Geoff McFetridge show in San Francisco

Geoff Mcfetridge show in San Francisco

For those of you in the San Francisco/ Bay area, Geoff McFetridge has a show tonight at Mollusk surf shop.

show 7-10pm

Mollusk Surf shop
4500 Irving st.
SF, CA 94122

(Big thanks to Nicole for passing this along)

Marcus Walters

Marcus Walters

Marcus Walters, a designer and illustrator from the UK, loves washing machines. A lot of his work is similar to the above image — which reminds me of putting felt onto a feltboard as a kid. They have that very flat, semi-dimensional quality to them which I love.

Marcus is also a part of New Future Graphic, which is more graphic design-oriented (posters, ad’s, books, etc).

Saul Bass exhibition at the Design Museum

Saul Bass exhibition at the design museum
Matchbooks for Hunt-Wesson by Graphic designer Saul Bass

Jon (Insect54) posted this amazing set of matchbooks on flickr last night. I’ve never seen these before. I’m digging the pixelated flower in the lower left corner and the orange and yellow pattern on the 3rd down, 3rd to right is really nice. Saul designed the logo for Hunt-Wesson in 1964 so I’m guessing this work was produced right around the same time.

Can’t get enough of Saul?
check these out:
Henri’s Walk to Paris – children’s book illustrated by Saul Bass
San Francisco International Film Festival poster
Saul Bass’s Case study house

Dutch Typography – Lettergieterij Amsterdam typefaces

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Vette Annonce type specimen sheet late – Netherlands 1950s/ early 60s

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any type specimens, so I figured it was time to post this gem from Lettergieterij ‘Amsterdam’ (Amsterdam Type Foundry) which was founded by Nicolaas Tetterode. The specimen is a tri-fold that opens to reveal an 11 X 17 sheet. I’d love to know more about Tetterode, ATF, and this typeface. Can any of the typographers out there fill in the blanks? Has Vette Annonce been digitized? I believe “Vette Annonce” translates to “fat advertisement”. With that in mind, is “Vette Annonce” even the name of the typeface?

Cool Type contest

Sander from segd sent me a link to this cool font contest. Try your luck at What the Font?

Tyler Lang – Graphic Designer

Tyler Lang - Graphic Designer

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I first came across Tyler Lang a few months ago when his Universal Demand poster for Ringling School of Art and Design was making the rounds on select blogs. His portfolio is filled with great work, I just wish I could see more. I especially like his logo system for the Sarasota Design Summit and the Ford piece seen above.

70s modern stamps from Israel

Rare 70s modern stamps from Israel
Israeli environment stamps – 1975 designed by Eliezer Weishoff

Beautiful stamps addressing both noise and industrial pollution.
Be sure to check out this modern stamp from Israel as well.

Update – Herbert Bayer poster contest

Herbert Bayer poster contest

Its time to Vote! Round of thanks to everyone that submitted their reason of why they must have the Herbert Bayer Olivetti poster. We selected our 5 favorite entries last night. You can vote for your favorite and watch the results in the polls section in the far right column. Polls close at 11:30 AM next friday (25th of april). The person with the most votes wins!

Go for it, vote now! Just takes a few seconds.

Wayne Pate – good shape design prints

Wayne Pate  good shape design prints design illustration

Wayne Pate runs GoodShapeDesign, a Brooklyn, NY based design shop and all around fun place. I’m really into his “Flock” series — if you’re a fan of our feathered friends, now you can have 18 on a single poster!

Also check out his artwork section for some really inspiring collages.

Pascal Blanchet cartoons and illustration

Pascal Blanchet cartoons and illustration

I’m just in awe of Canadian comic book creator and illustrator Pascal Blanchet’s work. It was tough to decide what image to post, everything is so good.
(Many thanks to Julia at Book by its cover for passing this along)