Jason Munn for Rolling Roadshow

jason munn

Bay Area designer and long time Grain Edit friend, Jason Munn, was recently commissioned by Alamo Drafthouse to design a series of posters for their cinematic Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow. The series focuses on films that take place in Texas.

There are some gems in the series, but my favorite is the one shown above for Bonnie and Clyde. True to Jason’s style, the poster elegantly communicates the essence of the film, but adds its own stylistic twist as well. Other films in the series include the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men and Blood Simple, as well as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and many more Texas favorites.

Head over to Apple to see the entire series and schedule. And if you reside in the grand state of Texas, you can see them for yourself!

jason munn

jason munn

jason munn

jason munn

For your viewing pleasure, read our Q&A with Jason Munn.

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Nice job Jason, great looking series.

Been a fan of his for a while, but this is just reinforcing my love for his work. Back to basics.

Another example of thought provoking, simple and stylish comms. Not to everyone’s taste i guess but i love. I once saw similarly simple graphics used on a Pentagram designed calendar of the signs of the zodiac. I would love to know who created them? Im talking many many years ago sadly …. like 1986 ish

I love how simple designs can have such an impact. If the average person looked at it from an execution standpoint thy might think that anyone can make that – truth is – anyone can reproduce it but the highly talented and creative are the ones who can conceive it. Great collection

I especially love the Texas Chainsaw Massacre one with the tiny skulls.

These are ridiculously outstanding.

Jason has a way of stripping out all the unnecessary clutter from his images leaving you with just enough information to process their message. This method results in some really fine work from Jason. If you haven’t got ‘The Small Stakes’, an overview of Jason’s gig poster work, them I highly recommend that you seek out a copy without delay.

Are these for sale? I must have the B&C poster.

Astonishing work. Witty reduction to a concise, elegant appreciation of the subject. I want the entire series please.

It looks like Jason will have a limited number available after the screenings take place: http://jasonmunn.com/blog.php