Syd Mead concept illustrations for US Steel

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Concepts – Promotional book for US Steel c1961

Industrial designer / illustrator Syd Mead is well known for his vehicle designs and backgrounds for classic science fiction films like Blade Runner and Aliens during the 1980s. Long before these projects, he produced a series of conceptual illustrations and paintings for US Steel. The futuristic automobiles, diagrams and environments were published in several promotional books during the early 1960s.

These books are intense to look at. The full page spreads are over 2 feet wide and heavily detailed. Keep in mind when viewing the images above, that this work is very early on in his career, as he had recently finished his studies at Art Center in Pasadena.

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Some of these look like moden day SUV’s :)


Michael Garrett |

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Thank so much for your collection! I love 60ies design and I collect 60s furniture. This book is my favourite!

Francesca |

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Do any one know where to download a softcopy of syd mead work

youssef Eskandar |

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I have the US Steel catalogs…I need to sell them. Any info?

I found this book at a garage sale today is almost perfect condition does any one know it’s worth

anyone interested in selling one of their Syd Mead U.S. Steel catalogs? I might be interested. Thanks