SMALL Studio: Office tour and posters

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Several weeks ago I posted this wonderful Buck 65 gig poster designed by the Lyon, France based design duo Small Studio. Since then, we’ve been trading emails and they’ve been kind of enough to allow grain edit readers a sneak peek into their design studio.

I love the hand drawn typography often found in their poster work. In the examples below you can see the development of the type work for several posters that were designed recently.

dj vadim small gig poster

dj vadim poster sketches

dj vadim poster sketches

Concepts + finished design for Dj Vadim/ June gig poster

tobler small studio-poster

tobler one small-poster sketches

tobler one small-poster sketches

Concepts and final design for Tobler One print

You can purchase the Tobler one poster here. also, you can keep up with all the latest Small Studio news + events at their new blog.

Thanks again to SMALL studio for sharing with us!

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