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Poster Pick: Diana Sudyka

diana sudyka

Diana Sudyka is a talented illustrator and printmaker from the Chicago area. She’s illustrated several books including The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilious Journey, and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma as well as created silkscreen posters for well-known bands such as Pearl Jam and the Decemberists. Her gig poster designs often employ her beautiful hand-drawn lettering skills. This is evident in the the Andrew Bird poster seen above, which also happens to is be this week’s poster pick.

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Recently Received

graphic design books

Here’s the latest crop of books to hit our shelves. This week’s entry includes titles from RizzoliChronicle BooksLaurence King and Hyphen Press.

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Jon Wong

jon wong

Jon Wong is a Bay-Area based designer working at San Francisco’s esteemed Office. His take and design of a Seijun Suzuki film festival is pretty rad. So inspired and well thought-out. There’s so much punch to a system that carries out successfully over multiple pieces and formats (like the wood engraving and deck of cards).

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Slava Kirilenko AKA Astronaut Design

astronaut design

Well-executed minimalist design paired with stunning photography from Kazakhstanian designer Slava Kirilenko.

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Parko Polo

Parko Polo, Edward McGowan, Illustration

Parko Polo is the alter ego of Edinburgh based illustrator Edward McGowan. As Parko Polo, Edward pairs bright cheerful colors with bold geometric lines to create images of wonder and exploration. This illustration, titled “Age of Adventure,” depicts just that with a dapper gent in a top hat soaring over craggly mountain tops in his fancy hot air balloon.

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Highway by Dan Cassaro

As users of an ever-changing internet, it’s amazing to see large project come together by someone that we’ve been following for years. In this case, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of a really great new typeface by Dan Cassaro, called Highway. Easily manipulated to create the look of lettering, but tight enough to use as ready-to-go typography, Highway fills the gap of versatility that many will find just perfect for their next project.

To get a bit more insight into the process and how the idea began to come together, I asked Dan a couple of questions.

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Olle Eksell Site & Shop

olle eksell

Thanks to Johan Anderson for notifying me of the brand new Olle Eksell tribute site! Included on the website are videos, suggested links, a timeline, as well as rare photos of Olle with his wife and peers. In addition, Johan worked with the Eksell family to release a small collection of products which feature Olle’s stunning illustration work.

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Alicia typeface by Alexander Wright

alicia font

The Alicia font is a cool new experimental typeface by Alexander Wright. This face is a good example of taking the ideas and eccentricities of lettering and creating a functional product out of them. If you enjoy this font, HypeForType, the foundry behind the project, also has many other great lettering-inspired display faces to explore within their expanding database of typefaces.

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Meggs’ History of Graphic Design for iPad


The San Francisco-based Inkling makes smartbooks — interactive textbooks for the iPad. Inkling has recently undergone the incredible task of designing and (re)creating a digital, interactive version of the timeless Meggs’ classic, History of Graphic Design.

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Design Assembly 3 Book

design assembly book

3 years, 148 posts, 904 comments and over 2.5m visits later, Design Assembly (as we know it) is no more. But, instead of slipping quietly into the night, they wanted to capture all the energy that’s gone into making and maintaining the site and put it to a greater cause — fighting cancer.

3’ archives over 100 published articles, comments included, as well as showcasing new and exclusive words and images from some incredible people.

100% of the profits from the sale of this publication will be shared
proportionately between 3 charities with a combined global reach:

Cancer Research UK — United Kingdom
LIVESTRONG — North America
WCRF International — Rest of world

Pick up a copy at their site.

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Good things are happening over at Rigamaru, the online shop of Pixar artist Chris Sasaki and visual artist Meghan Jean. The creative duo whose name is derived from the childish, nonsensical word “rigamarole” are currently developing a fun new line of shirts, prints and knicks knacks.

Also, If you find yourself in the LA area over the weekend, I recommend checking out the opening of the Darwin show at the Q Pop Shop. Chris is teaming up with Disney artist Joey Chou for a series of pieces that explore the themes of British naturalist Charles Darwin.

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Tim Boelaars Icon Series

tim boelaars

The Netherlands-based designer Tim Boelaars recently released a series of everyday icons. The techniques that make his identity and design work so engaging are present here: bold, whimsical, geometric line work illustrating a range of quirky, commonplace objects.

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From the Job Board: Fossil and Fred Flare

graphic design jobs

Graphic Designer – fred flare (Brooklyn, NY)
Senior Web Designer – Fossil (Dallas/Richardson, TX)
Senior Graphic Designer – Rackspace (San Antonio, TX)
Senior Design Leader – Amazon (Seattle, WA)

You can subscribe to our job listings via RSS, Email or follow at Twitter and Facebook.

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Lab Partners: California Gold Posters

lab partners

To coincide with the launch of their new online shop, Lab Partners have released a sweet set of prints entitled California Gold. The poster series highlights some of the natural wonders found in the “golden state” including mountain lions and bighorn sheep. Part of the proceeds will go towards preserving these natural wonders as 5% of all sales will be donated to the California Nature Conservancy.

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Marta Cerdà Alimbau

Typographer extraordinaire Marta Cerdà Alimbau brings new meaning to the idea of decorating type. With her modern and elegant letterforms, she creates compositions that put her at the top of her game. I love her penchant for creating 3 dimensional forms with letters that allow the work to extend past their natural 2D state. Marta also often collaborates with another extraordinary typographer and friend of Grain Edit, Alex Trochut. With an amazing roster of clients, this young and talented designer is sure to be one to watch going into 2012.

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Sam Vanallemeersch

kolchoz sam vanallemeersch illustration

Sam Vanallemeersch is an Antwerp based illustrator with an impressive collection of graphic work featuring a puzzling amount of sharp and fluid shapes. This illustration, created for Pazuzu Illustration Agency, is done entirely with gouache. The colorful arrangement of the flat abstracted shapes creates subtle nuances that are pleasing to the eye.

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