Bike Stamps from Italy

italy stamps

Italian postage stamps designed by E. Consolazione, R. Cuzzani, and A. de Stefani in 1967 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Giro d’Italia cycling championship.

italy stamps

Ciclisti in volata – Racing cyclists in the general classification of the Giro. The overall winner of the Giro d’Italia wears the maglia rosa (“pink jersey”)
italy stamps

Ciclisti in salita – Cyclists climbing uphill in the mountains classification of the Giro. The best climber in the mountain stages wears the maglia verde (“green jersey”).

*Huge thanks to Wes for the scans!

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Great graphics, love the simplification of the elements

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Wow, what a coincidence. I found the 40 and 90 lire stamps whilst on holiday in Italy last week, was going to scan them in and post them online too. Love the abstraction of the riders forms, and the minimally implied landscape.

These are great. Really timeless looking.