San Francisco International Antiquarian Book Fair

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I stopped by the The 42nd California International Antiquarian Book Fair in San Francisco this past weekend and saw some really nice books. This is the largest antiquarian book fair in the U.S. and features booksellers from around the world. I saw lots of great pieces by Piet Zwart, Bruno Munari and a ton of rare children’s books. I was really surprised by the prices though. Many of the books were overpriced, especially considering the current economy. Anyone else get a chance to go? Thoughts?


antiquarian book fair

san francisco book fair

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Sounds fantastic! Prices are the same here too, especially for old design books – they have gone through the roof and I’m not really sure why.

I guess maybe it’s supply and demand? I know here, even in the backwoods of Kentucky, any form of modern art is highly sought after at this point. Although, I’m surprised that the current state of the economy isn’t dictating at least some relief from these steep prices.

There’s a large annual antiquarian book fair in NY also. Though I look forward to it every year, I always leave there feeling quite depressed. So usually I’m just an observer, rarely a buyer.

I like the photos you brought back.

I was there as well and agree that the pricing seemed unaware of the country’s collective wallet. Among the best was the german booth with mostly children’s books. I left empty handed and happy to return to my 30 year old collection of thrift shop and flea market finds and smiling at the thought of books I have which may have cost me one or two Dollars and were offered for hundreds at the fair. I probably will return next year and realize that I had better insure my library.

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