Italian Modern Design Book

italia modern design

Italia Modern Design – Published by PIE Books c2007

Japanese publisher PIE Books has put together some excellent design related books over the past couple years including Book Design of Graphic Designers in the World, Olle Eksell and Book Design of Graphic Designers in Japan. I picked up Italia Modern Design recently and it doesn’t disappoint. The book focuses on Italian graphic design from the 1950s-1970s and includes many of the heavyweights like Bruno Munari, Giovanni Pintori, Max Huber, Enzo Mari, Pino Tovaglia, Albe Steiner etc. It also includes a fair amount of work from Olivetti and Pirelli.

The people at PIE Books do a great job of sourcing and presenting the materials. They always dig up a few posters/books/magazines that I’ve never seen before. I just wish they would include an English translation (all the text is in Japanese) so, I can follow along with the notes.

italian modern graphic design

italian modern design

italian graphic design

italian modern design

italia modern design

vintage domus magazine

Italia modern design

olivetti posters

italia modern design

italia modern design

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I was just at the SFMOMA and they have some awesome Olivetti posters like the ones featured in this book. They posters, along with pieces from Sister Corita Kent, Jason Munn, and other fantastic design heroes, are featured in the 246 and Counting exhibit.

Go get your mind blown:

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I’m going to have to add this book to my collection that also includes the Olle Eksell book. Such clean design along with an overall vibe of happiness and balance. Thanks for featuring it.

Cant seem to locate this book online – anyone have a link for where it can be purchased?

yes please ….where can i pick up a copy of this gem????

Was just about to ask the same question as Brent and Jarred…

If your located near New York or San Francisco you might be able to get a copy at a Kinokuniya book store.

I just called Kinokuniya in New York and placed a special order. It will be 2-3 weeks but will be worth it!

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absurd…….. really love this book… i’m italian and in italy noone publish a book like this only shitty books….. i’m in search of this but it’s impossible to find.
if someone have a link for buy onlne please share with us….
love grainedit….

Can someone please post the ISBN # for this book?

UPDATE: I just received this book today via Kinokuniya in NYC. It was $38.75 USD (more expensive than the 2500Yen list price) and $7.00 shipping . The ISBN is 978-4-89444-576-5. I called Kinokuniya in NYC and as they did not stock it in the US, they had it shipped from one of their stores in Japan. All told, it took 14 days.

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I would also check ZAKKA in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NYC) if you are in the area, seems like a good bet they would have something like this. Also in the area is Powerhouse Books Arena store, and the last time I was there they had the Eksell book so they might carry this as well.

where can you purchase this book, if its in stock?
the book looks really good
and i will like to share it with my yearbook at school

I just ordered mine off Japan Amazon and got it!!! :-) ))) A bit smaller than i though (A5) but well worth it!