Vintage Calendars

vintage calendars

1970 Self promotional calendar designed by Terzostudio (Giorgio Tramontini)

Two weeks ago we posted some of our favorite calendars for 2010. Today lets look at some calendars of the past.

vintage desk calendar

vintage perpetual calendar

vintage calendar

1958 Mitsubishi Chemical Industries calendar (Japan)

vintage calendars

Carl Lang Verlag calendar  – Design by Sexauer – Effert (Germany)

vintage calendars

1965 Calendar by Designer Hiroshi Ohchi given as a gift to clients (Japan)

vintage calendars

1971 Calendar by Designer Hiroshi Ohchi given as a gift to clients (Japan)

vintage wall calendar

1966 Total Calendar – Design by W. Bonini &  A. Calabresi

vintage calendars

1970 Boffi Arredamento Calendar – Design by A. Nava & G. Confalonieri (Italy)

vintage sports calendars

1971 Esso Calendar – Designed by Publicor (Italy)

vintage calendars

1962 Thomas Bergsoe Reklame calendar designed by Boye Willumsen

vintage wall calendars

1975 Poligrafico & Tortia calendar – Design by G Brunazzi

vintage calendars

1977 Dalmine calendar – Design by T. Tateischi & R. Pieraccini

vintage calendars

1961 Yamaha Calendar – Design by Tomio Nobuta & Iwao Hosoya

vintage calendars

1962 Dai Nippon Printing Co. calendar – Design by Tadashi Ohashi

vintage calendars

1964 (japan)


Also worth checking: Sigrid and Hans Lammle calendar

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they look fantastic, what a great work!

love this!!!
Great colours in the two on top!!!

Beautiful. You are visual special opps in my book.

One of the more sumptuous posts in a while!

It would appear that the last one is for FujiFilm… no idea who the designer is!

Awesome stuff! thanks for uploading these!

this is fantastic and very inspirational

this is fantastic, love it.

The Total 1966 and the 1971 Esso Calendar calendars are simply awesome. Thanks for sharing, I ‘m a calendar freak. Shameless self promo – dig this one:

Very nice calendars, thank you for this. My favourite is the 1964 japan calendar, very beautiful.