Westvaco Inspirations – Design by Bradbury Thompson

[pictobrowser 10159078@N03 72157603846571086]
Westvaco Inspirations #210 c1958

Westvaco Inspirations was a promotional journal produced by the Westvaco Corporation, formerly known as the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. The purpose of the journal was to highlight the printing processes and quality of paper achieved by the Westvaco paper Mills. Bradbury Thompson (1911-1995) served as designer and editor for over fifty issues of this publication including the issue featured above.

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Beautiful, especially the shot second from last. Lovely forms and composition. 1950s really knew what the score was with innovative design.

beautiful work, lovin it!

This is great. Though I will say to make some mild adjustments to Shadow/Highlight–some halos going on. ;)

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