Mark Weaver

mark weaver

I’ve always been impressed with Mark Weaver’s continuously fantastic collage series Make Something Cool Every Day. Firstly, making something like this every day is a great project — I love when designers make their personal work public. Secondly, these collages are an interesting mishmash of styles and images. Mark has a keen sense of knowing what types of images work well together.

I especially like the combination of geographic landscapes, modernist architecture, and scientific and found photography. Bringing all of the elements together with a single name/title is an interesting way of incorporating type, and helps give the work a concept or direction.

You can browse more of Mark’s work on his site, and you can see more from Make Something Cool Every Day on Flickr. Some of his work is available to purchase from his store.

mark weaver

mark weaver

mark weaver

mark weaver

mark weaver

mark weaver


Also worth checking: Ken Leung Interview.

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Those images are amazing. With such simple way of expressing so much can be told. With all this fancy graphic possibilities we would use some of that talents to clean our heads from 3d special effects.

Though layering images is an easy task, making collages requires more of sense than skill. Mark Weaver’s works is awesome!


Yes! Mark’s stuff is awesome. Brilliant studies in color, composition, and typography. Big ups!

Marks stuff is great. Maybe he or someone else can clarify something for me though.

That top piece is available on his store as a screenprint. How in the hell would he be able to do this?

Barry Lemon |

Found design |

^you make a CMYK breakdown of photo-realistic images in order to make screen prints like that

This is really inspiring! Having Grain Edit in RSS is like “refresh me with history” every time I read it…

I love his work!!

Excellent Graphic Designer!

A great display of Graphic designing.

These are stunning. I love his use of color and typography. They call upon the classic feel of the 50′s but at the same time look sort of futuristic. Really unique style. Definitely my favorite post of the year!

Really good to see some good graphics designs keep sharing