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Familytree Design

Familytree Design

I recently stumbled upon a poster series by a group of four friends who run an illustration studio, Familytree Design. Besides these posters being extremely cute, I really like the way they use lettering as a story-telling device alternate to the actual illustrations. Each of the posters in the series are illustrated and lettered by a different studio mates, which makes for really great variations in style while maintaining the same color palette to keep the look consistent.

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Halloween Prints by Methane

methane studios

Halloween is here, which means it’s time to break out the Mork & MIndy costumes and the stale candy corn. If you’re throwing a party you might want to consider these semi-spooky posters by Methane to add to your decor. Both prints come signed/numbered by the artists and are available at the Poster Cabaret.

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DKNG Studios


This Black Keys Radio Flyer inspired poster was made by DKNG, the LA-based design crew. They do great work, and are also (awesomely) the resident poster artists for the world famous Troubadour in Hollywood. What a great gig.

I love the concepts and especially the detail within their work. The posters tend to be bold and straightforward concept-wise, but they really pull everything together with fine-tuned details.

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We Have Our Winners

eight hour day

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Eli No! Book Giveaway! We randomly selected our winners this weekend. Their names will be listed at the bottom of the Grain Edit Email Update and Grain Edit RSS Feed.  For those of you who subscribe to the email updates, the email should arrive tomorrow morning. In addition, the winners were announced via our twitter stream and facebook page earlier today.

You can pick up a copy of Eli No! at Amazon.

Special thanks to Katie Kirk & Abrams for sponsoring the giveaway.

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Typography Sketchbooks by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

typography sketchbooks

I recently received a copy of the newest book by the great Steven Heller & Lita Talarico called Typography Sketchbooks, showcasing pages from the sketchbooks of 100+ typeface designers and letterers. The scope of this book is actually slightly overwhelming, drawing attention to the fact that what we normally think of as a small group of specialists actually is a vast spectrum of people doing different sorts of type-related work.

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Vesa Sammalisto

Vesa Sammalisto

Vesa Sammalisto is a Finnish illustrator based in Berlin with a knack for fine details and playful compositions. A recent winner of the ADC Young Guns 9, Vesa’s work is chock full of cheery color and subtle textures that are extremely delightful to look at.

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Matt Lehman

matt lehman studio

Matt Lehman, everyone! That is, if you’re not already acquainted. Matt’s got a wonderfully warm, lovely style that’s hard to resist. In the piece above, like much of Matt’s work, I’m drawn to the combination of color, texture, layout and wit.

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Philographics by Genis Carreras

Genis Carreras

Genis Carreras, a Catalonian living and working in London, recently created this wonderful series of posters which attempt to explain complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. The resulting graphics are perfect in their colorful and elegant simplicity. Check out Genis’ site for more great work.

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Eye Sea Posters

eye sea posters

Eye Sea Posters sources original vintage film posters from around the world and makes them available at reasonable prices. Their collection is handpicked with an emphasis on design. Specializing in Polish film posters from the 60’s and 70’s they feature artists like Jerzy Flisak, Maciej Zbikowski and Maciej Hibner. If you live in the London keep your eyes open for their forthcoming exhibitions.
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Chris DeLorenzo

chris delorenzo

Chris DeLorenzo is a graphic designer based out of Andover, Massachusetts, whose modern design style demonstrates what I think of as extremely current and fresh. His work has a sort of comic book inspired feel, while bringing a perfect-fitting hand lettering style to the table. In his own words, Chris notes his influences range from, “pop art, to 1940’s cinema, to graffiti and folk art” which really makes his work unique.

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Adam Hill

grain edit adam hill

Welcome to the wonderful world of work from Adam Hill (aka Velcro Suit). Aside from having a cool working moniker (Velcro Suit!), Adam’s work is a real pleasure to look at. He gets a lot of mileage from great color palettes and nice, tight typography.

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Jon Han

Jon Han Illustration

Autumn is in full swing, and Brooklyn based illustrator Jon Han nicely illustrates the unfolding of my favorite season in this illustration for the New York Sun. Bringing together a melange of lively colors and textures in a unique painterly style, Jon’s work thoughtfully displays a community of people engaging in some of the activities ubiquitous with the season. Jon has a captivating ability to draw his viewers into his illustrations, making them feel like active participants rather than mere observers of scenes like this that transcend into everyday life.

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Like Minded Studio

Sydney, Australia based Like Minded Studio, is an internationally celebrated lettering and branding studio. Of their body of work I particularly like the intricate and embellished lettering, which showcases the obvious talent oozing from this studio. The ambition of each of their projects makes me want to hone my own craft—or at least try!

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Eli No! Giveaway

eli no

— The Giveaway is now closed. The winners will be announced this coming Monday —

Eli No! is a fun tale about a loveable dog with a knack for getting into trouble. The story was inspired by the author’s (Katie Kirk of Eight Hour Day) dog, Eli, as well as a phrase often said by her nephew. Whenever Katie would say “Eli no!” her nephew, Parker, would say it too. Between Parker’s joyous exclamations and Katie’s desire to write and illustrate a children’s book a new project was born.

Two years ago Katie gave us an exclusive sneak peak at the original mockups for the book. Soon after that, the title was picked up by a major publisher and has been in development ever since. We’re excited to announce that the book is now available. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Katie to give away three signed copies!

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Stockholm Design Lab

stockholm design lab

Stockholm Design Lab is a Sweden-based laboratory of sorts. As a firm they have their hands in just about everything — design, architecture, product development, video, interiors, and more. Although, a core tenant of their philosophy is not to differentiate between these fields. It appears obvious from their work, and successful.

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