Olivetti Lettera 22 Manual

olivetti lettera 22

Olivetti Lettera 22 Manual

I’m blown away by this Olivetti Lettera Manual Ed Cornish posted over at the excellent we made this (blog). Absolutely stunning! You can see the full manual at Ed’s Flickr account.

olivetti lettera 22 manual

olivetti lettera 22

(Found via the awesome Silver Lining Blog)


Also worth checking: Olivetti Underwood Divisumma 24 Manual & Italian Modern Design Book.

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This is great. eBay has some auctions for original Lettera 22 magazine ads. Cool stuff!

Fantastic stuff! I can’t get enough of the old Olivetti design, so modern and great use of colour!

Fine looking illustrations, but what’s with the goofy finger technique and keyboard division?

Love this post – thanks!

thanks good design

yes I can thanks

why does the typewriter not have a 1 key?

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