Hans Neuburg – Swiss poster design

1960s Hans Neuburg - Swiss poster design
Zurcher Kunstler in der Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland- c1966

Beautiful poster by Swiss graphic designer and author Hans Neuburg.

If you like this, check Publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry  a book by Hans Neuburg.

(via Crabstick’s killer Flickr photostream)

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Love it. Is this your copy?

naw, not mine. I wish I had posters like this. You have any posters in your collection?

I always thought that this was by Richard Paul Lohse. There is a small thumbnail picture on the publishers website for the huge book on Lohse that shows a very similar poster. You can see it here if you click on the sample pages button.

Hey Jon,
I have a copy of that book. The poster is credited to Hans Neuburg. The editors might of decided to include the Neuburg poster because Lohse designed another poster in that series.