Vintage Russian Posters – Real 1970s Proper Like

vintage Russian posters

Most articles I see related to Russian poster design tend to focus on the film and propaganda posters of the 1920s and 30s. Works by Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky as well the Stenberg brothers often come to mind.  This post is dedicated to an era of Russian poster design that seems to get less coverage. The 1970s.

Don’t miss this one!

vintage Russian posters

All the posters in this post come from this bad boy seen above (could someone translate the title? ). I discovered the book at the annual San Francisco Book sale back in September. I must of passed it two or three times. I thought it was some cheesy art text book. Let’s face it, that cover sucks. I finally decided to open it, because I thought it would be good for a couple of laughs. Little did I know this beast was hiding a motherlode of poster gems. Here for your viewing pleasure are a few of my favorites.

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters

vintage Russian posters


Also worth checking: Stefan Kanchev Logo Design, Stamps & TV Graphics.

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thanks alot these are really nice!

it says something like “moskowian poster artists” and lists the names on the cover… best, henni.

yes, the poster makers of Moscow

You have got a great blog, very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing all the nice stuff!

greetings frum Amsterdam

These are great. The bird poster in particular, with its wings framing the wooded scene, is very elegant!

The book title translates as “Moscow Poster Art”

The book title translates to “Moscow Poster Art”

hi there!

the title reads: “Poster Artists of Moscow” (pronounced: Moskovskie Plakatisti).

So cool!


Amazing find!


I loved that you passed it a couple of times:) makes the treasure story a little cuter! beautiful color and great imagery. thanks for sharing!

Wow, those are amazing. It’ll be interesting to see which one makes it into the next Obey collection.

Holy WOW. These are amazing.

Woah, amazing stuff

Brilliant and beautiful stuff! I love the one with the white bird, and the one with the girl and the blue threads. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the translation Henni, Nelson and Lex!

dude! amazing. the white bird one, and the one second from top (flying dolphins!) are just incredible. top post

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Really nice as always fellas :)

as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover… I am very glad you finally checked this out, it’s fabulous!

dude…. dude…

Patrick C. |

Off Our Bookshelves |

Lucky you! :) )) thanx

Daniela VB |

Off Our Bookshelves |

you see, what goes around, comes around. nowadays the best designers and poster makers are trying to get such style, which we used to have in the USSR twenty years ago. this fact is amazing, not these posters. they look old like soviet cartoons to me.

The Moscow Olympics poster is incredible.

Its right
I from Russia

aeroplann |

Off Our Bookshelves |

Nice. It seems that Russia and Czechoslovakia were connected at those times ;-)

It doesn’t have ISBN, but quite a few are around russian-speaking book shops.

Thanks for posting. It looks like a great book. I always have loved Soviet era graphics.

I studied Russian, so here’s my translation of the posters, for anyone who is interested.

Image 1: Friendship between Youth of Socialist Countries Grow Stronger !

Image 2 ( cover of book ): Moscow Poster Artists

Image 3: Moscow – Olympic Capital – ’80

Image 4: V.D.N.Kh. Pavilion U.S.S.R. the Protection of Nature

Image 5: Take Care of Birds

Image 6: (in English) USSR. Soviet Trade and Industrial Exhibition

Image 7: (in German) Trade and Industrial Exhibition of the USSR 1973.
Exhibition Centre at the Radio Tower. 30th April till 13th May. Daily from 10am till 7pm.

Image 8: We all work in the field. The field of QUALITY.

Image 9: First Moscow International Book Fair – “Yarmarka 77″
V.D.N.Kh 6-14 September

Image 10: Aeroflot – Soviet Airlines

Image 11: Youth in the Textile Industry !

Image 12: Glory to the country working together !

Image 13: “Etben” Literary Composition from the novel by E.Vorobeva ” Demanding the Earth”, read by Anatoly Rizhkov.

note: V.D.N.Kh is the acronym for “the All Union Exhibition of the Achievements of the People’s Economy”, which was an State exhibition ground in Moscow.

OH I love the simple graphic shapes – BEAUTIFUL – I must share this :)

Gordon you rock! Thanks for the translation

Really powerful, simple and clever. Love the bird one.

So does anyone know if and how you can order this book through that Russian website posted a few comments above? Or anywhere else online? Must have it.

sam's myth |

Off Our Bookshelves |

I bought one from a bookseller in Moscow, via the website.
It was the most expensive book I ever bought, but worth it, I think,
It would be difficult to get a copy if you don’t speak/read/write Russian, as they don’t speak English or any other language apart from Russian.
I can post more images if you like.

Gordon Ross |

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