30 years of Jacqueline S Casey Posters

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From the book – Jacqueline S Casey Thirty years of design at MIT

Beautiful work from graphic designer Jacqueline Casey. It mentions in the book she was inspired by Karl Gerstner, Kurt Wirth and Anton Stankowski.

“In the early 1950s, John Matill, a writer and editor, founded the MIT office of publications. He was joined in 1952 by Muriel Cooper. Cooper was among the first designers ever hired by a university to represent it graphically. She and Matill hired Jacqueline Casey to design summer session materials in 1955.” Casey continued to work for MIT until her retirement in 1989. (Taken from the introduction of the book.)

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any release date information on the book?

Hey Mike,
yea it was released in 1992 by MIT

nice. i will have to track down a copy. this is the first time i’ve seen anything substantial of her work.

or you can see every poster she did at MIT for free here:


Ahh, I have this book. It’s wonderful. Casey’s work is such clever Modernism, witty at a time when a lot of her peers’ work was rather slick but dry. She’s truly one of my heroes.