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What if all all TV series’ posters looked like this? I can’t imagine a world like that, but what a wonderful world it would be! Ty Mattson, the man behind Mattson Creative, has created posters for both Dexter and Lost.

The composition of these Dexter posters is great — I love the variety of stylized details, all relevant to the show. I’ve seen a few episodes of the first season of Dexter, but these prints pique my interest. There very well may be some more Dexter in my future.

Adding to their self-initiated projects, Mattson Creative does some very cool identity & branding work for some very big companies, including Coke, Apple, Mattel, and more.

Showtime saw the brilliance of these Dexter posters, and now they’re available for purchase.

And the poster for the final season of Lost is available to purchase here.

grain edit / mattson creative

grain edit / mattson creative

grain edit / mattson creative

grain edit / mattson creative

grain edit / mattson creative

grain edit / mattson creative


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Add to that, these posters got Ty Mattson onto the red carpet at the Lost series finale, a walk-on role on Dexter, and a trip to Saturday Night Live. We should all create such fun self-initiated projects!

These are truly inspiring! I spent quite a bit of time reviewing Ty’s website. Love everything but his logos are particularly brilliant. Great find and thanks for sharing!

Beautiful stuff!

Almost wished I lived in Miami just so I could hang that in my house.

Wow – the style and composition of the Dexter posters is awesome!

Emma |

Found design |

Beautiful work Mr. Mattson!

This is awesome!
Reminds me of Saul Bass’ work.