Pascal Blanchet cartoons and illustration

Pascal Blanchet cartoons and illustration

I’m just in awe of Canadian comic book creator and illustrator Pascal Blanchet’s work. It was tough to decide what image to post, everything is so good.
(Many thanks to Julia at Book by its cover for passing this along)

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I am a huge fan of Pascal Blanchet. I did a double take the first time I saw some of his work in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Since then I have drooled over his portfolio online. A fantastic talent.

I’m actually planning on using this graphic novel with my grade 9 geography of Canada course this spring. I hope it will help to make the concept of resource mega-projects more alive and more interesting for the students.

Which graphic novel are you using?

Excellent illustration!

Pascal Blanchet maitrise un art à lui tout seul

I’m in LOVE with his work since I accidentally found his book on a bookstore. And since then I used his work as a foundation source for my own works.

Never found other like this, fantastic !!!!!

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hello, its super

Excellent illustration!

I am a huge fan of Pascal Blanchet

What a gorgeous retro style– and it looks so effortless. I wasn’t familiar with Blanchet’s work. Many thanks for posting. Lovely blog you’ve got here!