70s modern stamps from Israel

Rare 70s modern stamps from Israel
Israeli environment stamps – 1975 designed by Eliezer Weishoff

Beautiful stamps addressing both noise and industrial pollution.
Be sure to check out this modern stamp from Israel as well.

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Really beautiful…thank you for sharing these pictures!
They reminded me of some German stamps in the 70s.. unfortunately I don’t have my old collection with me, but the following are a few examples I found on the web..





Best wishes,

Truely amazing, I love those. I’d love to have an explanation on the airplane going into an ear and how this is related to environment…

these are just beautiful…

Its not to so much that the Airplane is going into someone’s ear as it is the sound from the airplane. This would be noise pollution. Maybe this guy lives near an airport.

Thanks for sharing these. Amazing examples!

loving them!

They’re superb! Thanks for posting them. Managed to find them on ebay so you’ll have to forgive a Grain Edit rip off Ace Jet entry soon. I’ll give you full credit of course.

Hey Richard,
Great! I’m glad you were able to find a copy on ebay. I love this set. I wish the stamps in the U.S. looked like this!
There’s one more stamp in the series. It’s really good as well. I’ll try to post it when I get a chance.

i managed to find a sheet off of ebay as well. beautiful! the airplane design is my fav. thanks grain edit for making me a bigger nerd than i already am. :) LOL

You made me break out my stamp collection and as I don’t know how to post them here in this message box, I’ll send them out to you via e-mail. Loved the stamps. So lovely and ingenious.

I am a big fan of Israeli postage stamp design
(especially from the 70′s and 80′s)
and I love these two! Thx.