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Jez Burrows

jez burrows

Poster for Instal 09 music festival

New site + work to boot from grain edit favorite Jez Burrows.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you on Monday!

Tom Palumbo Photography

tom palumbo

Outtake for Junior Bazaar, early 1950’s

Absolutely stunning photographs from Tom Palumbo. Tom got his start working under the art direction of Alexey Brodovitch at Harper’s Bazaar. He later went onto shoot for Vogue, and many other publications.

The photos seen here are part of an extensive archiving project with New York’s Wonderbred.

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Czech Tourist Map

czechoslovakia map

Beautiful tourist map from Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) dating back 1966. I love the bold colors and simple line work. I’m guessing that the illustration inside the red square on the left side is a beer. Look at that foamy top! Sweet mother of beverages!

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A Friend of Mine

A Friend of Mine - Graphic Design

A Friend of Mine is Melbourne, Australia based design studio that is turning out some fancy work. This identity system for The Modern Flower Co. is so snappy — I love seeing the system work across multiple pieces. Plus, typography integrated into latticework is always exciting.

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Jonas Bergstrand Illustration

jonas bergstrand illustration

Mmm…deliciously patterned sweets!

Swedish illustrator Jonas Bergstrand has an awesome eye for patterns and keen sense for earthy color. These posters, originally created for Pippi Day—an anniversary celebration for Astrid Lindgren’s children’s hospital, nicely juxtapose thick and thin lines, and also has many interesting patterns and forms.

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The Swell Season Concert Poster by Doublenaut

The Swell Season
The Swell Season Concert Poster by Doublenaut

This week’s poster pick was made possible by the creative minds that make up Doublenaut. Doublenaut is stationed in Toronto, Canada and is made up of brothers Andrew and Matt McCracken.

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Birds of a Feather 2

Heather Amuny-Dey
J’adore by Heather Amuny-Dey

If your in the San Francisco area this Saturday (11/21/09), this looks like it’s going to be a good show.

Super7 is proud to present the follow up to 2007’s blockbuster show “Birds of a Feather” with the new aptly titled show “Birds of a Feather 2” featuring artwork by Dora Drimalas, Heather Amuny-Dey and Shay Ashley-Ometz. This show features three original new prints from each artist (nine in total) as well as a sampling of older, out-of-print and rare prints from each artist’s personal archive to create a whimsical and wonderful reflection on their lives.

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Bodega: Vinyl Wall Art Collection Curated by Arkitip

cody hudson bodega

Cody Hudson for Bodega – CH5 Wall Decal

We’ve been seeing some good things happening in the world of wall art within the last few months, first with Poketo’s Spacetime Collection and now with Arkitip’s Bodega Collection.

Bodega is a curated collection of large scale, eco-friendly, temporary indoor art. The concept is to make the art of emerging and established artists alike, affordable and available to the public. Each piece is delivered as a complete package for the consumer and includes ready-to-apply art piece and tools for installation. Obsessed with process, Bodega creates high quality, layered die-cut vinyl art editions; representing some of the most captivating artists of our generation.

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Herbert W. Kapitzki: Graphic Designer and Teacher

herbert kapitzki

Posters for the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)

Herbert Kapitzki, a former student of Willi Baumeister, conceived and designed exhibitions for the state industrial inspection board (Landesgewerbeamt) in Stuttgart in the 1950s and the early 1960s. He developed a distinct language of forms modelled on constructive forerunners, and campaigned for the popularisation of functional graphic design. His own groundbreaking work was exemplary in this respect.

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Lisez, Jouez et Decouvrez La Scandinavie avec Andersen

lisez jouez et decouvrez la scandinavie

lisez, jouez et decouvrez La Scandinavie avec Andersen -by Paul de Roujoux, Pamela Labonnelie and Mireille Ballero. Illustrations by Martine Bourre c1975 editions des deux coqs d’or

La Scandinavie avec Andersen is a beautiful children’s book about Scandinavian culture. The book is filled with stories, games and activities.  Just think, your child could be making his/her very own Nils Holgersson costume right now! For the budding young history buff, there’s a section on the Drakkars and Vikings. If your child is too scared to look at tough guys with helmets, head straight to the fuzzy Nordic animals in chapter one. Have a four year old that’s into logging? No problem, this book has you covered. There’s a section on the Scandinavian timber industry in the middle of the book. Soon your young one will be able to turn raw material into fine Danish furniture!

More pictures after the jump.

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Mark Weaver

mark weaver

I’ve always been impressed with Mark Weaver’s continuously fantastic collage series Make Something Cool Every Day. Firstly, making something like this every day is a great project — I love when designers make their personal work public. Secondly, these collages are an interesting mishmash of styles and images. Mark has a keen sense of knowing what types of images work well together.

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Cult + Classic Film Stills From the Hot Dog!

classic film stills

A Colt is My Passport (1967) – Directed by Takashi Nomura

If your into classic + cult films it would be worth your while to check Shannon Maldonado’s I Love Hot Dogs.  Several times a week Shannon curates a selection of stills from a particular movie. I appreciate her selection process as she sometimes includes typographic/design details that can easily go unnoticed (think street signs, window lettering, etc.). For fans of the art of film title design, there’s plenty of that stuff as well.

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Lubalin Now Exhibition at the Cooper Union

lubalin now, cooper union

I visited New York last week, just in time to attend the opening reception of the Lubalin Now exhibition at the Cooper Union.

The place was incredibly packed with ladies and gents in polychromatic garb, chatting about type with a nice drink in their hand. It was interesting to see the work of contemporary designers, such as Jessica Hische,  Brett Macfadden, Justin Thomas Kay, Deanne Cheuk, and HunterGatherer, juxtaposed against Lubalin’s original works.

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Visual Acoustics Film – The Modernism of Julius Shulman

visual acoustics julius shulman

I had a chance to check out Visual Acoustics this weekend and I highly recommend it. The documentary is about the life and work of Julius Shulman, a brilliant architectural photographer whose photos captured the history of modernist architecture in Southern California. During his prolific career he worked with nearly every modern architect since the 1930s including John Lautner, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, PIerre Koenig, Charles and Ray Eames, Craig Ellwood, Raphael Soriano and Gregory Ain.

The release of this film seems especially timely, given that Julius recently passed away. If you are unfamiliar with his work, you are in for a real treat.

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Vintage Travel Posters

vintage travel posters

1. Come to AfricaDesigned by Gerard van de Voort – c1975

How about virtual tour around the world to start off the week?  I dug up a handful of travel related posters from 1950s -1970s for all the desk jockeys that are itching to get out of town. Enjoy!

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Autografik: Modern Transportation Graphics


Hell yea. Cool logos on trucks + vans! It doesn’t get much better then this. The Autografik flickr group is set to serve as an archive for modern design applied to motor vehicles. Thanks to Jonathan Turner aka insect54 for setting this bad boy up.

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Mihail Mihaylov

Mihail Mihaylov

Funkadelic! There is some serious soul in this typeface from Bulgaria-based designer Mihail Mihaylov. I’m such a sucker for bold type — I love the juicy, drippy, saturated feel of these letters. I can’t quite tell if the type is sprouting, or three-dimensional, or both.

In addition to Funkadelic, Mihail’s other work shows a nice combination of experimentation and style. I love the textural, hands-on feel of the Quotes alphabet studies, and the subsequent large-scale “E” poster. Really fun work.

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Monsters of Folk Poster

monsters of folk
Monsters of Folk Concert Poster by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes

The poster pick for this week features this Monsters of Folk Concert Poster designed by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes. This is a nice example of the impressive and sophisticated work that The Small Stakes churns out. Note the harmony in the composition and see if you can spot any patterns in this poster. This is smart design.

This poster is available for purchase here.

Sollinero Illustration

sollinero illustration

Ah! Nothing beats a spot of tea and the company of man’s best friend!

The composition of this print, created by Buenos Aires illustrator Sollinero, is nicely balanced and uses a relaxing color palette consisting of warm ochres and cool blue. I really love the patterns and details throughout the print, especially the little baubles that tie the rug, lamp, lounge chair, and gentleman’s pants together.

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Brionvega Brochures

brionvega brochures

Brionvega rr126 Turntable/ radio brochure c1970

Beautiful brochure covers for the Milan based electronic company Brionvega. Design by Bob Noorda.

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You Need the Plate

1972 Munich olympics plate

1972 Munich Olympics Plate : Pictograms designed by Otl Aicher

Now all your favorite 70’s stick figures can hide underneath your food. Spotted this gem on Ebay a few days back.

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