Hans Hartmann: Ein Leben fur die Grafik

hans hartmann

I was excited to receive a package from Hans Harthman’s daughter, Fanny Hartmann last week. Contained within was a copy of Hans Hartmann: Ein Lebenfur die Grafik, a 1991 monograph compiled by Fanny with contributions from Joseph Marti and Fred Zaugg. The book is filled with full-color illustrations and photos from Hans’s prolific career as a designer and artist that spanned over 5 decades. Hans Hartmann’s name is often absent from design history books, so most of the pieces are new to me. I’m surprised by the breadth and depth of is work.  I’ve seen examples of his posters and logos in the past, but I was unaware that he had ventured into sculpture, stained glass windows and exhibition design.

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

hans hartmann

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Is this book on sale anywhere? Looks ace.

Hey Mark,
I’ll shoot you an email.

So does that last photo also appear in the book. I only ask because it seems like its scanned from another book.

Would love to know where this book can be bought as well.

I have to say I really want to know where to find the book as well. Looks amazing!

This book looks amazing! A quick cursory search isn’t showing it available for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where it can be purchased?

The website of the publishing house (Stämpfli, a local house in Bern, where Hartmann lived, too) doesn’t have the book or the author on its website, yet. I take it’s scheduled for release in 2012? Dave, would also love to hear if you have any info on this. It’s not on the bigger Swiss online book stores either.

Hi Everyone,
The book was published in 1991, so it’s been out of print for twenty years. It’s a scarce title, so your best bet is ebay.

Gericho: The last image is from the book as well.

Damn, I guess I’ll have to do a library robbery or something then ;) Thanks for the pictures and the information!

I can’t get enough, I’m aching for more. This work is top shelf.

This is fantastic! I wish it was still in print…. I’ve only seen a few of his pieces but I obviously need to see more! I love that spread with all the ships designs.

Absolutely love his work.

Looks really great! I hope this book will be available on ebay sometime.
Isn’t it the logo (black circle with b) on picture six the same as the headphones “beats by dre”? Is there any connection between?

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