I really, really, REALLY have to choose, I’d have to pick…the blocks! Or…maybe the type! Orrrr – why are you making me choose!!!?

we’ve been collecting the girard vitra dolls for a few years now, nice to see more from this great designer…. love, love, love the nativity

jennifer logun |

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I am a big fan but cannot afford any of it. I need someone to put out beautiful things for those of us who cannot afford $120 blocks.

House Industries Rocks. I love the newsletter they put out to showcase Girard’s work. If you are not signed up for it then you should be. Just wish I could afford any one of their fonts.

All of his work is amazing! It would be a lovely addition to my (small-ish) collection! Please and Thank you!

Love love love this!!!! House Industries rocks, as always!!!

beth atkins |

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Would love the book and Daisy tee, oh and anything and everything!!! I would say the blocks and puzzles for my little girl… but who are we kidding here? We’d fuss over them equally! My little one is growing up with the April fabric (as she is an April baby) and pillow, we have a couple Girard Scrims in our home, and Girard pillows abound… with all these whimsical fancies in our home, I see the influence in her drawings. Or I like to see anyway!!! As we live in Royal Oak Mi, we love to visit the area of Girard, and Benedryl is our favourite medicine in the house! Cheers!

jill whitehill |

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As a friend’s mother would say, ‘Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph!’

I love love love that nativity set.

Okay, here’s the thing–I’m a lawyer. A lawyerly government lawyer. But I have a secret. Okay, fine! Its not that big of a secret. Anyway, here it is: I am obsessed with design! Graphic design, industrial design, interior design…you know, the works. So. I really need some Girard to enliven my government lawyer workspace. Think, if you will, on the comprehensive research memos I will produce with Girard as inspiration! Picture in your mind’s eye the brilliant motions I will draft! Imagine the well-reasoned briefs! And my favorite from the House Industries Girard Collection? Well, the puzzle, of course….

I love and adore the memory game!
So colorful and fun

The Benny Casa doll is my favorite. Makes me think of my listening to records after watching Sesame Street (specifically the Pinball Counting short).

the blocks! = <3

The entire collection is great, but the fonts are outstanding!

I love my girard blocks – I could always use a second set so my daughters can have a set to play with also ;) I have also had my eye on the nativity set – would happily phase out our cute Habba one for the wonderful Girard one. Finally – I have comeplete Font Lust…

My favorite are the blocks! I really would love to win.

loooooove the memory game, and anything girard for that matter…

I dig the 3 weights and 4 widths of the utilitarian Girard Slab.

I super dooper love the Marilyn Neuhart Dolls, pretty pretty please and thankyou!! :)

I always love a good puzzle. *fingers crossed*

Kate Earhart |

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I like the Girard blocks the best!


my fav: Cast Iron Ampersand
i can see it on my wall already.

i do like the typefaces but the building blocks would make me taller.

Me can has! I love the cast iron ampersand or the memory game or the blocks but mostly the Nativity scene.

I’ve been coveting the blocks for a long, long time. I love that Andy describes them as ‘heirlooms.’

The blocks are amazing!

I want the book and the tshirt, please. My favorite font is Girard Slab.


I love the Marilyn Neuhart dolls, but my favorite has gotta be the animal puzzle… Thanks grainedit!

Look at all the pretty colors…I’m sitting here buried under a foot of very white SNOW in NW Montana, drooling over all this incredibly amazing creativity. Seriously, I look outside my window and all I can see is white. That is why I must say the Nativity just about blew me over today – it is gorgeous and so VIBRANT! I can’t wait until the color returns to my world, but for now, I will fill my brain with visions of Alexander Girard’s incredible collection.

l.o.v.e the marilyn neuhart dolls! especially the lion! rar.

jinger howell |

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Blocks are FAB. love those “Objects” toy’s at the beginning too.

Awesome pieces all around, but I have to say that my favourite are the dolls.

oooo – i really really want it all! but the blocks win hands down – so much beautiful colourful fun to be had. incidentally i spotted an image in the memory cards that very much reminds me of an isak ‘blossom and bill’ tray that i have.
definitely some girard indebtedness there!


I’m eternally transfixed on the M of the Girard script font. I want to make it real big and pretty.

i love the nativity! count me in please!

steph shieh |

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BLOCKS! I like blocks…

I adore all of his designs (especially from the La Fonda del Sol restaurant), but my favorite from HI is definitely the “daisy face”.

The blocks.

In a perfect world I would have thousands that I would place in a vault a la Scrooge McDuck. I’d also be able to dive and and do a backstroke in them.

Hey, I said perfect world, not feasible world.

Love Neutraface! Pick me!

I do love the Ampersand cutting board.

I am in love with the puzzle!!

I love the fonts. and the blocks. and those dolls! Ok really, i just love it all. :)

Even as a non-religious person, that nativity scene really baby dragons.

The Blocks – hands down. Fabulous!

The nativity scene is dope!

one of these days….

the memory game is rad!

the blocks are really great.
I would play with them for ever and ever and ever.

Everything looks amazing!

Martin Parodi |

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!!! Ahhh I’ve love to get those~~ I love Girard very much!

I love the Marilyn Neuhart dolls the best. I am moving into a beautiful new house in the countryside and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

memory games, for sure…

I absolutley love the blocks. I really enjoy the unique neon/bold colors he chooses. These blocks would make me want to learn the alphabet all over again! I especially enjoy the love block shown in the picture above. The design of his font has just the right amount of swirls and curved lines to make it fun but easily readable.

Memory game is my fave- thanks for this opportunity!

the blocks rocks

I heart Girard Sansusie & Sky font sets!

Sign me up for it, I’m with the Nativity on this one although the memory game is cool too.

I love the alphabet blocks! What a great way to teach young kids about design!

Girard Slab…mmmmm tasty

My daugher, five months
Play, spell, learn, and stack the blocks
A & Z et. al.

The House flier arrived at our house several weeks ago and my boys looked at everything. My two-year-old told me about Girard’s match game and described it as a cornucopia of illustrative delights. He said that Girard originally created these images for his environmental enrichment panels that he designed to spice up Herman Miller’s Action Office plan. He also explained that each game comes with 72 pieces and a limited-edition wooden box. He loves the fact that it is made in the USA out of replenishable basswood and printed with child-safe non-toxic inks. That’s what he said. I think.

The alphabet blocks blow my mind! I would love to play with them myself. Also Girard Sky is amazing, and Girard Slab is another favourite. Excellent collection & great job on the interview.

I love the alphabet blocks that allows for the enjoyment of the font not just visually but also by touch. Visual and tactile. What a great thing not just for children but for adults too.

the alphabet blocks are wonderful. the smiling sun motif sold me. we all need a little more sunshine in our lives.

My, my, my…best set yet. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

My daughter really likes the puzzle. I agree with her.

Pick me too this time! :)

Franky Grove |

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Giard’s work is fantastic! I love the blocks and the memory game, but I may end up trying to eat the pieces since they look so scrumptious. :)

*Girard the other “r” seems to have slipped out

I considered getting those blocks for a friends child and then realized I really wanted them for me. Then I realized how expensive they were!
so cool, though.

I would say the memory game. Bright colors and interesting images put together to exercise the mind.

I mean, … the Girard Book! I mean the Girard Book!!

Franky Grove |

Contests and giveaways |

foxes are my favorite animals. so the puzzle is my instant favorite piece!

Hmm, book or blocks… and then there is the T-Shirt! Blocks win by a hair.

The wood type! Uhm… I mean the block!

All of it is awesome, but I especially love the nativity!

I’m loving the fonts, especially Girard Script. Winning one of the prizes would truly make my day!

How lovely these items are! Any kid would adore the colours and materials. The Nativity set is my absolute favorite.

Those blocks, those blocks!!!

I want, I want!!!

I’d give my left kidney for that book!

° oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink ! ! !

As Lent is winding down and I’ve been more connected to what it all means personally, I loved seeing the Nativity set! What a beautiful, modern representation. So interesting to look at and attention-grabbing. Thanks for bringing to life something that many of us take for granted!

the BLOCKS are amazing!

If this was a ring, I’d be throwing my hat into it. Pick me.

P.S. I’m digging those blizocks.

Love Love Love Alexander Girard – an under-rated genius overshadowed by his collaborators – nice to see a new book about him. Will this be available for sale too ?

“These are a few of my favorite things (John Coltrane-style)!”
The Memory game set is my ultimate favorite item in this line. I’d like to think I’m benevolent enough to share and play it with my friend’s child, but this might just have to join the adult game night rotation, along with Dutch Blitz (check it out!).

Girard Slab. Love it!

wonderful designer.

It’s gotta be the fonts!!

Marcelo P. |

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I like the fonts.

The blox rock! Educational and fun…two great tastes that taste great together.

I really like those Alphabet Blocks, for myself!

Girard Slab is the one I love the most.
I makes me want to cut out the letters from pieces of burnt toast.
I want to see it everywhere I go,
in the dirt and themud, even in rain or snow.
Girard you do strange things to me,
where you are is where I want to be.

It’s lovely, lovely. I love it.

The puzzle is pretty damn cool.

Please, illuminate me. Let me return to the days of my child hide aways in the niches of a thousand miles of clutter. Find me those toys that were brought from the cities of my parents raising and into the home where we all gathered, back then. Illuminate me, grow me again, but younger and freer, and with a different nose preferably.

christine elkling |

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I love the alphabet blocks! That font is awesome, and the colors are so bright and cheery!

I absolutely adore the nativity set! My Mom was a Franciscan nun back in the 60′s and 70′s (before she left the order, married my Dad and had me in the 80′s). The set she has now is alright, but nowhere near as awesome as the modernist, kitchy-cool Girard set. It totally seems like something she would have had or seen back then. If only it wasn’t $410! :( Way, way off my student budget!

I really love the memory game but the nativity set and the Benny Casa Marilyn Neuhart doll (the lion one) come a close joint second. Bah, why even make this difficult decision? It’s all so darn good!

I really like the alphabet blocks and I need them to feel me again like a child, like a child who appreciate design, typography and illustration, of course!

Swwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttt memory game! That is my favorite, though the type faces are classic!

Nick Inzunza |

Contests and giveaways |

Seriously?! I have to pick a favorite? Well, I guess the alphabet blocks would be the coolest to have… but the book – that would be great too! And the t-shirts! All of the t-shirts! Dayum, the *want* is intense.

My final vote is for the nativity set. Hard to choose – it’s all so well done.
If you like Girard, you must visit the Museum of Intl. Folk Art in Santa Fe that houses the Girard’s personal collection. Amazing displays.
Thanks, Grain Edit, for the great interview.

The puzzle is totally my favorite.

Joey Jacco |

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The Nativity figures are stunning, what a great collection, count me in!

Another great giveaway!

The book would be nice.

The Nativity scene is absolutely divine, I’m considering fathering a child just to furnish a crèche with such a splendid menagerie.

Mark Staplehurst |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the blocks! (now fingers crossed!)

aaagh impossible to decide …almost. have to plump for the blocks..

The blocks and book are licious! Yes pretty please.

I’ve never been one for specific holiday decor, but the Nativity set is a must have! The alphabet blocks are adorable, too… As an expecting mother, I would love to win a set for my little one.

Kirsten Olson |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh I have been drooling over this stuff in my House Industries catalog for weeks! My favorite is definitely the nativity scene, I love how the baby Jesus is practically jumping for joy. But heck, I want it ALL!

Love the puzzle and love your site!

I love how the threads around this one have 4 or 5 replies and then there is something free and boom 400 people drop a line :)

great way to great traffic

Love it. House Industries and Alexander Girard are a wonderful combo to say the least.

I’d have to say the Marilyn Neuhart Benny Casa Doll is my favourite. Something about how the dolls look like they’re missing a joint in their arms and legs is endearing for me. Also, I love cats.

The Nativity Set is my favorite thing – definitely something that I’d love to have in my home for all to see. I’m so happy about this great collaboration that equals design goodness!

The Girard blocks have to be the best options. The typeface in relief is fantastic.

Wow, it’s a toss-up between the memory game and the blocks – love them all!

Nandini McCauley |

Contests and giveaways |

i love everything…but i love type most

The nativity is pulchritudinous.

love that baby jesus party!

That Braniff work is crazy, especially the stacked “b”s

As a child, my favorite past-time game to play with my grandmother was a 1970′s photographic spanish version of the Memory Game, “Juego de memoria”….

the style of the photographs used on the cards were certainly of the 70′s era; sunsets in sepia tones, 70′s formula 1 race cars adorned with vintage sponsor brand fonts and race numbers, vibrant Eames kaleidoscope-like fruit and vegetable close-ups, etc

However, the best part of playing the game was spending time with my grandmother, watching her frail hands turn the cards, fluttering in frustration as she rarely seemed to remember the matching pairs. Perhaps she let me take victory on purpose just to see me smile in excitement after a win!!

Those times are forever locked in my memory, along with the “Hollywood Regency”/MCM mash-up 1970′s decor surrounding us in her home and the constant smell of freshly baked sunburst ginger cookies which would sit on a platter beside our game of “Juego de memoria”. Good times!

Obviously, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Girard Memory Game…. the classic graphics seem to capture the visual essence of the grand times spent in my childhood with my grandmother playing this classic favorite game of mine. :)

Love all of it! The type rocks.

my favorites have to be the girard blocks. being a graphic designer loving type, i love what they do and the time the spend with all of their projects.

it’s a toss up between memory & the blocks. i also like the site’s short stop motion intro.

I will have to say that my favorite out of the Girard family is the Girard Slab font. Such a huge array of weights that can be used on almost any design.

i wanted to cry pink and gold tears of joy upon seeing this collection! it’s hard to pick a favorite, but presentation may have won me over–the nativity animation was too much not love. great colors and simple, bold design. awesome interview–thanks!

msr. girard + baby jesus = love. i miss christmas circa 1976.

cinderbella consuela |

Contests and giveaways |

The blocks, of course. Them I love.

Dave Parker |

Contests and giveaways |

Love the Nativity set!

wishin and hoping

Victoria Pringle |

Contests and giveaways |

the MEMORY GAME, of course. :-)

Well, if can lay my hands on the Alexander Girard Book … I’ll be more than happy.

one small detail i failed to mention
is my fave of them all, the blocks
the tons of suns, the tension
causing me to mismatch my socks
in the morning, the mere thought
of my infant son, his small hands
turning each cube and being caught
up in its flourishes, and sans-
serif glories, and how many stories
he’ll imagine behind each sun’s smile
shining down on imagined lorries
delivering other goodnesses, mile after mile
to children such as he, and gerard
from his place one high
smiling well at these small rewards
and issuing a sigh
of relief that he’d done good.

correction: girard (line 13)… cheers.

I LOVE the Nativity! I am a bit of a woodworker, mostly use my scrollsaw for small whimsical yet modern designs, and this Nativity has already inspired me to get to work on my fall wood art projects!

HOWDY! Those blocks would sure make great gifts for my two little girls (*cough*), I’d be sure to spend some time away from the computer to join in on the building block fun! Followed by illustrated “bedtime stories” from the book?

What a wonderful surprise to see a hip NATIVITY set. Finally! I have been obsessively searching for a well-designed nativity set for years now. It would be an incredible treat to be able to see a selection of images–perhaps even an online exhibition?–of Alexander Girard’s extensive nativity collection. My second favorite item is the printed linen cover of the STUDIO LETTERING BOOK, with its gorgeous saffron-orange-grey/green colours and repeating, layered font pattern. Also irresistible are ROSY and POSY CASA. Thanks for the delicious visual feast.

Oh my goodness! I’ve been a HUGE fan of girard’s work for years now! and it’s so nice to see he’s work being remade again. also love his line of furniture. they’re amazing. gimmie gimme MORE!

sorry, i got too excited and forgot to say what my favorite piece is!! I love the blocks! it’s graphically compelling but also fun to play with!!

I love the Marilyn Neuhart dolls, being a textiles artist, and the nativity is sooooo sweet;)

Wow this is a great giveaway! Always enjoy your blog!

I have been back to the House Industries site 5 times since first discovering this legendary take on Girard’s vision. I have emailed my mom begging her to bequeath me the nativity scene as I can’t sit and covet her terracotta Jesus forever.

yes please.

LOVE the font girard sansusie. love them all actually!

I love love love the blocks!

It’s hard to choose, but I choose the Marilyn Neuhart Benny Casa Doll. It would look great om bed.

Susan Kuester |

Contests and giveaways |

everything is so beautiful!


Gotta say, I like the fonts and the dolls. Great stuff!


Contests and giveaways |

The alphabet blocks are so beautiful.. I could pretend I want to give these to a child, but… I’d definitely keep them for myself. :o )

I can’t decide between the blocks and the puzzle. They’re both so amazing!!! what a wonderful, happy giveaway.

I loOoooOöôve the alphabet Blocks !

i love it all, the blocks are super cool tho!! :)

I’m a big fan of the blocks, too. And “Greta.”

Awesome. Sign me up.

ohhhh! my favorite piece in the collection is the memory game – just awesome! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for a piece of this action!

definitely the alphabet blocks

The book of face told me you may be giving away more stuff. I would like some this time, please!

It is all amazing, but I’d have to say the memory game.

The blocks are my favorite!

OH the Nativity Scene is a fav of mine!

The blocks rock! But all the work is great. :-)

the Girard book is really well done!

The nativity is my favorite.

what’s not to love here, really. If I had to choose though I would say, the blocks piece is the complete package of typography, Iconography and function. Also the tactile aspect of the block itself. my favorite part is that is all one whole piece of work as well as separate pieces. I would love to have created something like this or have had that to play with when I was a kid (design student)

Yay, more giveaways. Let’s make this happen regularly, yeah? :)

Hamza El-Falah |

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This is such an awesome set.

the building blocks are my favorite! They remind me of these building blocks that my mother bought me when i was a child growing up in Northern Sumatran town of Medan. I don’t know where they came from (I was a wee lass!) but they were little modern architectural blocks in a Girard-esqe color-way. I would LOVE to own a set that struck me so emotionally from my youth. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

I’m interested to see the different treatments in the book. Print this good will only get rarer and rarer ;(. But I do love sansusie. Fun font.

Hernan Valencia |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m loving the memory game. The designs are great, love that you get a beautiful box to house them in and that they are non-toxic and made of replenishable wood!

my favorite are the blocks!

spencer choi |

Contests and giveaways |

I really like the alphabet blocks. That is my favorite. I love that they fit together and create a design.

The colors are great. Pick me! Pick me!

I really loved playing memory games as a child and still keep them close to me. Unfortunately, my memory hasn’t improved much over the years but I still LOVE them. I love the Alexander Girard Memory Game because you get a memory game with TONS of beautiful illustrations. What can’t you love about getting so much fun out of amazing illustrations, what a way to enjoy art!

You’ve just got to love great design! Everything looks beautiful, but I especially love the puzzle…or the memory game. No, definitely the puzzle…I think. Hmmm.

Kevin O'Brien |

Contests and giveaways |

I love everything, specially the blocks. This sunday it´s my birthday, so it would be the greatest gift! thanks

Paola Zorrilla |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ve been a fan of Girard for a very long time and as beautiful as all of the fonts are as well as all of the products House are producing I have to admit that my favorite part of the collection is the tshirts! My favorite shirt is the Open Office Eyes but they are all excellent so I might have to order one of each.

Thank you for offering such a great giveaway.

I have to say, i totally dig the factory stickers!

I’m book designer, so I guess my fav is the book, but the nativity set is ridiculously cool!
Hooray for giveaways!

I’m loving the dolls!

Rachel Gropper |

Contests and giveaways |

I have a soft spot for the Fonts, for sure, but I also love the Nativity set, too. Oh, dear. Decisions, decisions!

I love it all, but I’m torn between the nativity set and the blocks. But’d pick the blocks because we’re adopting….

Hi to Liz!


Charity Starchenko |

Contests and giveaways |

the dolls are my favorite.

I like the blocks!

My favorite Girard item from the collection? Argh, that is about like selecting your favorite of 12 children. I adore the blocks, memory game, nativity set and and… oh, I ever so strongly desire that book for my library. And I strongly miss living near Girard’s enormous collection at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. Shoot. :~(

Fantastic giveaway, thank you guys so much for offering this!

Big fan of Girard. As everyone else seems to be as well, I’m torn between the book and the blocks for my favourite.

tossing my hat in the ring–thanks gang!

Alphabet blocks!

I just love those blocks. All the pieces are great though.

I LOVE THE Alphabet Blocks!

My favorite part of the collection is the memory game. I always loved playing memory when I was a kid!

those puzzles are awesome! im sure my nephew would love anything Alexander Girard has created.

I love the Marilyn Neuhart Posy Casa Doll!

I love the blocks!

Philip Lakka |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite is the blocks. I am obsessed with the typography used! “So cool I”
Do enter me in the drawing, I would love to add these to my inspiration room.


memory game. love the box to hold the pieces.

harmony grogan |

Contests and giveaways |

anything related to braniff is alright in my book…

hey. i submitted a comment last week and now can’t find it. wierd. i am partial to the nativity set. something i would actually display in my home and show off to family and friends. i’m thrilled this made the collection.

peripheral |

Contests and giveaways |

Covet + desire = blocks!

Hours of fun with the blocks. . . . yes for an adult, hours of fun!

I am digging the puzzle. I love that it was repurposed from a never-used carpet design for a house.


Love House Industries. My favourite object from the collection would be the Blocks. Such awesome colours and intricate carvings. I’m sure my new 5 week old child would grow to appreciate them but I don’t think I could ever let her get her hands on them. Too nice.

I’m torn between memory and the puzzle. Hmmm. The puzzle. Definitely the puzzle.

Jessica Goodson |

Contests and giveaways |

Everythings’s just great. But I really like the books most. Especially the House Ten Year Book.

I did not know Alexander Girard, but this is precisely why I have your fantastic website in my rss reader :)
I loved the blocks and the fonts!

That book……. thats to grande….

Grain Edit is my favorite blog to go to for design inspiration! My favorite Alexander Girard work is the blocks and that’s the tripple truth, ruth.

sign me up! i would love to own those blocks :)

josi kimbrel |

Contests and giveaways |

there we go, tryin my luck again… fingers crossed :)

I love them all but my favourite from the House collection is actually the nativity scene. Mmm, is April is too soon to be buying Christmas decorations?

i’d like to have the memory or the puzzle for my kids.

well and for me, of course. ;-)


The Girard Slab and Girard Sky are my favorites. If I had to choose, it would probably be Girard Slab.

The blocks are absolutely amazing!

Just love his typefaces…wish I could write like that.

It has to be the Nativity scene… everytime!

Suzy Jones |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the nativity and the alphabet blocks. And the dolls!

uhhhhm, the alphabet-blocks are the top of them all. i could play hours and hours with thoose.

i WANT the Alexander Girard Book! love it love it love it.

All very interesting work, but I like the Girard Slab font the best.

I’m a big House Ind. fan and while it’s hard to pick one, I’d have to go with the Girard Book. We just got a new office and the book would be a great addition to our office reference and inspiration library!

oh. my. word. i love them all!

whenever i get a new book i have it displayed on my desk so i can constantly be inspired.

LOVE the fonts – they are awesome and are so useful!

Everything on House Ind. is so from-my-childhood in terms of design it’s kinda eerie. I’d pick the nativity, however, because it reminds me of something NOT from my childhood – the tradition of Nacimientos in Venezuela. I lived there for a year working on my dissertation, when I found out about this deep-seated tradition. One entire park is taken over by public nacimientos during December, and it was quite something to see Mary and Joseph, for example, in a metro bus shelter, or to see one of the wise men pushing the kind of ice cream cart you see everywhere in Caracas. It’s something like Day of the Dead in Mexico in its pervasiveness, and while I’m now an atheist, I do like nativities/nacimientos!

Texaninexile |

Contests and giveaways |

wow, i love them all…especially the book

I never win- but you’ve gotta be in it to win it as they say!


Elissa V Evans |

Contests and giveaways |

I want to give those blocks to my two nieces, so they know what real toys feel like.

These prizes are great, but it would be really awesome to get the typefaces!

Stephanie S |

Contests and giveaways |

the dolls, especially the lion… but everything is ace x

the blocks rock!!!! lots of love to girard!


anything Ken Barber/House Ind. is impeccable. love the blocks and nativity and of course everything else.

With one kid shooting hotwheels into the air and the other spitting blueberry yogurt at me, I squeeze in your post as a breath of fresh air to the brightcolored plastic stairing at me. Just think of the aesthetic minded children you’d be creating. PICK ME! PICK ME!

wow!!! I absolutely fall in love with the memory cards! I need them. I want them. Pleaseeeee!!

The memory game is my favorite for sure!!

ooh! I love the Nativity!!

Love the memory game!

Another amazing giveaway! My fingers are crossed tightly… I love Girard!

Lovely lovely work, my heart is set on the dolls…thank you for all the amazing design displayed!

gimme me everything. you only need one winner! hahahah :P Thanks for having this great giveaway and for introducing me to AG. He’s awesome! (this site is too )

Bonjour, monsieur Girard!

Gotta play to win! This is one exciting give away…

Those letter blocks are so nice, my youngest would drool all over them, well, me too…

I actually bought the fantastic blocks at the weekend for my extremely lucky nephew. At the time I came oh so close to making the quantity in my basket two, so i could put one in storage ready for when my girlfriend and I have our own little type freak…

Now? I gotta win it (please). If not and I don’t want to lessen my chances of winning by saying I will buy it anyways, but there is a fair chance I will be back to get one for keeps, even I don’t win.

Great stuff.

The nativity set gets my vote. Peace, good will, and divine design at shepherd prices to all.

I love the Marilyn Neuhart doll – it looks like me!! Actually, I love everything.

it’s my 30th birthday today so i really, really hope i win!


I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win. I must win.

I have a 2 week old baby.This is for my kid. Then again I won a healthy baby boy. I actually tried to win this at Typecon last year. Grain Edit you guys are freakin’ awesome!

Checko Salgado |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh my goodness. How cute are those blocks?! Love them! Vic.

They all look fantastic, but that book is to die for. And the dolls would be just perfect for my new hipster-to-be niece!

Love the memory game. And your website is fabulous. Thank you for all your work!

I really like the slab and the script fonts, but I think the memory game tops my list. My mom got me a great set of memory cards when I was a kid, and it was one of my favorite games. I remember it had great illustrations, although I don’t think they were quite as great as this one. Really takes me back.

Without a doubt, my favorite piece is the memory game. On one hand it’s like a portable art collection of the iconic imagery that’s inspired people for generations. For that reason, I think it’s really clever that it’s a memory game. I also love it because it playfully reinforces the idea that design and art should always be interactive at some level; and that the very best ideas transcend a piece of paper, a block of wood, or an office space to become a part of us.

i love the dolls and the nativity set . hope i win thanks

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I love the blocks and the book. What wonderfully designed pieces!

For me, it’s a tie between the Nativity and the Memory Game as my favorites, but I really love them all. Who can really choose a favorite out of such brilliant designs!

Lauren Ray Wagner |

Contests and giveaways |

I have become really obsessed with Alexander Girard lately thanks to Grain Edit. I love love love the nativity set and I also really like the wooden blocks.

The memory game gets my vote. I’m sure it’s easier to play when what you’re looking at isn’t just fruit.

i love the dolls and the nativity set . hope i win thanks

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The blocks, the fonts, the book, the memory game, my head is spinning!
Oh, please pick me!

I like the blocks, but my favorite is the book for some reason and I would proudly sport the sunny t-shirt. Also love the Nativity.

I love so much of it, but I’m drooling over the Girard Script font!

love, love, love the nativity.

My favorite piece from House Industries’ Alexander Girard line would be the Memory Game… 72 pieces of awesome, modern freshness! I also love the Marilyn Neuhart dolls because they’re so vibrant and colorful.

Beautiful! What a fun giveaway…

Checking in again. I’m still in the running, right?

benny casa, he is awesome, i love that they are printed flat. excellent effort on sourcing the fabric too such a good touch.

I love Girard! Definitely my favorite designs from all of House.

Marilyn Grim. |

Contests and giveaways |

Very well designed. I hope I win!

The design is so fun, but I love the palette of the Memory Game! Oh, and of course the font too . . .

I’d have to say that I love the Nativity Scene. I love the wonderful spin on a classic story. So many times you see the typical looking Bethlehem, animals, Mary & Joseph, and the manger with Jesus. I love it.

I would like to win twice like Tim Kim!

Prize #1 for me please! I am a HUGE fan of Girard & House Industries so the two together, well can it really get any better?? Please pick me. That’s all I ask. Please.

Please pick me! Both the prizes are so sick.

Brian Lambert |

Contests and giveaways |

the fonts are my favorite hands down. Cannot beat the innovative style which enhance the design 10000%. love it.

Nearly impossible to choose between the Nativity and the Memory game. Girard helped me build a fort called Nostalgia and we invited our 7 year-old selves to play in.

richiggins |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the Marilyn dolls & the shirts are fabulous too.

Currently I am working on being more decisive in design and life. This contest isn’t helping.

Blocks, fonts, memory game, nativity, dolls, or puzzle? Its all a puzzle! I need the fonts for design. Need the memory game to stave off brain plaque. The puzzle game is needed because it trounces sudoku, and I need more puzzlement in my life. I have a cute nativity scene but not this cute, and really this one is much sturdier. Blocks will satisfy my need to feel cool when I can showcase them on a teak coffee table (that I cannot afford). And the dollies would give me comfort for the troubles of the day.

As I try to answer your question, I find out it’s all in vain. I remember that the decision is made for me because I am a student and I cannot afford any of the items.

Girard & House Industries FTW!

Byron theriault |

Contests and giveaways |

wow! nice gift, i really want it, just like de ones before, anyway good luck to me :D (bad english, sorry)

ivan castañeda |

Contests and giveaways |

The Nativity Set is my favourite!

I love the puzzle! And everything else, for that matter.

Jessica Buchanan |

Contests and giveaways |

The blocks and the puzzle are lovely! Perfect for my inner child.

love the alphabet blocks.

i love all of them! love the dolls!

I love the blocks and the nativity… but it’s all great.

I think the blocks are probably my favourite as well…

Dave from Sydney |

Contests and giveaways |

pick me pick me! My favorite is the Kitty Casa doll… mama likey ;-)

Spike Selby |

Contests and giveaways |

I went to House Industries for a little tour not to long ago just before the release of this series. It was neat seeing all the pieces before they were out and watching the video.

It was also amazing to see the original dolls that the dolls they have for sale were based off of, the detail and beauty of them are amazing.The nativity set is also a nice piece, it stands out and above most others and is over all my favorite piece. Lastly, the Alexander Girard font’s are king.

the fonts… without a doubt.

I LOVE the fonts! Especially Girard Script, absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

i really love the dolls and the fonts! – thanks again for the great giveaway!

My favorite has to be the the Girard Book and the Nativity!

Irene Marie |

Contests and giveaways |

Hey i’m a french publisher (of moomin for example), i’d love to publish such a book !

I love the fonts and the nativity set.

Those dolls are a thing of wonder for sure!

Yey! Giveaway! Thanks once again Grain Edit… Awesome prize :)

Grain Edit is awesome! I love your blog…and I love Alexander Girard! What a great giveaway! I love it all, but especially the nativity. This is probably the only nativity scene I would buy and display in my house with pride! All other nativity scenes are cheesy (in a bad way, because I do love cheese) and all look the same…but not this one!

Jason Quillen |

Contests and giveaways |

Love it all, but the BLOCKS are my fav. Followed closely by the Memory Cards. I am saying that my 2 little boys would love these…. they would, really, they would!!

I love the alphabet blocks. really fantastic. “my son would love to build a new world out of these. so please, please, please.” wow… my first litlte poem… see what effect the blocks have…

I absolutely love the memory blocks! I had the great pleasure of visiting the House Industries studio the day before the Girard fonts were released, getting a quick sneak peek at the fonts and the products. Everybody at House was so nice we ended up sitting around talking about my school project (the reason for my visit), and got to hear some really great stories and see some of the projects they were working on for clients.

Girard is the true designer.
Beautiful fonts.
Pretty racial traits.
Bright colors…
Everything, I love it.

Regarding blocks:
Here’s to Mr. Sun and his razor sharp sawtooth edge.
I’d be smiling too.

I love the memory game!

I love the puzzle…I love the shapes of the animals on it.

I love it all, but I love the blocks most. If I win, I promise to not let my 8 month old play with them!

Drew Barton |

Contests and giveaways |

Everything perfect, everything bright, the puzzle – i’m crazy about…

I love the memory game as well!

Gimme gimme gimme I need some blocks…gimme gimme gimme this time please. I need some bricks for my kid , so he can sing his ABC’s.(sung to Black Flag)

Very nostalgic, yet new and fresh designs. Modern design in its finest. This inspires me so much to become a better designer..

Trevor Davis |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ve really been wanting to get this book. Would be wonderful if I won it!

My favorite item is the Marilyn Neuhart Kitty Casa Doll. At $75 it makes a nice piece of home decor… it’s stylish, attractive, and it’s proportions are perfect for fitting into any area that needs a little bit of extra “oomph”. But it’s also one of those things that a kid is inevitably going to see in your house and fall in love with. I hate when that happens, but I wouldn’t blame them of course. I mean, it IS a cute green colored girl with an afro holding a kitty… and that’s got to be one of the most adorable things ever… heck, as a kid I would probably cry if someone said I couldn’t have this doll (wow, that sounds so bratty doesn’t it ?). That being said, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist giving this to a kid, seems a bit blasphemous, but this doll is just great in every way possible not be appreciated on a kid level. I would totally keep one in my house & purchase these for gifts for kids, parents, old, young… it’s something that can be appreciated by everyone, maybe for different reasons, but the whatever the reason.. it all boils down to appreciation of a great looking and skillfully designed piece!

So much pressure to write something compelling and witty… I will make a feeble attempt to express my gratitude for the beautiful work that you guys have created.

Like many of your followers I am a design and a mid-century modern junkie. I am also defined by my role as a mother, and I try to be the best one that I can. I have 2 little boys and I am raising them in a super-cool 1950′s modern home in Seattle with a view of Lake Washington. I think they are so lucky to grow up in a diverse city neighborhood in a dwelling that promotes space, light and order. I try to teach them to respect their home and their belongings and embrace well-designed, well-constructed toys.

Your products are glowing examples of the vision of both Girard and yourselves! As for a favorite? That is a tough one, but the blocks, in my household would be exemplify form AND function. My boys would love to create with them and I would long to eat them for breakfast.

I hope all of your endeavors are a huge success!!

working for a printing company, that book is totally where it’s at. I’d love to get my hands on one of those.

Great stuff, all of it… But that t-shirt would be nice… airco is not functioning here at work… and a fresh t-shirt… would help !



Great stuff, all of it… But that t-shirt would be nice… airco is not functioning here at work… and a fresh t-shirt… would help !



previous mail contains a wrong email :-)

I love the Nativity Set—and on that note, Happy Easter weekend!

Great contest :)


Katie Rose |

Contests and giveaways |

I like the blocks.

Fantastic game


Alan Souquet |

Contests and giveaways |

I can’t stop looking at the puzzle. Though if I won it, I’d go back and forth between playing with it and hanging it on the wall. All of these Girard pieces are like that–interactive art.

I love the blocks!!!!!!!! But pretty much anything he does is fine by me!

The puzzle is my favorite. very hypnotic curves and colors!

Love the blocks.


He’s the meaning in my life
He’s my inspiration
He brings meaning to my life
He’s the inspiration
Wanna have that BOOK near me
Wanna have me hear you sayin’
No one needs that book more than I-eee-I-eeeee-I

Seriously, Girard’s designs make me so happy every time I look at them. I am inspired by Girard in my own work, always keeping in mind that good design can be both practical and functional, while also being fun, colorful, playful, and a little off the wall.
Thank you for the great interview with House! Cheers!

Love the Nativity Set too!! I think I would have to have it on display all year long! Would that be odd? I think not.

Love the animal puzzle.

Meggan Dwyer |

Contests and giveaways |

All so beautiful, and I’m such a fan, that it’s impossible to choose one favorite! However, I collect nativities, and this one is gorgeous. Must go with that as my favorite!

with a baby on the way in september those children’s letter blocks are must have, get them educated in good design before the likes of Ben 10 and hannah montana distort their vision of life… LOVE LOVE LOVE this site, by far and away one of the best out there… keep it up!

As I wait every day for my wife to give birth to our first child, the folksy menagerie puzzle fills my imagination with what life may be in a few short days. Not that a newborn is ready to play with wood puzzles, but soon enough. These objects are amazing. Thank you for introducing me to Alexander Girard.

It’s all amazing, particularly love the blocks!

I love the nativity set and blocks; appreciate the tangible extensions.

This is such a beautiful set. You have the best giveaways.

For sure it has to be the Girard-Inspired Factory Puzzle… Looks like that is Grain-Edits yummy pick too :)

Sign me up for this contest. You guys give away such cool stuff.

I love the blocks, just as they are, but the designer/letterpress printer in me wants to ink them up and make an edition of prints! Of course, I’d be happy to share the edition with Grain Edit and House Industries.

I love the blocks

Would love to win.

Fav item from House is the Girard House Gothic 23 font.


I like the entire collection but were I to win I would want the blocks.


I love his textiles. His permanent exhibit at the Museum of Int. Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM is the best.

i love it all equally! i dunno if i can pick a favorite! beautiful!

Love this giveaway! Thanks! My favorite piece from the House collection is the Girard Dimensional Lettering. Love it.

I love the Girard Sky font!

the puzzle the puzzle THE PUZZLE! It’s brilliant x

Jenny rawlings |

Contests and giveaways |

Don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but those blocks are absolutely charming!

I’d love to win any of these items!

The blocks are fabulous. What a wonderful way to show off your new font!

I would kill for that book…

i’ve always been a fan of the blocks!!! i also love the pieces for FLOR, but didn’t see them on the site. :)

I ♥ milly casa cause it’s actually me, just the curly haired version (:

i heart the animal puzzle

huge fan of Girard. i’d love to get some of those blocks! i would be building towers with them so much that my boss would probably fire me. but that would be just fine, because I’d have blocks to occupy me during unemployment. oh and reading grain edit would keep me pretty busy too. yep, that would be the life, wouldn’t it?


HUGE GIRARD FAN! I would love to have the font collection!

House has done it again!
Being selected to take home one of these prizes would make my year!
*Feeling lucky this time*

yikes! Girard is one of my favorites! that memory game is so rad..brings a smile a mile wide to my face!