Brent Couchman

For quite a while I’ve noticed Fossil‘s excellent collateral and identity — I just never knew that the man responsible for much of that work was the one-and-only, Brent Couchman. That is, until now. Brent has a great eye for mixing the clean with the colorful. His bold, bright work is engaging and historically-informed, a real pleasure to look at.

Brent’s brings a similar stylistic whimsy to his identity work as well — I’m especially fond of the ‘R’ logo, shown below. Sweet and succinct.

Continue the adventure over on Brent’s flickr!


Also worth checking: Katie Kirk Illustration & Design

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LOVE the motion graphics. and great colors! jeff can’t stop talking about the ‘R’ logo.

Wow thanks for the post, glad you guys like my work! I have to say I’m just one of the many folks responsible for the design here in the art department – all doing great creative work for the brand. Thanks again!

Beautiful Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve always loved the look of Fossil. Just amazing.

Great style! I love the Dang is the new bang on his flickr page

Hometown hero.

good stuff!

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“R” logo is a ripoff of a Nordstrom logo:

Design |

Found design |

“R” logo is a ripoff of a Nordstrom logo:

Not cool.

Design |

Found design |

Arght, love the Sasquatch type.

Great stuff. I would love to read an interview with Brent. Thanks for posting.

Good looking stuff.

Bob Caruthers |

Found design |