Typographes d’Estienne – French Type Specimen book

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Typographes d’Estienne 1950

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any type-related goodness, so I figured it was time to post the slab of paper above. The book includes 40 – 50 pages of modern San Serif specimens worked into menus, advertisements and letterheads. In addition, there are several tipped in brochures and posters you can flip through. Given the title, I would assume this is an annual and that there are other years available.

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Estienne was a french typographer and his name is also linked to Paris based school of graphic design and type design.
And if I read the text on picture 4, it seems to be a work done during the holydays by the students. “Hunting” is the main theme developped on menu, book cover, etc.

Thanks Seb!
Does the school exist? and if so do you know if they still produce these type annuals?

Yes, the school always exists, it’s still a major scholl for french designer. I don’t know if this kind of annuals are always produced.

Type design is still taught in Estienne, but unfotunately type annuals are no more produced by the school. I don’t know how many of those have been published, but I know they still are in le school’s library.
I’m curious to know where did you get this one, because I thought they were pretty rare ?

I’m back with some details : There’s some annual avaiable from booksellers. Very few items, just 3 annuals found with a quick search. The oldest are annual 1928, 1931 & 1938.

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