El Al Airlines Playing Cards

el al playing cards

Recently dug up this deck of El Al Israel Airlines playing cards. El Al commissioned Israeli artist and designer Jean David to design the set which portrays the Kings, Queens and heroes of Israel’s past. Love the design of the joker. He looks like some crazy elf with danish modern candle holders on his head and a speed bump for an arm.

el al playing cards

el al cards

el al playing cards

el al playing cards

elal playing cards

also worth checking: Dan Reisinger: graphic designer

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Super neat! I want this deck! Really really do.
I flew EL AL in the early 90s, but by then… all the cool stuff they used to have – evaporated:(

Great deck, I love the packaging colour and the typography, but what is going on with that arm??

gorgeous work.

as far as the arm, IMO he is holding it behind his back.

I agree with you Helen. What happened to the days when airplanes had well designed goods?

I really like these cards a lot!
Thanks for you comment the other day – I was wondering what Helen Borten delights you might have in your collection!

When I get a chance (i.e. months from now), remind me to send you some images of the General Dynamics card deck we have (if you don’t already have a set). Not designed by Erik Nitsche, but definitely in this illustrative vein.

Jean David did so much for El Al…these are great.

love the cards. Can anyone tell me the typeface used for the words EL AL and ISRAEL?

Please, where I can buy these cards?

Francisco Claudio B H Pinto |

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Absolutely love it..
makes me want to design a pack :)

Great looking pack, I am an avid card collector in the UK – mainly interested in graphical packs that catch my eye rather than an investment opportunity (although this side is growing steadily). If anyone needs to see larger scans of anything on my site let me know.