Alain Gree : childrens book illustrator

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Alain Gree – l’electricitie c1969 vintage kids book
Published by Casterman as part of the Cadet-Rama Collection

Woah! Pastel overload! Someone went crazy with the pink crayons. I love it though. Alain Gree’s illustrations are great. I can’t get enough of the bubble heads, mod clothes, pop colors and psychedelic scenery. In this book, Alain looks at electricity and how its used. It’s filled with teal buses, pink trolleys and mustard colored sewing machines.

On a related note, I have to give a birthday shout out to my friend Sean. Sean introduced me to Alain’s work so this post seemed fitting for today.

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I love him too!
one day, by accident i bought a children game drawn by him.
I was thinking: great illustrations!
and a few days later i found 6 of his educational books,
about the city, space, airplanes…
they’re great! and full of small hidden jokes.

Thats a great score. The book about the city is one of my favorites.

Don’t you know Alain Grée’s book about winter sports ? Great !
If you appreciate his illustrations, have a look at Bungalow graphics, a portfolio from Charly Adam.

Looking for Alain Gree’s early work there is only little to find. I was looking for it because I have this little book called Peter achter het stuur (Dutch) The reason I have this book (and the same in French with the title Didier sur le circuit miniature) is, I have this little car in real. Because I always like to find out anything I have in my collections I started looking on the internet. As far as I know he made these books together with the illustrator Philippe Salembier. But if you look for instance on this Japanese site on Alain Gree you will not find any of these books….. I hope there is anybody who can give me more information’s on my little car and / or in which country these books were published and their titles?
Thanks from The Netherlands,