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From the Job Board

Graphic Designer – Ceci New York (NY, NY)
You will be working with a small group of talented designers, coordinating with the Project Manager to ensure the project stays within its budget and timelines, and presenting solutions to clients in a beautiful, open, dynamic studio. This is a fast paced and highly creative environment. A deep passion for paper and design as well as a willingness to learn new trends and techniques is essential.

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Jonathan Gray

jonathan gray

I’m so impressed with the consistently impressive, type-driven book cover work of Jonathan Gray. Generally, his covers are predominantly typographic, but they don’t operate under a single, rehearsed style. There’s so much variety and life to his body of work; it’s amazing to see all of this coming from one person.

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Amber Asay

amber asay

Meet Amber Asay, an up and coming BYU graduate whose designs consist of a combination of clean illustrations and elegant typography. Although her portfolio consists primarily of student work, Asay is currently working in Orlando, Florida as an intern with the Disney Design Group, and will undoubtedly continue to produce intriguing designs.

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Zalando Logo


Zalando is an online retailer that was founded in Germany. The company initially specialized in footwear, but has since expanded into clothing and accessories. Recently their design team put together an animated video on how their logo came into being. Inspired by an imprint of a stiletto heel, the orange triangle found in the Zalando logo goes on a brief, but magical journey in this charming story. Along the way, the triangle gets caught in a tree, lost in the wind and even hitches a ride on the beak of a passing bird. You can see the complete video at their website.

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Italian Motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s

50cc astor super sport

50cc Astor Super Sport 1969 /Itom (1948–73), Turin, Italy / Courtesy of Stewart Ingram

During the Second World War many of Italy’s motorcycle and automobile manufacturing facilities were destroyed by allied bombing. To aid in the post-war economic recovery of these industries, the Italian government revised a highway code which reduced the minimum driving age to fourteen. With this, motorcycle manufacturers could create a new class of vehicles aimed at the younger generation. What these bikes lacked in power, they easily made up in style.

In 2012, SFO curated a small collection of these motorcycles for an installation in their international terminal. Included in the display were pieces by Itom, Benelli and MV August – all of which are scarcely seen on the roadways of Europe let alone the U.S. Although these vehicles have long ceased production, their legacy lives on through their iconic design.

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Ryan Edy

ryan edy

Ryan Edy is a talented advertising/editorial photographer from the UK with a stack of awards to his name. His identity and website recently got a fresh reboot from the equally talented crew at Founded.

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Erin Jang

erin jang, illustration, design

Erin Jang is a New York based designer and illustrator with an incredible body of work that pops with color and elegant simplicity. Under the moniker The Indigo Bunting (a small and vibrant bird), she most recently signed on as a partner with Paperless Post, where her cheerful stationery designs are available for every occasion. She also chronicles her love for food through her illustration project titled Food Sketches, where she creates abstract drawings of food eaten and shared with family and friends.

No matter what project she tackles, Erin’s bright and fun personality shines through her work. Be sure to visit her website and blog, and be sure to pick up a calendar (as seen above) and more from her shop.

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Chris Rushing

Chris Rushing

Mr. Chris Rushing is a designer/illustrator/art director working in NYC, at Time Warner. He has a great number of interesting projects and a nice site with which to neatly house them. It looks as though while working at TW Chris has had the chance to create some great web and interactive experiences —  these projects are interesting, and well worth a look. What really attracted me to his work, though, was his skill in lettering and illustration. I love the pinache and wit throughout his portfolio. In general, I’d say his work is smart and succinct; interesting and engaging without being overstated.

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site inspire

If you’re looking for a fresh dose of web design inspiration, I highly recommend siteInspire. Recently redeveloped, the site features over 2700 examples of web and interactive design each hand picked by the guys at Howells-Studio.

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Leah Reena Goren

Welcome to the light, airy world of Leah Goren. Her illustration style is perfectly California, with bright yet washy shades of yellows, oranges and blues. Leah is one of the very few young illustrators to break the mould of paper and explore other mediums—namely textiles. You can see her work gracing the dresses and iPhones of girls on city streets everywhere.

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Chris Burnett

chris burnett

Nice design and lettering from Chris Burnett, a senior at Cal Arts. I love the mix of accessibility and exploration within his work. Looking forward to seeing more after he finishes up school.

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Olle Eksell Documentary Needs Your Help

olle eksell documentary
Early last year, we featured the Olle Eksell tribute site. Johan Anderson, the driving force behind the site, has just announced his latest project – a documentary on Olle’s life and work. The film plans to highlight Eksell’s contributions to Swedish design as well as generate international awareness for this underappreciated visionary. To achieve this, they are seeking additional funding to shoot and edit conversations with respected designers both within Sweden and abroad. If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit their fundraising page.

*Note: The fundraising amounts are in Swedish Krona. I believe if you use Paypal it will handle the conversion from Dollars/Pounds/Euros etc. to Krona for you.

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