Poland Wieliczka Salt Mine Postcard 1972

Wieliczka Salt Mine

1972 Poland Wieliczka salt mine postcard designed by K. Rogaczewska.

Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine, in the suburbs of Kraków, produced table salt continuously for over 700 years. Although operation ceased in 2007, visitors can still tour the mine, where they can see statues and artwork carved entirely out of salt (including a chapel, complete with salt chandeliers!). In 1972, K. Rogaczewska designed this postcard, which depicts the hillside town of Wieliczka and the salt crystals of its mine.

polish post card

polish post card


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I have been on a tour of this salt mine and they truly are incredible. The church is quite large, about the size of a ballroom. Apparently they hold concerts (of the orchestral variety) in there as the acoustics are so good.

I love those overprints in it…