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richard perez

I’m really impressed by this work from Richard Perez. His typographic and illustration work is super fancy. He seems to have no problem navigating styles as well as tackling a variety of design projects — his work ranges from hand drawn type and illustration, to identity and traditional design. All of his work is direct, and compelling with great execution and color palettes.

It’s really refreshing to see the enthusiasm and personality in all of Richard’s work. It’s also nice to see that we share a few things in common, including VHS tapes, Lincoln, and kittens.

Richard Perezrichard perez

richard perez

richard perez

Richard Perez

Richard Perez

Richard Perez

richard perez

richard perez

Richard Perez

richard perez

Check out Richards site, Skinny Ships, and his Etsy shop.


Also worth checking: Mike Davis of Burlesque of North of America

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Thank you for introducing Richard Perez – his work is amazing and absolutly beautiful!

Thanks for posting this…hadn’t heard of Perez. Once again grainedit comes through. You find such good stuff!

Wow, his work is stunning! I love it all. Thanks for the introduction.

I was psyched when a couple of months ago we got an email about Richard’s work and had a chance to give him a little write up. He’s a great artist and it’s a shame that before now his hadn’t really made the rounds. Glad you picked him up too!

Go Grain Edit!

I hope he plans to offer prints of some of his type work.

Awsome Works!

Dave, my screenprinting partner Mike over at and I are deciding which typographic print should be printed up next. Its a toss up between “Minima Maxima” and “No Direction Home”. Any favorites?

Thats a tough call. How about both? Personally I’m leaning towards Minima Maxima. Lets toss this one out to the readers. Which print should be printed up next?

I really enjoy the color palette and quirky illustrations in the first poster. I’d definitely buy a print if you ran some! Great work.


Hey Richard! I dig them both, too! But I would definitely buy that “No Direction Home” piece…So Fresh! Type + Arrows=Game Over!

Plus, I think it would speak to a larger audience :)

Oh and that Wolves piece is amazing! great colors!

Hey Richard, both those prints are rad. I’d go for No Direction Home.

Ethan |

Found design |

Definitely “Things I Like”. Print that one. Do it. I like all of those things too, including that poster. I want one.

Stick Around for a while and it’s other half or Things I like are shockingly amazing! DO want!

Lindsey Bailey |

Found design |

love this design. thanks for the intro, grainy!

His colour combinations are amazing! The 25 year one is particularly strong. Good stuff!

Thanks for this post!! it’s beautiful work! love the colours! Merci!

Would love to see “Things i like“ hanging on my wall! Please consider printing this one.

Toni |

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I’m really feeling the “Stick Around For A While…” series. Those are amazing.

yeah ive been a fan of his stuff for quite some time, he’s starting to get noticed by alot of design blogs. his stuff is amazing, awesome colors

If you missed out on getting some of his prints, we are printing a second run. Visit and bookmark to see when the new run is released.


please lucha libre lunes!!!

Great work, luv it :) Can you do a custom one of the ‘things I like’ poster and add the poster to the list of things liked? :P

I like it.

Great stuff – I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of Perez’s work.

toilet |

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really very inspiring ,cool designs thanx for sharing them

What amazing geometric typography. I particularly like the “Wolves” piece. As a pattern, it’s beautiful art. The type is fun and engaging.

I try to repeat your style in my next project. You create nice figures…

hey dave,

Just came across this post…he was a student of mine at Academy, and I agree he is amazingly talented.

nicole |

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