Siggi Eggertsson

Talk about a new spin on the old family portrait!

Icelandic illustrator/designer, Siggi Eggertsson, successfully combines unusual geometric shapes and muted colors to create refined abstractions. He has an impressive collection of work, ranging from posters and type to mosaics made from his collection of 20,000 basketball cards from the 90s. See more on his website,

Images via Product of God.

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Great work! I love the idea of going out and draw landscapes on your computer. A modern day bohemian… : )
great stuff.

thomas |

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Hey you might really like this design/illustration combo. They share a blog at

I really enjoy the colors in these illustrations. It reminds me of the shape toys I played with as a kid in math class.

late pass!

I know, I know…old Siggi prints, but still good work!

what kind of toys did you have in your math class? I wish I could of went to your school.

We played with base ten blocks and tangrams.

Hey Grace, nice find! My tastes don’t necessarily lean toward this family portrait, but I like some of his other stuff.
And who could ever say something bad about an Icelandic Illustrator/Designer anyway!? ;-)
He is from my Grandmother’s family’s hometown! :-) It’s a small world….

Dale Sigmundson |

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Hey Dale!

I really enjoy his other stuff too, especially his landscapes of Iceland and animal images. It really is a small world, huh? Thanks again for your comment :)

Grace |

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wow. great colors. these are the designs that i want to hang on my wall.. intresting concept. very nice.

We are using Siggi’s work for the Dwell on Design conference this year in LA … in this style! small preview here:

That’s awesome Ashley! Nice choice.

I love Dwell!

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