Swiss modern graphic design – chemical industry

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Publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry – Hans Neuburg 1967
(Chemie Werbung und Grafik)
Contributions by Josef Muller Brockmann

Clap your hands if you love swiss design.

This has to be one of the best books on graphic design in the chemical industry. Ha! this is probably the only book on graphic design in the chemical industry. Most of the design work in the book is for pharmaceutical companies like J R Geigy and Ciba Aktiengesellschaft, both located in Basel, Switzerland.

The index in the back reads like the who’s who of Swiss design. Designers include: Karl Gerstner, Herbert Leupin, Siegfried Odermatt, Hans Erni, Max Schmid, Fred Troller and Kurt Wirth amongst others.

Just look at the pictures above, the work is incredible. Anyone have any nominations for pharmaceutical/ chemical companies that have great design? Maybe we should put together a top 5 list. For example, the always fun top 5 favorite poisonous gas logos.

Also of interest, this Hans Neuburg poster design.

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Thank you very much for sharing this!

I love this book. I’ve been searching endlessly for it without any luck. Is this your copy?

Yeah, great stuff! I’ve seen some of this on Flickr before…

Lucky! Where did you find it?

This book is so fresh. Thanks for posting Dave!
Here are some great Spanish pharmaceutical ads from the 1950s – 70s.

Mike thanks for the link. Those spanish ads are sick! I need to post this stuff.

Hey Anotonio,
Yea this is my copy. I got it from another book dealer. In addition to my other work, I sell rare design books etc. so if you have any want lists, just let me know. This is my personal copy but, I might be able to track another one.

Davem that would be really great and yes I do have a list. I’ll email it to ya.


That is an incredible book. Is it as mint as it appears?

Drop me a line once you’ve checked out the HM Caplan stuff I emailed you this weekend, K?


My Dad used to work for Ciba Geigy; therefore, I was exposed to lots of Swiss Graphic through brochures and other bits and pieces he brought home.

Muller Brockman is my idol.

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dave>> are you really be able to track another one copy?

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