Harry Murphy + Friends

“The Gap Records and Tapes, San Francisco.”

Graphic Design San Francisco is a book that was published in the late ’70s by the Institute for Graphic Design (which would later become AIGA SF) and Chronicle Books. For the first in a series of posts about the works of San Francisco Bay Area designers and firms, as their portfolios stood on the brink of the ’80s, I present to you Harry Murphy + Friends.

“The Philosophy of Harry Murphy + Friends is to maintain design work of consistently high quality, while producing a large volume of projects involving an exceptionally wide range of related disciplines, frequently with rigorous deadlines.

Since locating in the San Francisco area in 1966, Harry Murphy + Friends has won over 700 national and international design awards for architectural graphics, space design, environmental art, corporate identity, print graphics, and packaging.”

Harry Murphy
Suspended sculpture at Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Harry Murphy
“Jamboree, a children’s clothing store in San Francisco.”

Harry Murphy
“The Gap, typical store interior.

Harry Murphy
“Zim’s Restaurant, San Francisco.”

Harry Murphy
“Kitchen of Doris and Don Fisher, San Francisco.”

Harry Murphy
“Supergraphic mural at Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Harry Murphy

Harry Murphy would soon continue to achieve success in greatly influencing the retail design market, most notably for The Gap. His wall paintings and installations showcased in this book are breathtaking.

(images and text from Graphic Design, San Francisco. San Francisco: Chronicle, 1979. Print.)


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just scored a copy thanks for the tip! I grew up in the bay area in the 70s and remember the gap walls and Jamboree stores :D . Incredible design, I didnt even realize this guy was an influence til now.

Holy moly! Zim’s looks so inviting with those huge waffles and eggs, not to mention that curvy bacon. Too bad it doesn’t exist anymore :(

Great post Liam, more like this please!

Great post. thanks for sharing with us

A cool and unique sharing for me.

I have read Graphic Design San Francisco books. I am really impressed to this book. I just want to include one thing “Without excercise, practise and experience, the talent is of no use” and You did it. Thank you

I have read this post. It is really nice. Keep it up.

I was Harry’s wife and have, of course, many examples of his art, but I’ve been unable to locate a copy of this book. Any ideas?
Our home was wonderful to live in with two master suites: one for us, with office attached, one for my daughter, Amy, 15 when we moved in.
Harry Murphy was larger than life–still missed!

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