Like Minded Studio

Sydney, Australia based Like Minded Studio, is an internationally celebrated lettering and branding studio. Of their body of work I particularly like the intricate and embellished lettering, which showcases the obvious talent oozing from this studio. The ambition of each of their projects makes me want to hone my own craft—or at least try!

You can check out some more of their work on their flickr or on Behance.


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Interesting. The works are elaborate, but seem to lack taste or restraints.

M. Toulousé |

Found design |

Awesome works, ghosface is great!

How intersting writing,look forward your new post!

These are some very cool type designs. I think part of the problem is that some of them are using too many different fonts – if you limit the number of fonts to say two or three and just use variations of the styles it might help them to feel a bit more cohesive. This is just my own opinion but otherwise I think they are awesome!

Awesome examples of creative typography that are both very visually interesting and still communicate effectively. I actually disagree with the comment about the number of typefaces. I think this is echoing the tendency in the early days of print and advertising where typesetters would attempt to use every font at their disposal hence the retro edge to these designs.

Cool works! The works with the fonts are great!

These designs are great, with web tools such as cufon and fontface it would not be too hard to add this sort of typography into a web design. Love the 70s isle of wight festival style posters.