Japanese graphic design – book covers

Japanese graphic design - book covers from the 1960s
1960s Japanese book cover designs

I don’t know much about the company that published the book on the right, but the book on the left was published by Kappa in 1963. Keep your eyes out for Kappa, they have other cool covers.

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I look forward to Grain Edit every day. This post is another good example of why. Thanks brother.

Also, on an unrelated note, keep an eye on my Vintage Print set on Flickr. I will slowly be adding stuff there and you might be interested. I doubt I will have time to post on all of it, so maybe subscribe to the feed if you do find it of interest.

Hey Barry,
Thanks for the kind words on the blog.

I’ll keep an eye on your flickr photos. I just checked them out and faved a few of them. I dig that coffee pot!