Eric Smith / I Draw All Day

I love the portfolio from Washington-based Eric Smith. Mr. Smith’s work seems to represent his friendly, optimistic personality quite well. Based on his monikor (I Draw All Day) and portfolio, one can assume that Eric does, indeed, draw all day.

Style wise, the overall simplicity, boldness, and use of color is very compelling. I’m particularly drawn to Eric’s hand-drawn typographic work and style. I love the way in which the letters are formed and put together.

The last image shown is taken from We Live Now, a collaborative project started by Eric that engages people to lead meaningful and productive lives.

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Damn, those colors are so simply beautiful. I guess I have to learn color harmony all over again.

love it.

Wow, unique and beautiful typography, I love the last piece.

Definitely nice work, I like Eric’s sense of style.


he wears his modern day influences well. mike perry, jim datz, blake marquis….

penguin |

Found design |

ahhh … sweet!

thanks for the post pals, i appreciate the good words everybody.

keep up the awesome blogging! have a good day friends!!

Great work and great story!!! I’m going to have to get me some of those prints.

eric is a great guy with great work, and is positively inspiring! great post.

I really appreciated this pieces of collaborative art works. It really defines something extra ordinary for me. Inspiring and harmonious are my perfect words to describe it.

Eric is dope we tag-teamed this Live Now illustration:

I agree. Harmonious and just lovely. Your blog is my favorite place to visit on the Web. I always feel happier just taking a quick peek, or browsing for hours. :)

Eric is the man! Worked with him on the “Keep On Exploring” for the Live Now project. Keep drawing all day!

I come from Germany and here on the island of Sylt North Sea the works are not known. A colleague drew me to the works and I find it very unteressant.

The art projects a lot of meaning depends on how you look at it. Very creative