Spanish modern graphic design

spanish mid century modern graphic design

Flickr user ex.novo has posted some amazing examples of spanish modern design in advertising from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The ads are taken from magazines/ journals titled “Clínica Rural” and “Glosa”. Anyone know anything about these journals? Most of the advertisements seem to be related to pharmaceutical products so it’s a great follow up to my previous post on Swiss modern design in the chemical industry.

Big ups to Mike from Burlesque for dropping this gem on me.

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hi hi..this is great site in graphix

Great work…I love it1 It is great to see the effort these designers put into making what I call art!

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the most one I like is the cozey one,all the people at home ,night is perfekt kute .also the others..are looking good ,mabey some day I’m gooing to find one for me.

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