Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig

alvin lustig born modern

I’m so excited, I just got my hands on a copy of Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig. After several years in the making, the highly anticipated book by Steven Heller & Elaine Lustig Cohen (Alvin’s wife) was finally released by Chronicle books last week. This is the first monograph devoted to this master of modern design, whose brief but prolific career had a profound and lasting influence on a generation of designers to come.

The book is broken into five key sections. The first explores his youth, early experiments with printing and design and his fellowship after high school with Frank Lloyd Wright at the famed Taliesin school. The next two sections focus on his work in graphic design, interiors as well as his forays into architecture and furniture. Included are photographs and scans of his remarkable book covers for New Directions in the mid-to-late 1940s and the elusive “Lustig Chair” created for Paramount Furniture in 1949. The final sections are reserved to his discuss his forward-thinking approach to design as an educator and author.

alvin lustig

Alvin and Elaine, Los Angeles , 1949

alvin lustig born modern

Various book covers 1945-1951

born modern alvin lustig

alvin lustig born modern

(L) Ski Alta, 1946 (R) Homes for Heroes, c.1944

born modern alvin lustig

The Day of the Locust, 1949

alvin lustig born modern

“The Lustig Chair” designed for Paramount Furniture, 1949

I highly recommend this book. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy before the first run sells out. Don’t sleep! Born Modern: is available for purchase at Amazon and Chronicle Books.

We also recommend: The Alvin Lustig Archive and The Collected Writings of Alvin Lustig and

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Ours just came in the mail earlier this week, too. What a phenomenal book! Anyone interested in Lustig’s work MUST pick it up.

I can’t wait to peruse this book and learn about the influential career of Alvin Lustig! These photos you have of the inside look awesome : )

Thank you for posting this! I was not aware of the release date. This is thoroughly good news and a welcomed, wonderful book about an extraordinary designer.

Wow, looks pretty amazing, need to pick this up.

I’m lusting after Lustig! I have been looking at his work for years and it will be great to finally have it in book form.

I discovered Lustig time ago by reading By It’s Cover: he’s a great unknown of modern design and the material available online is very little.
I’ll definitely get this book thanks for reviewing it!

YES – finally, I have been waiting for a great book on Lustig for a long time, one of my all time favorite designers…. nice.

i absolutely cannot wait to get this, and i must say, it is about time!

Designed by Lustig’s daughter: the supremely talented Tamar Cohen.