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Eli No! is a fun tale about a loveable dog with a knack for getting into trouble. The story was inspired by the author’s (Katie Kirk of Eight Hour Day) dog, Eli, as well as a phrase often said by her nephew. Whenever Katie would say “Eli no!” her nephew, Parker, would say it too. Between Parker’s joyous exclamations and Katie’s desire to write and illustrate a children’s book a new project was born.

Two years ago Katie gave us an exclusive sneak peak at the original mockups for the book. Soon after that, the title was picked up by a major publisher and has been in development ever since. We’re excited to announce that the book is now available. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Katie to give away three signed copies!

eli no


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Thanks + Book Buying info

Special thanks to Katie Kirk & Abrams for today’s giveaway.

If your anxious to get yours hands on Eli No! now you can pick up a copy at Amazon.



One time my wife and I were walking our dog Sabai and we noticed him start to pull away towards another dog running up behind us. As we grabbed his leash tighter to draw him back, we heard the running dog’s owner yell “ELI, NO!” Sure enough it was Katie and Nate out for a run with their famous chocolate lab, but they were running too fast for us to have a chance to say hi. We told them the story the next time we say them though. Congrats on the incredible book!

I just really love Katie Kirk’s artwork and the minimalist Charley Harper Style. I’ve also wanted a copy of this book ever since it was first up on the EightHourDay portfolio section on the site.

Having a dog myself and loving every minute I spend with him, I couldn’t sympathize more with this book knowing that after his name, “No” is the word he knows most. So, please count me in for this give away guys!

I don’t have a dog but I would like one. This is really adorable and the illustrations are great!

This book is so cute. The squirrel chasing page is great and reminds me of my little pup barking up trees and looking for squirrels.

hi! i want the book cause i see the sneak preview 2 years ago and its was awesome, sadly i dont have a dog (i live in a very very small deparment) so this is the only dog that gonna be at my home.. :) thanks!

I have a pomeranian named Cosie, short for Cosette. She’s the first dog that’s felt like my own, and there’s nothing like having a dog to call your own. We like to take her on bike rides, and she fits nicely in my messenger bag, we call it “puppy in a bag”.

This book reminds me so much of my dog! The squirrel page especially reminds me of him…I have a boxer and when I take him for walks he chases after the bunnies and I am constantly yelling, “Jaxon NO!”

Congrats Katie! “Eli No!” looks amazing!

Hooray! I’m so excited “Eli, No!” is finally on the bookstacks! I can’t wait to get a copy for myself and for my mom’s daycare. She’s just about to get a new dachshund pup named Lucy, and I’m sure the kids at daycare will become very familiar with “Eli, No!” and “Lucy, no!”‘ Please count me in for the giveaway!

Congrats Katie! The book looks beautiful! I need a copy with a super juicy inscription. :) Again, Congrats on an amazing job.

I don’t have a dog but the book looks so beautifully designed and would love a copy for my inspiration collection :-)

I have a crazy little boxer named Sam that shakes uncontrollably with excitement every time I come home. It’s the best home coming reception I’ve ever had.

The artwork in this book just makes me want to eat the book itself. It’s just too lovely. Completely inspiring illustration.

I don’t have a dog either, but i love these beautiful illustrations

TamasPassa |

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My dog passed away some time ago but I think of him often. I just haven’t felt ready to adopt another one yet, but I do enjoy playing with other people’s dogs when I get the chance.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I need this book-I want to read it too my dog to show him that he’s not the only bad dog in the world! Plus, the illustrations are fantastic.

My girlfriend and I recently had a great weekend looking after my cousins 8 week old dog, Alvin. I’ve always wanted a dog and, since being aware of its existence, I’ve always wanted this book!

Craig Adams |

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Love the illustrations in this book! My dog is a corgi named Colby. He’s 10 years old and such a sweetie; although, he definitely eats too much, makes a fuss and chases squirrels just like Eli! We are expecting our first baby in November and would love to read this book to him!

Jen Larcom |

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Amazing book! He even looks like my dog.

Because it looks like it smells very nice, I would like yo check.
My dog is the best mannered creature around me and the bastard doesn´t even give me a chance to say ´Majra, no!´. So the book is the closest I can get to that experience.

Because it looks like it smells very nice, I would like to check.
My dog is the best mannered creature around me and the bastard doesn´t even give me a chance to say ´Majra, no!´. So the book is the closest I can get to that experience.

Saw some shots from the book a while back / glad it’s up and runnin’ / beautiful stuff. My dog, Pico, died a few years ago and I have since filled the void with my two cats: Walter & Julia. I sure do miss that lil’ mutt. Walter does get into a lot of trouble, though. But what can I say, he has cute, little kitty paws / can’t argue with that.

I LOVE dogs, graphic design, and books. I collect dog art/books and have a terrier named Jupiter (please don’t make me beg in front of her) ::

Saw this book and I have to have it. I have a Shih Tzu named Lucy who is 4 years old. I truly believe that searching for cheese and chasing squirrels is her dream come true.

Eli, no! Sounds and looks like a fun book to read to my 17 month old daughter Penelope. She loves doggies and would really enjoy seeing what kind of trouble Eli is getting into.

I am so excited for Katie that her book is finally getting published! I love that there is a real “Eli” and of course her fabulous illustrations. Looking forward to adding this gem to my collection :)

Great book! My daughter and our dog Ella are best friends, sounds like the perfect book for her!

Oh, this book looks great! Love the illustrations. Eli sounds a bit like our dog Rosie. This would be such a fun book to have!

Our current letterpress project involves dogs and it’s refreshing to look at someone else’s canine illustrations, especially when they’re as brilliant as Katie’s.

congrats on your book katie! we have a naughty beagle named otis. this looks like a great book!

laura fink |

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This book looks so great! My 160 pound Irish Wolfhound and I would love to read it together.

As a graphic designer I adore the art of this book. As the mommy of the sassiest mini dachshund I must have it! Rilo is such a grumpy little guy that one of his many nicknames is Count Grumpire. My sweet and sassy little fellow suits this book!

I would love to give this book to my mother as a present. We rescued our dog max from a abuse at a shelter so my mom always tells him “How do you like it at the country club?!” when referring to our home. As a design student, Katie’s style is very inspirational to me because I tend to gravitate toward this minimal, lose geometric style when illustrating. Congrats to Katie for the amazing book!

Nikki Johnson |

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I love this book. Terrific illustration. My son (and I) would love to have it in our library.

We have a 2 year old mutt, named Pinto Bean. We rescued Pinto from Baja while I was pregnant. My son Julian is now 21 months old, and when he first started talking some of his first words were “Pinto NO!”, because he heard us saying that to the dog all the time. Whenever Pinto barks at a passing bicyclist or jogger, Julian shouts “Pinto No!”. Pinto Bean and Julian are best friends.

I would love to win this book, cuz I’ve been quite a while admiring her work, I love the technique of vector also their language which is based in the 50′s has been a good reference for my work, I love chocolate color, the same color as Eli… so, what you waiting for, i have to have that book :D lol

When I first saw this up on the Eight Hour Day site, I thought it would make the PERFECT present for my best friend’s niece. Her parents try to fill her world with quality and artful experiences, books, toys, etc. I emailed Katie to ask about it, and was so disappointed to learn it wasn’t published yet. And WONDERS OF WONDERS, here it is! I’m so excited.

I am LOVING all of these stories!! You guys are the best! Keep ‘em coming!!!!

I love all of Eight Hour Days work, they are just amazing designers.
I would love to have this book on my coffee table!

i love naughty eli & all the mess he makes. he kinda reminds me of me – especially when he eats too much!

I remember when this book was posted here years ago. I was mesmerized by it and was really disappointed I couldn’t buy it. I’m not even a dog person, I just think it’s beautiful and I love children’s books. So glad it’s finally been published!

My niece turns 1 tomorrow, and she would absolutely LOVE this book. She has a brown Boykin Spaniel that looks alot like “Eli” and acts like “Eli” when she chases squirrels!

This book reminds me of my two goofy dogs. You can immediately tell this was done by Eight Hour Day. Their work is tremendous and their blog is always a nice read. Congrats to them for making this book happen!

Been wanting this book ever since you teased us about it a couple of years ago. So glad its finally gonna be available. Congrats to the Eight Hour Day!

I love minimalist design but I think the drawing here is quite weak. Eli’s head for instance looks more like a seal’s than a labrador’s and the impression of movement in the squirrel chasing image is not great.

Such an adorable book. Love love love it!

Been eyeing on it since i first saw from some website i can’t remember ..
its simply lovely :)
I don’t own a dog but love illustration and this would be one i would really want to keep. Please be MINE :D

My husband spent his youth from 2-18 with a weiner dog named Heidi. His family still speaks so fondly of this pet. We both think the clean design is striking, visually pleasing all around! I personally love the “when he eats too much page”, I can totally relate :) .

i am always amazed by the simple becoming so beautiful….boiling off all the fluff and just getting down to simple shapes and awesome colors……!!!!!!!!!

Found out about this awesome book long time back and I’m so happy to try now for the giveaway! The richness of details and the neatness of the lines and shape make me wanna have a dog like Eli to get inspired!! :-)

just, lovely. :-)

I would so love to receive a copy of this book. I’m an artist and a preschool teacher who’s always on the look out for beautifully illustrated children’s books! :)

Glorious! Gotta have it!!!

I’d love this book because I’m studying illustration, and all illustrators need a good book collection ( and don’t always have the money to do so! )

I would really like to give this book to my boyfriend, since we share a tiny little problem: i’m kind of a cat person, while he is totally a dog person… so we got a gold fish! And even though he can’t have his “Eli” now, i know this book would really make him smile, while thinking of the dog he wishes he will (one day!) have (:

Sofia Fischer |

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I don’t have a dog anymore, but the dogs I grew up with around the house were always the naughtiest little sheisters. I suppose my favorite story is me attempting to be one of the cool kids on the block by rollerblading with my dog (hey you see it on TV all the time and it works out). The dog pulled too hard and I was unable to stop, so I broke my own fall in a patch of very prickly dead bushes (it was better than the alternative: skating into the street). I think I walked back home barefoot after that. Never let your dog pull you along on rollerblades, lol.

i have a cat at home, but i love this book!

I would love to have this book. It turned out awesome! Congrats to Eight Hour Day. Me and my girlfriend have a small mixed Pom and Chihuahua named Pochi. The preview really reminds me of her with all the fuss she makes and always making a mess while all we can do is just saying “Pochi, No!”. It’s amazing how dog lovers or pet owner in general can be connected through a simple situation like this. Cheers to Katie for making beautiful illustrations to depict her love towards Eli!

Love the illustrations and can completely relate to this book. My dog Dixie knows the word ‘no’ all too well!

because my daughter’s 3rd word was “dog” (after uh oh and daddy, of course), and anything related makes her light up like the sun.

Spence Holman |

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I totally had this idea but for my dog Blazer and wrote a little story. I’m also a designer as well, but not quite in the same arena or possible even country, as 8 Hour Day. Still, would love to see their take on the doggy children’s book!

I would simply love to have this book, it would be perfect to have on my little table in my living room. It would bring a smile to everyone who flicks through it.

this book is soo beautiful!
my dog’s so sweet, but sometimes she can be really hard to keep calm!
she’s a little devil even she’s really small!

I love it for the illustration and great design. but also want it to give it to my little niece.She would be super thrill !

I’d love to have that book, it reminds me of my childhood, by these time all I wanted was to have a dog!

who wouldn’t want this book?! it’s so beautifully designed!! and when i eventually have children, it’s one i know i wouldn’t mind reading to them :)

I don’t have a dog anymore but I have a surrogate named Milton that sleeps over sometimes. He’s learned that I need to wipe his paws before jumping on my bed (Brooklyn is a dirty place!) and he knows to sit at the curb to wait for the light when we go running. He is awesome.
I love the design of this book, always have.

It’s been a while since I had a dog. Being a student now in a foreign city it’s looking to be even longer. Though we have a plush bulldog named Bulldog together with my girlfriend :)

Jakub Janousek |

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We don’t have a dog, but my daughter and youngest son would adore one. Perhaps winning this book might be some consolation that we don’t have one yet. My first dog when I was growing was a mongrel that Dad brought home from the rescue centre. We called him Scot.

Katherine Aitken |

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Eli looks like my dog BRUNO, that´s why i´ll love to have this <3

The dog in this book looks almost like my dog back home! Dogs are such a special part of every family, even the devilish ones!

I own a dog vicariously through my sister. I never get tired of seeing pictures of that little Brittany Spaniel or hearing about his adventures.

A yelp broke through the silence. Silence is the indicator. When things go quiet there is usually a sock heist in motion. But this wasn’t a ‘look what I got’ yelp, this was a help yelp. We found him in the office standing over a soggy, chewed box of staples, looking very sorry – for himself.
Ollie, no!

Bettina Tyrrell |

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This book is just what I’ve alway wanted!

This book is just what I’ve always wanted!

… sorry… always wanted…

I grow up with a lot of dogs who made a lot of things like Eli!
Thanks for this contest and for your amazing blog!

my dog (named eli as well) is a 3-yr-old chihuahua mix with a lot of energy and a loving heart. he’s…”mischevious” – we adopted him because i’m a senior at college and i needed some puppylove. what i got was a 15-lb baby who tugs his leash, eats our chicken fingers, and makes our life beautiful and rewarding. i love this book. my heart is warm just glimpsing at it.


carmen rios |

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Because I have a yellow version of Eli!

I would love a dog but my cat Niles Blue dislikes them very much. So I would LOVE this book to remind me of how cool dogs really are. I would also love this book because I admire Eight Hour Day and the work that they do. The illustrations are beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity. _V

i’ve always wanted a dog but never got the chance to. maybe this time i’ll have a dog of my own :)

I’d love to have this book so my dog learns how to read!

love it! let’s eliminate illiteracy amongst dogs, yeah? YEAH!

I have lost two (used) couches to my min pin and husky, a pair of high-heels, the inserts to my husbands sneakers and entire loaf of homemade bread (within two minutes of having my back turned). And that’s just all I can think of off hand. Still I love my dogs even though I have to cover the new couch with fold-out tables whenever i leave them at home. Also this style of illustration is one that I am very fond of, I hope to share it with my new niece and nephew (who are both expected to arrive around Christmas time. :)

I’m a 2nd year art student. This graphic style is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. The more inspiration I can get right now the better.

I would love a copy!

We don’t have a dog and my boys very much want one. They have to make do with Grammy’s golden retriever, Sugar. They love her to death.

I adore the illustrations on this book as much as I adore my dog Dora. She is a chow chow mix and just absolutely cute. She loves to steal my food when I am not looking, but I always forgive her for that. haha.

Wow- so many comments! We have a great friend who is an Artist and has a son named Eli. I would LOVE to give this gift to their family as it would become an heirloom in their family! Beautiful book.

I love the illustrations! Eli reminds me of my dog, Woofie when he was a puppy. Seeing these pages is like getting a hug. I am also a graphic design student and am inspired by the color, layout & type. Hearts!

Our puppy Harper seems to have a similar disposition. We know she understands No, but choses not to listen sometimes.

I love these illustrations…and the story reminds me so much of my dog Kismet and all the trouble she gets into!

Eli in this book looks just like my little black lab/heeler mix. Besides that, the book is incredibly well designed! The illustrations are colorful and cohesive, being simple shapes. Would love to own it.

My childhood dog, Ally the Golden Retriever, is now 13 years old. In her old age, she has most definitely developed a severe case of selective hearing. :) We love her so, and how I would adore reading this book to the only grandchild of our family (Max!). My oldest sister is the only one who of us girls with a child who will meet and remember Ally. Also, we’re a family of teachers and lovers of books–Eli, no! would be well loved in its new home with us!

I think this would be an amazing birthday gift for my mom who loves dogs like crazy!

My dog is named Eli and we both want this book! He wants to eat it, I want to shout “ELI, NO!”

My dog is named Eli and we both want this book! He wants to eat it, I want to shout “ELI, NO!”.

Please! Want the book! Yes! (not “No”!)

I need this super cute book for my newborn’s growing library :)

I really love the bright geometric illustrations of this book, and I love illustrated children’s books in general, and I would love to read this book to my nephew every day!

I kinda wish I had a dog.