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Dan Reisinger was born in Yugoslavia in 1934 to a family of painters. His early life was filled with adversity including losing most of his family to the Holocaust. In the 1940s he moved to Israel where he eventually joined the Air Force. It was here that he met his mentor and friend Abram Games. In the 1960s he set up a design studio in Tel Aviv where he helped to design the Israeli Pavilion at Expo’67 as well as create a body of work for El Al Airlines.

dan reisinger posters

dan reisinger

el al postersdan reisinger

I Highly recommend you check out Dan’s website.

Huge cyber high five to Mike at So Much Pile Up for posting this massive gem.

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These are gorgeous! Especially the independance day and the EL AL company ones. Great stuff!

Hey Helen,
Yea I totally agree. I love the El Al Posters

Inspirational. So vibrant!

Wow! I love this post. Thank you.The El Al posters are great. Unfortunately the only other early Israeli poster designers I’m familiar with are the Shamir brothers. Thrilled to add 2 more to my list. Where did you discover these artists? An old book, online?

Nice…this comes from a time where you could take your bike and ride to palestina… over a rainbow!

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Hahaha Thomas right on. The only thing that would of been better is if that dude was pulling a wheeling and sucking down on a can of TAB.

Wow. Can we get a reprint of these. I have to have one.

His work is stunning, colours amazing and composition always surprising. His calendars are fantastic!

Hello. I would like to purchase Dan Reisinger’s perpetual calendar for MOMA. Do you have any ideas how I could do that?

Many thanks.

Alessandra Bressler |

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