Grain Edit: The Year in Review


Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Grain Edit and we’ve got a big giveaway planned, so be sure to stop by! We’ve had a great year and want to thank all our awesome readers for their wonderful comments and for making Grain Edit a frequent destination.

I’d especially like to thank all of the designers and illustrators that took time out of their busy schedules to share with us.

Some of the highlights of the past year include:

Matte Stephens showed us his awesome home.  Don Clark of Invisible Creature schooled us on his “family portrait”.  Scott Thares of Wink broke out the KISS drawings. Bo Lundberg took us behind the scenes of Barefoot in the Park and Jason Munn of the Small Stakes showed us his Horse Chest.

Ben Butcher of Pixar gave us a sneak a peek into the making of the Wall-E picture book Lots of Bots. Sean and Nicole Flores shared their insane book collection.  Ian Follett showed us some amazing stampsSmall studio, Odopod and Chronicle Books all graciously opened up their spaces for us and Mike Davis of Burlesque served us up a tight mix.

We created some new groups:

Grain Edit Facebook group

Paul Rand Flickr Group

Modern Sticker, Stamp and label club

Some of the most popular posts (besides the interviews and studio visits) of the past year include:


Swiss Designer Hans Hartmann

publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry - hans neuburg

Publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry – Hans Neuburg 1967


Giant Golden Book of Biology – An Introduction to the Science of Life c1961


Henri’s Walk to Paris- c1962- illustrations and design Saul Bass


Alain Gree – l’electricitie c1969


Israeli Environment stamps designed by Eliezer Weishoff in 1975


53 Years of Jauna Gaita Magazine


Issues of Icographic magazine 1971-1978 produced by ICOGRADA


Concepts – Promotional book for US Steel c1961


Giovanni Pintori exhibition catalog c2003

Dutch type specimen sheet

Vette Annonce type specimen sheet late – Netherlands 1950s/ early 60s

Lastly we’d like send thank you’s to: Coudal, Design Related and Julia Rothman for allowing us to contribute to each of their sites. How magazine for naming us one of the top 10 Sites for Designers for the month of December. David Airey for including us in the Top 50 Graphic Design Blogs and for all the great sites that featured us in their posts.

We have some exciting things planned for the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned. Thanks again everyone!

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Congratulations on one giant year! I’ve been checking every day and won’t be missing tomorrow’s big cyber-bash for anything. Thanks for all the graphics and good times!


Happy birthday !
Thank you for your excellent work…


Thanks for the great year! Looking forward to what’s next. My best to everyone!

Thanks guys!

Happy Birthday Grain Edit! Keep up the great work Dave!

Year One! Heck yes. Thank you for a steady stream of greatness.

1 year anniversary and what a year it was. A year of fantastic content that I couldn’t live without. Congratz and keep things popping!


Happy BDay. Thx for sharing your universe !

congrats! GrainEdit is one of my favourites design resources! Thanks and keep it up! Looking forward to another year of inspiration.

Happy B.!!!

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Great year – nice one.
Thanks for the eye food!

happy birthday! congratulations on a fantastic website… looking forward to another year of inspiration! bxb

My favorite post was the one about the austrian hotel brochure. I loved it so much that I used it on the myspace for my band.

happy birthday for and I would like to thanks for your information in this site, very important to me to learn more about graphic design

Great blog!

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