Toru Fukuda Illustration

toru fukuda

C’mon ride the train & ride it! Toot! Toot!

This cheerful train track is created by Tokyo based illustrator and character designer, Toru Fukuda. He runs a delightful website titled Drawing Wonder, where he illustrates whimsical cartoons inspired from the 1960s and 1970s.

This particular illustration depicts unhitched trains, alternate tunnels, a nice water tower, even a free wheelin’ mustached conductor! Using multiple hand drawn layers, bright primary colors and thick lines, Toru successfully channels his inner Ed Emberley. Who’s up for a ride to Happyville?

toru fukuda

toru fukuda

toru fukuru

toru fukuda

toru fukuda

toru fukuda

Don’t frown! Check out Toru’s website and flickr to find more jolly illustrations.

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Mr. Fukuda is truly a font of inspiration! I’ve been a fervent fan from the first time my eyes were blessed by his wonderful work. Toot! Toot! Indeed!

Love his retro style – thanks for sharing!

Good stuff! Takes me back to my childhood.

Wow, you just made my day with these illustrations!

Thanks, these illustrations make me happy!

This work is gorgeous! Way to go!

Great work, so simple, yet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe that is just all the free wheelin’ mustaches.

Retro FTW, I like em. Will check out some more of Toru’s stuff.

Fantastic. I’m glad the torch has
been passed…these are so much

amazing work, super playful with great textures in the color masses and line work. i also love how all of the files on the website have a prefix of “dad”. really great work!