Mike Krol – posters, logos and package design

Mike Krol  posters, logos and package design

Mike Krol designs for musical bands, sandwiches, accordions, gorillas, light bulbs, and maple syrup, among many other things. He has a very good sense of humor, wit, and typography. I love finding work where the designer’s personality shines through. Especially if that includes heavy metal and Eskimos.

Check out the walking backwards to school video. I loved that!

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If I made music videos, I would be mad that I never thought of walking backwards and then reversing the footage. Simplistic and awesome.

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I think it’s exciting when a designer’s personality shows in his/her work, firstly because they’re really putting themselves out there and I’m quite impressed with that kind of nakedness, and secondly because as a viewer you sort of feel like you know something about the person that no one else knows.

Hi. First time to your blog. I’m so impressed. I love the design of the pages and I love the subject matter. Wonderful compendium of inspiring images and text.

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Very beautiful. I love it.