Riley Cran

riley cran

Riley Cran, everyone! Mr. Cran can be found in sunny Seattle, Washington, and has quite the handle on creating compelling logos and marks. I love his branding for Swallowed Sun Brewing Co. — it’s accessible, fun and to the point.

Throughout his portfolio, Riley maintains a keen eye toward typographic detailing and simplicity of form. His color choices and contrast in his work mix quite well with his reference to clean, classic identity design.

See Riley’s work!

riley cran

riley cran

riley cran

riley cran

riley cran

riley cran

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Awesome. Awesome.

Riley is the man! Don’t forget to mention his child, where he is bringing great nostalgic type back to the working world.

Nice! These are simple and classic. Love the textured backgrounds these are on!

These logo designs capture the current retro trend perfectly. I really like the high-contrast, flat tone of the shapes on all of these designs. There’s a a strong symmetry in the composition of these designs that actually helps to make them stand out. Center justified compositions can look weak but in this body of work the designs feel solid and balanced.

Hmmm… I smell a rat here. This stuff looks practically identical to his father’s work:

John Smith |

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Nice textures.. nice vintage look!

I love the way you display these logos on a textured background, they look great with a retro design. I want like to use this style in web design.