Vintage Travel Posters

vintage travel posters

1. Come to AfricaDesigned by Gerard van de Voort – c1975

How about virtual tour around the world to start off the week?  I dug up a handful of travel related posters from 1950s -1970s for all the desk jockeys that are itching to get out of town. Enjoy!

vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


vintage travel posters


2. Argentina c1950 -Poster artist – Cesareo  3. Beieren c1960- Designed by Herman Verbaere 4. Paris-Orly for Air France c1962- Design & Illustration by Jaques Nathan Garamond 5. Air Afrique c1965- Designed and illustrated by Jacques Auriac 6. Finland print for Finnair c1958  – Design by Erik Bruun   7. Rainbow poster for EL AL Israel Airlines – Design by Dan Reisinger 8. Switzerland c1967 - Design by Herbert Leupin  9. Turku Abo – Tourist poster for the Finnish town of Turku c1966?- Design by Marti Mykkanen 10. Hunting in Poland c1961 – Design by Wiktor Gorka 11. Switzerland poster for EL AL Israel Airlines – Design by Dan Reisinger  12. Poster for Belgian Railways c1966 – Design by Wictor Langer 13. Wengen Switzerland poster c1965 – Design by Martin Lauterburg + Fritz Lauener 14. Austria poster for Pan Am Airlines c1971 – Design by Chermayeff & Geismar 15/16. Israel: The land of the Bible produced for the State of Israel Tourist Centre – Design by Jean David 17. Travel Royal Blue c195? – Design & illustration by Daphne Padden 18. Great Canadian North -Pacific Western Airlines – Anonymous c1960

(images 1,2,3 via Van Sabben auctions) image #12 via grid studio , image #14 via the excellent Container List, image #17 via Larking About


Also worth checking: David Klein TWA posters.

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the land of the bible posters are AWESOME.
and i never use all caps, so you know i really mean it.

Oh! These are all so beautiful that I want to cry.

These posters were actually a great to be in a wall, Its all worthy to display making your viewer feel that they actually feels like traveling upon looking at it.

Vive numéro douze. Tres bloody brilliant!

I’d be much more inclined to travel nowadays if these posters were the advertisements.

How great is Poland?!

wow. those el al posters are amazing. definitely the best of the collection

Chris |

Found design |

Wish today’s posters were this attractive. I don’t think I can say I would’ve left them hanging on wall had I seen them around town ;)

Hunting in Poland is so great. They’re all beautiful, but that one made me laugh.

That Finland poster is great! Love the fish!

If you’re interested in more travel and air and space related posters, check out the National Air and Space Museum’s online collection of posters. I got to intern at the museum to put the collection online and it was fantastic being able to see all of them in person!!

Wow, these are fantastic. Thanks for the eye candy!

Really interesting recollection, cool! some of them are master pieces…

oh, how inspiring. i just love Grain Edit. makes my tuesdays not so drab.

check out where I have blogged aboutcha! [ ]



Bri, you rock! Thanks!

I love these! I am an avid traveler as well as designer, and I love to see a combination of the two!

Argentina the hunter’s paradise!?

WTF!? That’s how the world see such a beautiful place like Argentina?

Well, for me, the world and the designers of this ‘collection’ can fuck yourself.



Found design |

I like the Poland one a lot!! The Orly one is very interesting too. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Belíssimo cartaz!
Intrigante arte de remota época!

Yes sir! I’m going to POLAND (#10). Looks like the deer have the upper hand here. Utah could take a lesson come hunting season. LOVE this poster. Thank you.

Betty |

Found design |

Yes sir! I’m going to POLAND (#10). Looks like the deer have the upper hand here. Utah could take a lesson come hunting season. LOVE this poster. Thank you. A most excellent website. I learn alot here. Betty.

Betty |

Found design |

It’s been a while since I visited & I am glad I did. Your blog is excellent, thanks for sharing these and all your other great stuffs! Have a super day :)

Nice! For more on Ivan Chermayeff’s Pan Am posters check out my blog post and article on Eye magazine.

I love these posters, wish I could buy one! The Poland one is hilarious.