Modern Polish maps and sharp stinkin teeth

czechoslovakia and Polish mid century modern maps.jpg

Just found this great polish blog called pantuniestal. They put together a small collection of polish maps from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. You can see a preview above. Check out the fish that guy in the yellow rain suit caught. That thing has some crazy sharp triangle teeth. Do they have Piranha in Poland or something?

Besides the maps they have some great examples of mid century modern ephemera. Browsing the site I found Czech matchbox labels, vintage cameras, hotel luggage labels etc. In addition to the Polish, there is an English version of the site so you can follow the conversation. Tons of eye candy here.

(via FFFFound!)

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Is it a Pike?

Pretty sure some European countries eat pike, though I’m told it is incredibily boney and tastes muddy.

sx225 |

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jea its pike!
You always can remove bones.
I never tasted muddy pike.. sorry

luis_meets_giorgio |

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Yea your right.
Dang those Piranha hating Pike!

Poland has strong traditions of graphic design, especially book and poster design. You can look for polish posters , there are many of them online.

Hi Yuri,
I have one post on Polish poster design but I need to post more. Thanks for checking out the blog.